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  1. Ok I'll bring some bread and sauce for the snags.
  2. Yep, I'll put myself on the list, I think we will also make it. List of people and dogs pip1981- Dakota nancylady-Sid snout girl: Bert, Sally and Bruce (and an OH) snout girls friend: Shakaur and Soka (and an OH) smoothiegirl - Bronte & Ren List of food pip1981- marinated chicken wings and soft drink to share (and all the BBQ/eating necessities) nancylady- salad sandwiches and lemon & raspberry tarts snout girl: something vegetarian for the BBQ and a salad snout girl friend: sausages and salad smoothiegirl - thinking, thinking, thinking...I'll come back to you on that one.
  3. And lastly with some life sized models... The main reason I got them was so I could move the two dogs in and out of the car easily at training and trials. Also with Ren being an entire male, I wanted no risk of him getting out and causing havoc if I only had a tailgate. As it is, he's the least likely male to cause problems, but I still love my PBs.
  4. Here are the pics for you. The divider between the cargo area and the back seat isn't a Volvo fit, not PBs. But all the rest is.
  5. PME, I've got a rear cage and removable divider from Puppy Bars (PB's is the name of the company in Ferntree Gully). I have been thrilled with mine. They're fabulous, very well made, and an excellent custom fit. Yes they are removable. I can either have them in with the centre divider, or that can come out in about 90 seconds. I can also take out the whole back section with double doors. About the same time. If everything it out, the only thing that remains in is a small neat nut at in the roof that is neat and tidy. Some people complain about the waiting list of 2-3 months, but if you aren't on the list, you'll never get them, so you shouldn't complain. I went on the list last April/May, they then had a month off to go on holiday, but I was made aware of this. When they started the job, it took two and half weeks from initial measure, to complete fit. They look very professional, no squeaking or shifting when driving and are a solid product. I'll post some pics.
  6. Bugger. I've just volunteered to help build new herding facilities at KCC on the 11th, so that's me out. Its one of my free from dog sport and show weekends too, never mind. Have fun.
  7. Had the herding training Xmas party last weekend, it was heaps of fun, just relaxing herding, no real training. Bronte has decided she is the ultimate multitasker and had two runs herding sheep ok and barking at ME the whole way round. Need to fix her back chat or I'm going to go mental out in the herding paddock. Ren started on the long line as we were working in the Started paddock and he's only ever herded in a yard. After a few minutes on the line he got let off and played very quietly, calmly and cleverly with the sheepies. Awww...he's such a lovely boy. Hoping for good things from him over the next couple of years, but at 11 mths, I'm pretty darn chuffed with him now.
  8. At the same time, can they move Aussie Shepherds to group 3 so I can do retrieving with one please? You make me laugh. Apparently there is a small push to add Std Poos to the herding list (not Grp 5 though) as they were all round farm and family dogs. Sounds like you'll have to start your own revolution with the Aussies Thanks for the feedback everyone, its interesting to get that insight. I'm considering (distant future) a foray into another breed, probably after another Collie S though. My challenge is picking the other breed, I have a front runner, but then I keep thinking....'what if'''.
  9. It's a very long thread so its not going to happen now, but I'm curious to know what makes people pick the dogs they pick. Is it the look, temperament (if they have met any) or the aptitude for what they have been bred to do (including keeping peoples knees warm). My picks in order are below and for Group 5 & 6 its a merge of all of the above, but mostly their ability to do the job they were developed for (of course its my personal view, based on dogs I personally know) AND if I would ever consider owning one myself. I can't judge much for the other groups. GROUP 1, TOYS - Papillion, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (sorry, I've run out of selections) GROUP 2, TERRIERS - Border Terrier, Parson Russell Terrier, Jack Russell Terrier GROUP 3, GUN DOGS - Welsh Springer Spaniel, Labrador, Hungarian Vizsla GROUP 4, HOUNDS - Whippet, Greyhound, Borzoi (can I sneak a Irish Wolfie and a Deerhound in here too?) GROUP 5, WORKING DOGS - Collie Smooth of course!, Border Collie (but of Working blood lines, so that may not count), Cardigan Corgi GROUP 6, UTILITY - Rottweiler, Dobermann, Akita GROUP 7, NON SPORTING - Std Poodle, Min Poodle, Dalmatian (Love admiring the Danes, but probably wouldn't consider ever owning one.) Btw when are they going to add the Std Poodle to the ANKC Herding List so I can add them to my list of future dogs....
  10. Oh god, she's mega cute SK. I've been offline for a while and missed this thread. I hope she's everything you want her to be and more. Huski - I saw Daisy's doggleganger on the weekend at my local park. Same colour and half whitey face and all.
  11. Just an update on the outcomes of 2011, so I can revise the plan for 2012.
  12. Ok, well despite the fact I had a flat out year in 2011 with the dogs, I didn't meet all of my goals. Both dogs got herding titles, but we just didn't have time to fit in any obedience trials. But 2012 is a different year and we are set for success in other disciplines too (I hope). Bronte: - Gain her CD title. - Start training for her CDX. - Start training and maybe gain her Herding Started on ducks (she has her HSAs now). - Start tracking training for real - just started playing with it. Ren: - Gain his CCD. - Start training for his CD. - Gain his Pre-Trial Herding title (he has his Instinct Cert and HT now). - Maybe dabble in tracking training with him, time permitting. - If thats not enough, I also need to get more points for him in the conformation ring too.
