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  1. Hello From Tassie Land!

    We have a male Akita who's just a big goofball! He weighed 34.8 kilos at 10 months, he's now 11 months old. Where did you get your Shibas from cannibalgoldfish? We got our Akita from Maho Akitas in Tamworth, NSW.
  2. Woof! Woof!

    Thanks. Yes Tenshi is a very gorgeous pooch, he's also a very big sook as well. My fiance has always wanted an Akita and unfortunately last year we had to have his Staffy X put down as she started attacking my dog and she was also showing signs of dementia, so my fiance got to the point where he was worried about having her around people. We had to muzzle her every time she let off her chain to stop her attacking my dog. It was a very sad situation and unfortunately the kindest thing to do was to put her down. Then 4 days after we had her put down, we got Tenshi. We had him flown from the breeder (Maho Akitas) in Tamworth NSW to Hobart here in Tasmania, so we went down to Hobart to pick him up from the airport. It was a very busy day, as we live about 4 hours away from Hobart. He's 11 months old today and he weighs over 30 kilos. He's a big goofball most days. lol
  3. Newfie Mad Girl From Tas

    Hi Rebecca, Welcome to the site! I'm also a new member from Tasmania. I live in Ulverstone/Devonport....my dog lives with my fiance in Devonport but I live in Ulverstone, so I have 2 homes...hehe I own a 4 year old female Doberman X and my fiance owns a 11 month old male Akita. I reckon there will be another Paws at Mole Creek Dog Day Out again next year. Their website is: www.pawsatmolecreek.com so just keep an eye on that site. I was there this year as a stall holder. Did you end up going to Paws at Mole Creek Lotty?
  4. Woof! Woof!

    Hey Everyone, I'm from Tasmania and I'm relatively new to this site. I own a 4 year old female Doberman X and a 10 month old (almost 11 months) male Akita. I am a huge dog lover and I've just recently started up my own Dog Bakery & Boutique because I love working in the pet industry. I use to work at the local Dogs' Home as an Animal Attendant, which was a great job. KARMA TENSHI
  5. Hello!

    Hey Everyone! I'm from Tasmania. I have a 3 year old Doberman x called Karma and my fiance has a 12 year old Staffy x Pit Bull called Sony. However at the end of the month we will be getting an Akita puppy. As we've made the decision to put Sony down as she has dementia and she is quite aggressive at times, especially towards my dog. Here's a photo of Karma and Sony: