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  1. Titan Is Missing

    Thank you Finnesse for posting this up today. This is our beautiful 16 month old puppy. He's super friendly and an adorable, playful puppy. We suspect he's either lost in the forest or has been picked up by a stranger as there hasn't been a single sighting since approximately 1.5hrs after he escaped the property on Sunday 15th Sept. Please, if you can share i'd really appreciate it
  2. Spitz Breeds

    Remember this: She was so little back then :) I then visited her for a week while she was in the UK and got to meet her brother as well as the Lappies she was living with. Well its been ages since i was on DOL but she's here. The photo on the left is the weekend she got out of quarantine (late Nov) and the next one is from the weekend just gone And for anyone who hasnt seen him yet, i also have another little stunner calling Caleebra home. This handsome (now) 8 month old is Pakkanen Av Vintervidda (Imp NOR) and is known here as the ever so charming 'Titan' the first two were taken last year at 6 months old and the last one is at 8 months Bjelkier takes BEAUTIFUL Photos
  3. Spitz Breeds

    Not sure what the training gurus will tell you, but I'm with you Stonecutter. i dont think I'd be able to maintain the discipline to wait for a sit-stay and i'd be rushing to her before she had a chance to even think about a sit :laugh:
  4. Spitz Breeds

    Ella is looking Lovely. Keep rubbing that belly!! :)
  5. Spitz Breeds

    By the time i defrosted and built up the courage to go outside again and bath Dolce the sun was fading. Was it a smart idea? i'm still not sure exactly. If i dont get sick then its okay ;) anyway i'll give him a photo too. it was quite hard to photograph him with the fading light (and crap flash) but he was up for posing at any rate I was chasing the sunlight hoping it would be enough that the flash wasnt needed, but it was too late. Got a nice sky shot though :D
  6. Spitz Breeds

    and some pretty photos now
  7. Spitz Breeds

    Oh Mim, i do love seeing the Corgi's. Lovely photos, even the 'i'm not impressed' expressions. Gave me a good chuckle. We are expecting company so i thought maybe i should give the dogs a bath. They didnt exactly need it but the sun was out. Still its deceiving in Canberra because its still only 4 degrees with the sun belting down in my yard. Brrrr. Of course once Mish was all pretty and clean (oh my dog the dirt that came out of her 'cream' (read beige) coat) i had to get a picture of her sporting the most coat she ever has had. She's nearly 3 now (where does the time go? Some Bloopers )
  8. Spitz Breeds

    Thanks everyone, i am very excited. and i can't wait to meet her either ;) I can hardly believe how well she's adjusted, how nice she is and how easy going. (not to mention easy on the eye, but i'm completely biased). Her sire is such a handsome boy and i think he passed on his gorgeous looks (and certainly his dark eyes) to Summer. Her mum is a pretty and solid cream girl (i do like my creams :) ) and the pedigree has produced some fantastic dogs on both sides that i really like. So when the opportunity came up and everything aligned i couldnt believe my luck. Esky - i wouldnt say its exactly 'as hard as you think'. There are aspects to it that are painstaking and difficult to be sure. But other elements are far easier than i predicted. But i think by far the hardest part is finding someone willing to make the emotional investment in raising a puppy for you for such a long time. Its impossible (IMO) to make your best efforts to socialise a puppy and get it off to the right start in life and not become attached, and i can understand that for some breeders space, as well as the emotional attachment, is just too hard. Fortunately Simon and Louise knew theyd become attached, but because we've become such firm friends over the years they were still willing to put their all into it. and havent they just. Theyve had so many visitors (k9 and human) come to visit and stay and have taken her out to experience all kinds of craziness. She also goes to puppy school and ringcraft (show training) every week. Not to forget (and most importantly) Summer goes to the local pub with Simon and Louise at least once a week, more often if Simon has some work to do with the pub owner. And no, not outside sitting in the dirt. She's allowed inside the pub and sits at the bar with Louise and Simon or over on the couches near the fireplace. The pub owner loves her. Unbelievable. Lucky dogs in Australia can't log on to the internet. They'd be SOOOO Jealous :D I'm very spoiled with the level of dedication theyre putting into Summers care. If you are interested there are more photos and details on my website you're welcome to look at. i won't spam you with more here
  9. Spitz Breeds

    I've been politely nudged and reminded that i haven't posted my announcement in here. So for anyone who has missed it, i welcome my first import. Lecibsin Sametti, named Summer is holidaying in the UK before she comes to Australia in October This was a photo shoot arranged by her carers (Simon Brown and Louise Wyatt at Dogs to Stay) to capture her puppyhood so i don't feel like i'm missing out on as much. I couldnt be more grateful for the wonderful job theyre doing of socialising her and taking her to training. She even has a Facebook group and her own FB profile. Its kinda insane. If anyone had told me 18 months ago i'd be Skyping with my puppy in the UK i'd have laughed at them. So here she is. I'd say i'm sorry for swamping you all with photos but quite honestly i'm not. i love this little girl and can't wait to get her out here.
  10. Spitz Breeds

    Such a cute photo of Tinny. She's very pretty. Thanks Scraps
  11. Spitz Breeds

    Gorgeous. So Regal, even with a birthday hat on. Not everyone can pull that off :D
  12. Spitz Breeds

    Hi Misteri, We'd probably be the closest thing to a regular at ACT shows but i didnt bother to enter because there wasnt a neuter class and i didnt want to just enter Dolce. I've entertained the idea of the country/rural shows around here (even they have Neuter class) but have been pretty slack about entering anything for the rest of the year. The logistics of getting the trailer in and out of the garage is something i leave to the OH and he's away on and off for the next few months. I might give in eventually and just put the dogs in the back seat. that'll annoy him no end :laugh: But you'd be more than welcome to visit Dolce and Mischa. They love making new friends Happy birthday to the wonderful Kyojin. And a big Happy Birthday to Tinny and the Ausvarg Dragon Litter. I agree, scraps we need new photos of Tinny.
  13. Spitz Breeds

    Echo's just showing off in that 'beg' shot. Showing off her fluffy belly and laughing at soon to be nekkid Alera :laugh:
  14. Spitz Breeds

    I can hardly believe i've been gone so long. Everyone else was all teary for Armahani's post. I guess if i hadnt been the strong one trying to get photos before the rain (Sorry they were so dark) and later to make sure Armahani had tissues and could get her words out thru the tears (or sneak back to steal Tahvo) :D i might've had time to miss the litte guy too. He was ridiculously cute. even if the first thing he did when he saw me was take off with my scarf. and then pull threads in my jacket. Little terror :laugh: Was my own fault for wearing such appealing clothes. ;) I got to nurse him the whole way to the airport and he was just adorable. Made me sooooo puppy clucky i was glad i hadnt met him weeks sooner or he never would've made it on a plane to the US.
  15. Spitz Breeds

    picturing you licking your OH to death. Mischa tried to trade my OH last night. i threw her everlasting treat to her and it rolled towards him where he was mucking around with saddle stuff on the floor around him. Mischa watched where it landed, promptly grabbed a toy bunny, walked over and dropped it at his feet while looking at the treat. When he didnt react she stepped back and pawed it. picked it up again and dropped it closer to him. He then handed her the treat which she politely took and walked off. :D She's a clever girl.