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  1. People at the end of the day there is one thing we all agree on and that is there is hope for this dog, with the right owner and good thinking everything works out. Sydking DONT hide your dog as that will only make it worse, socialise it and treat it as part of the family, let it meet other dogs from when it is a pup( after vaccinations ofcourse). Good people on this forum have shown you how to follow the rules and what steps to take. Now for everyone else, we have all shown our points of view and at the end it turns out we are saying the same things in different words. Lets just hope responsible owners FOLLOW THE LAW( we all agreed on that) and the BSL will be removed and the APBT image will be changed. Now honestly i dont care who is a law enforcer here because you cant use the power to your advantage on a forum like this, good advice and step by step explanation is all that was needed
  2. yes i actually i did read the thread, but the idea is this...Sydking got the dog and the question now is not about the breed, its about how to act responsibly. I did not sugggest trying to get around the law or registering the pup as anything else!! what im trying to say is that at this point POSITIVE advice and help is what Sydking needs not a hammering from people like PoodleFan. If YOU read the thread you would realise that in no way did she offer help or advice..she just went on about the consequnces which at this stage make no difference since the pup is ALREADY there, it would have been of much greater help to tell Sydking of what to do know rather then to go on about his age and whether he has told his parents, its a joke what difference is that going to make?? and i really do think that Sydking has alot of responsibility on his shoulders right now and advice from veteran dog owners and people who are friendly and willing to help is what he needs, because anything else isnt of much use at the moment..
  3. I dont understand how that was an insult, it was merely a suggestion and we do understand the legislation and we are making it work for us but telling someone to leave everything behind and move to another STATE to own a breed which has been proven to be a great dog is absurd, and i would really like to hear Poodlefan's reply on the question that if poodles and whippets where to be banned right now WOULD SHE SELL HER DOGS AND CHOSE ANOTHER BREED?
  4. I couldn't give a toss about the media. Most of them wouldn't know a pitbull from a poodle anyway. I do care about intentional law breaking when it rebounds on responsible dog owners. And believe me, every negative media article has flow on effects for dogs. There is a place in Australia where it is completely legal to own an APBT. If you give a damn about your breed why not move here, bring them out of hiding and explode the stereotype whilst obeying the law. Two hours south of Sydking's current residence he woudn't be facing any of these issues unless he raised a dangerous dog. The best advice I can give is to move to the ACT. Or does that require a little more commitment than most of the die hard APBT fans encouraging unlawful behaviour are prepared to give? Love some people have ACTUAL jobs,mortgages,and families to raise:) i dont know about you but we can fight the BSL anywhere and anytime because its stupid, and u say LAW like ur talking about GOD( and like you wrote it may i add)....lets have a look at black people in the states WELL BY LAW THEY COULDNT LIVE LIKE ANY OTHER WHITE MAN did they move to mexico ? no!! they stayed where they are and fought for their rights and proved everone wrong....so if you have nothing else to do in life but move states to own a specific dog then always remember that some people have A REAL LIFE in this part of the world:) tc xoxo hun:P
  5. Alrit so i just want to understand one thing....since people like Poodlefan care soo much about the dogs....u should know that the typical BYB for pitbulls still exists and it is an ongoing dilemna....now lets say SYDKING wants to be a responsible owner and work hard on raising a well trained and social pitbull, wouldnt that be better than if the dog goes to the wrong person and make our problems with BSL even bigger? i mean the dogs ARE there and there is nothing you or any one else do about it....so why dont u try to give sydking some good advice and help him be responsible and raise his puppy the right way instead of jumping down his throat. I believe that positive advice and help will go alot further than bringing up thing which are not significant such as Sydking's age? i mean if he was 18 or 100 wats the difference? the dog is there i would rather see the pup be raised properly with everyone's help(if needed) than whinge and complain about pitbullls as a breed. Lets just hope that sydking acts responsibly and sets a great example for the breed through his puppy and hope it is in good hands..at the end of the day we all care about the welfare and treatment of our dogs whether it be a poodle or a pitbull or anything else...DONT LET THE MEDIA BRAIN WASH U.... thanx every1:)
  6. Honestly its embarrassing how we all thought we live in open minded society where people understand, i mean if you look into pitbull attacks u realise most arent even PITBULLS, but cross breeds. My puppy is still learning to walk on a leash n gets very excited when he meets other dogs.....on one of our walks we came across an elderly chihuahua....well believe it or not she had a bite at Hero( my pup) and what do u expect the ferocious man eating pitbull to do? he gave her a big sloppy kiss :p people have to wake up n screw this BSL bullcrap...im sure if any other animal had to wear a muzzle the whole time and be locked up in a cage 24/7 even when he is in his own home...it would be marked as animal cruelty... wat a shame...
  7. Highly agree ;) i believe that education on the breed and making people realise what pitbulls are really about is what will change all this stereotypical image, restrictions WONT work as you realise that what is banned and restricted often becomes much more sought after
  8. hey everyone, Im very frustrated with regards to our communities view on the pitbull breed. Any RESPONSIBLE OWNER who has ever had a pitbull can clearly see the love and willingness this breed has yet it is often judged as a born killer who was created to kill children n tear people apart.. People often are surprised when they meet my pitbull puppy and cannot believe its the SAME breed they hear about in the media. They often have that strange look on their face which says....why is ur dog behaved like its something bad for a pitbull who has been well trained to be obedient... I would like to hear everyones opinion on the topic yet my blame is on the media who have nothing intresting to do and want to make a living off being dramatic often playing the roles of actors infront of the screen and not reporters...... thanx every1:)
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