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  1. It should be mandatory that all pups/kittens be desexed prior to purchase.
  2. Some people are just pure evil. Hugs to his "mum" for dedicating her time and love to this poor poor man, who has now found peace in a better world
  3. Wouldnt you just love to find the person who did this and give them the same treatment?
  4. Why in the name of god would they send the pups back to the breeder??????
  5. Winterpaws, where is the acreage???
  6. Peaches, Which vet was it that was only able to offer you service up until 5.30 pm weekdays/midday Sat?
  7. Why cant they work with rescue???
  8. Do you think they would work with rescue rather then putting these dogs down in future?
  9. What is wrong with this council that they cant utilize a vet for euthanasing animals?
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