  13. Firstly, I'm in love with Gibbs, how cute is he? Secondly, here's this years Christmas card shot of my two.
  14. Depends on the $'s, but Bunnings sell marine grade rubber backed carpet, buy that and put it over the top. Its a bit rough, but will do the trick. I've got heaps of it to cover tiles from when the dogs were pups, to save them slipping.
  15. I have to admit I'm not an advocate of crating dogs for long periods of time, unless at night, but I wouldn't expect thats what you are planning. Instead you're probably going to use it as many of us do, a convenient cosy spot for doggy when he/she wants a sleep or needs to be contained for your or their sanity/safety. My friends and family that aren't really involved in the dog world know my dogs are well cared for and have life full of physical and mental stimulation. While use of a crate may be unfamiliar to them, they know I would never compromise my dogs welfare and accept the very simple explanation of it being 'their home' where they can be safe and unbothered at their leisure or when required. I've never come up against resistance to the use of crates from them, but at the end of the day if there was, I would just ignore them. If they don't get it, then they don't get dogs and it just ain't worth the arguement.
  16. I've made this album public now, so you should be able to see it. Luke I love those shots of my two, we'll have to arrange a photo swap if possible. The one of Bronte nailing Ren is funny, she does her best to keep him in line bless her. Same goes for your pics too Sharon. I really like the one of them both lying there looking up towards me, nice focus demonstrated by them both.
  17. I've posted my pics on my FB page and then added a link to the DOL Kepala Fun Group page, so check them out there. Why is it that nearly every shot of Leo and Ren makes Ren look like he is lunging in for the kill.
  18. I'm changing my plate from potato salad to something else. If Coles have got their chickens out of the oven before I leave home I'll grab a couple of chooks and get them cut up for us to finger eat. Otherwise it will be a surprise plate (to me as well). I've had a full on day and the homemade pot sal just isn't going to happen now.
  19. As Colliehound said if the dog isn't going to live inside I'd scratch Collies too, they are working dogs of the softer kind and like to live with their 'working' partner - you. Also, they will need daily exercise, every second day will likely result in you having a frustrated dog on your hands and really they are brilliant relaxed house dogs, if given a blow out every day. This is even more so with Smooths as they are generally more active than their Rough relos. My two get 15-20mins in the morning and then a minimum of 45 mins in the evening. Sometimes though it will extend to an hour and a half if we get a good rhythm going and I'm on a mission. That being said, I can't recommend them highly enough, they are a surprise packet. Btw, nope there aren't many Smooths listed on Dogsonline, because they are still a relatively uncommon breed. In the UK, they are listed as a vulnerable breed. But pups are generally available from good breeders most of the year round. PM me if you have any questions.
  20. I have the date free and will most likely come, but I'm still a bit sketchy as to if I've committed to doing something else that weekend at the moment, I have to check. List of dogs pip1981- Dakota AmaCam+Digby - Digby SmoothieGirl - Bronte & Ren List of food pip1981- t.b.a AmaCam+Digby - also TBA. SmoothieGirl - Potato Salad
  21. Mustard - plain and simple. Something like American, don't go over the top with Hot English or anything. My boy took a liking to a few pieces of wood. I just painted it on lightly, one lick and he decided to change his hobby. My bitch crossed the room just to avoid the smell.
  22. Had a Dobe and loved her, she was an awesome dog, such a perfect sweetheart. Very intelligent, very loyal (read velcro dog), easily trained but you need to remain vigilant throughout their life. Remember the saying 'give an inch, take a mile', I'm sure it was coined with Dobes in mind. She was only destructive with her own toys, everything that we told her wasn't hers she didn't touch. She would even cry if her ball rolled into the vertical blinds as she knew she wasn't supposed to mess with them, we then had to rescue her ball for her. I often spent weeks farm sitting and she LOVED the farm and was good with the horses, poultry and cats. The farm owners previous dog was a Dobe too and she was also a great farm dog and horse riding companion. I'd say if you are prepared for their attention seeking nature, enjoy training and exercising a dog they could be for you. But if you have any plans of a family in the future (not sure of your exact situation) then perhaps reconsider, they won't appreciate any loss of attention once they get used to a certain level. p.s. Yes, great dog to walk by yourself. But, be prepared for everyone to cross the road to avoid you and numpties thinking they can ride up close behind you on their bikes in the dark (they only do it once though).
  23. I bought mine online from the States. It costs $14US to ship up to six collars with the collars being $14.99US each. I went with the US purchases as none of the Aust stores, online or otherwise, stocked the colours I wanted. http://www.breakawaycollar.com/index.cfm They were very helpful with my questions via email.
  24. Sounds like you might have to invest in the see through steel wire or Crimsafe stuff. Bless her though, the look on her face is so innocent, like she was trying to protect the door from someone getting in. See, that's what happened, intruders wrecked it, not Lil Miss Sweetness.
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