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  1. Gypsy Eight years on, you still shine In the stars and in my heart, I still feel you close to me Even though we're world's apart. When I see a rainbow in the sky, When I see a shooting star, When I hear the tinkling of the windchime I know you're near and never far. Keep running free, my Sweet girl Keep shining in the stars, My love for you will never end No matter how far apart we are. R.I.P. Sweet girl. xox xox
  2. Remembering my beautiful girl, Gypsy. It was 7 years yesterday since she crossed Rainbow bridge. Seven years have passed Gyps How fast those years have gone, It feels like only yesterday For you I still yearn and mourn. I often look up at the stars And know you’re shining bright, As you watch over and wait for me You fill the night sky with love and light. Although you are a world away I know you’re never far, I still feel you close to me By my side and in my heart. I love you Gyps to the moon and back You know I always will, Nothing will ever keep us apart The bond we share is real. Until we meet again sweet girl And become one again, Know I miss you and I am thinking of you At the Rainbows end. 28-8-99 – 21-7-11
  3. For my beautiful girl, Gypsy. It's six years closer to the day That we'll meet again, Six years to the very day Your precious life came to an end. The tears still fall My heart still aches, I'll always remember you Yesterday, today and tomorrow, And for all eternity too. The years may have passed by quickly But it still feels like yesterday, I love you and I miss you Gyps Every single day. xox xox
  4. Thinking of my beautiful girl today. As raindrops fall onto the roof I sit and reminisce, It's been five years today my girl Oh how I miss you Gyps. My heart still hurts When I think of you, My eye's still fill with tears It feels like only yesterday, But at the same time, It feels like years. You live on in my heart Gypsy In my dreams and memories, And although I cannot see you girl I still feel you close to me. I love you now, like I loved you then I will love you forever and ever, My beautiful girl, I will miss you until The day we are back together. Love you girl. xox xox :cry:
  5. It's been 4 years today. :cry: Four years ago, I looked into your eyes For the very last time, Held you as you took your final breath And it felt like I took mine. I miss you more than words can say You were my friend, my world, my saviour, It's because of you I am still here today You gave me strength and made me braver. I think of you when I look at the stars And when I see a rainbow shine, I think of you every night and day How I wish I could turn back time. And although it's been four long years Since you left this world, It's four years closer to when I'll see you again My beautiful Gypsy girl. I love you Bibi Jay and miss you so much. xoxo
  6. Hi Guys, I know this is a long shot but I am looking for a foster carer for 2 Samoyeds. They're Mother and daughter and really need to stay together. We found them back in December running past our house. They'd somehow made it across Woodville Rd - 6 lanes of traffic to get to this side of Guildford. They were in terrible condition. Dirty, matted and covered in fleas. I cleaned them up best I could (in the time I had) and found the owner - through a local vet. It broke my heart having to hand them back to her. They weren't even happy to see her and didn't want to go with her - but I didn't have a choice... She said the gate kept getting left open and that she'd put a lock on it - yeah right... Fast forward 3 months and I find out they're at the pound now. I put my name on them as backup - but recently found out the owner of the house we've been renting for 10+ years - is going to build a granny flat in the backyard! They weren't suppose to start building for several months but I was notified on Friday that they're going to start this week. I need to either find them a foster carer for approx. 8 weeks until they finish building or until I can find them a forever home, together. Or alternatively, find another rescue who could take them on and keep them together. I know it's a big ask but if anyone knows someone who could help, please contact me via email ([email protected]) or call 0414 802 633. Many thanks. Rach These pics were taken back in December. I took out as many knots as I could and gave them both a good brush before they went home. At the pound now. "Prada" - Mum And "Dolche" - daughter
  7. Thankyou so so much for sharing those beautiful pics Teekay. I am sitting here with tears in my eye's. Mya is absolutely gorgeous. And Wow! 5 years already. Feels like only yesterday that I was getting her ready for her big trip on the plane. She is truly blessed to have you as her Mum and to be a part of your family. Thankyou. xx xx And thankyou for the kind words everyone. xx
  8. Sorry to hear little Danny still isn't well Cyn. Keeping everything crossed he likes his broth tomorrow and is able to keep it down.
  9. I am so glad you were able to help her Dogmad. And it's great to hear she's made so much progress already. She's very lucky to have found you. As for the vet nurse and the vet, shame on them.
  10. Homecheck required in Wollongong, preferably sometime in the next couple of days. If anyone can help, it'd be much appreciated. TIA Rach xx
  11. Happy 1st Birthday Jingo. xx :)
  12. It's been 3 long years today Since the Angels called you away, My heart still aches, my soul still grieves They say time heals, but I disagree. Ever since you had to part I've cried for you, tears from my heart, I miss you every single day Still love you more than words can say. But I know I will see you again Gypsy my beloved friend, You'll wait for me at the Rainbows end And forever we will be together again. xx R.I.P. Gypsy xx 28.8.99 - 20.7.11 Forever in my heart. xx xx
  13. So sorry to hear of the loss of your beautiful girl Possum Corner. My thoughts are with you and Frodo at this very sad time. Run free Piper. xx
  14. Thinking of you at this sad time LP. Run free Leo. xx
  15. I am so sorry for your loss HW. R.I.P. Ted. xx
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