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  1. thank you for all the replies! We are in Sydney, so I will have to check DogsNSW. I will contact them, maybe there is a way to find out if he is registered with them using his microchip number....
  2. Hello everyone. I am new to the forum as we just adopted our dog about a week ago from a shelter. He is a beautiful, lovely 10 month old American Staffordshire boy. However I am a bit concerned as I was hearing/reading some pretty horid stories about how these breeds are treated by some rangers and councils. We haven't registered him yet with the council and we want to be well-prepared for this. He was de-sexed (on the certificate is written that he is "Staffordshire Bull Terrier") and he was also microchipped when found (I think the ex owners hung up the phone when contacted about the dog). However on the vaccination certificate is written "Am. Staffy". The people from the shelter assured us that he is really an Am. Staf., they even said he is registered with the association (but we did not get any papers) so should be no problems with the registration. I am concerned that on the Am.Staff association website I was reading that an Am Staff with no papers is really not an Am.Staff. He is a wonderful, gentle dog, I am not worried about what breed he strictly is but I am a bit concerned that the rangers might say he is a restricted breed....I think I can't really find out if he is registered with the association if I cannot contact the previous owners (which seems to not be an option). Any advice on how I can find out more about my dog and also about all measures I need to take to make sure we will have no problems with the council are most welcome. In fact any advised at all will be great! I am not really worried that there will be any other problems with him/caused by him as he really seems like a sweet natured dog and we will start obedience classes asap. Thanks! PS I am attaching a photo of our boy
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