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  1. Thumbs up to triangle of temptation. I was a skeptic at first, but i changed my dogs entire attitude.
  2. I live in Ulladulla on the South Coast of NSW. Thanks
  3. I'm wondering the same thing. I live in a small coastal town and I am unsure if there is a behavioural expert nearby. I've have to take Barney into the vet soon. I'm wondering if it something he will grow out of once this fear stage is over? Thanks for the advice.
  4. Hey, My Beagle is now 13 months old. He's always been shy and since Christmas we have noticed that he is becoming scared of lots of people. He is fine with my girlfriend, her mum, her brother and dad, but everyone else he keeps his distance. Even people in the past he used to like and play with he is now running away from. I think he is in another fear stage. He has been attacked by my girlfriends mums Dalmatian before. On several occasions. Well dominated would be more like it. So I have asked if they didn't bring him anymore. When we walk past kids in the street he hides behind my leg, but eventually warms up and will be happy to say hello. When the neighbours have been having their roof fixed he continually barks at them, and whenever a stranger goes onto our back deck, he runs down the back yard and wont come back up, even when there is a treat or a food waiting. It seems to be getting worse. He is fine with all other animals (Lilly our other dog, Jinxy the Cat) What can i do to help him feel more comfortable around people? Thanks
  5. If he's on a lead he is fine... I was thinking today that i will have to put him on a lead before getting back to the car. I will try that. I was also thinking about feeding him in the car so he associates the car with good things.
  6. Most the time it's when we are at my girlfriends mothers house, or after we are coming back to the car from a walk.
  7. I have noticed that my 6 month old beagle runs away whenever we are getting ready to get in the car. He keeps as far away from me and my partner and will ignore us when we call him. He doesn't seem to have any problems with the car ride, he seems calm and relaxed, but getting him in the car is the hard part. When we go in the car, it is usually driving to a park, or the beach and lake for a walk and play, so we thought he would associate the car with doing fun things. We are rewarding him each time when we place him in the car. Does anyone have any advice on how to make sure he doesn't run away when it's time to go in the car. Thanks
  8. He is fine when I try to take the toys/bone/food etc away from him. He sit's patiently, looking up, shuffles his feet then tilts his head. What I will do is limit him to the number of toys he can play with. The hardest thing is we want our other pup to have a toy, but then he will steal that too. The TOT was a great read, thanks for the links
  9. Yeah, thanks for your advice. I have toys which are "MY TOYS" which i dictate when he can play with them, but I had dedicated 3 toys as his toys which he can play with while I'm at work. Should I take these toys away from him? Because I was thinking he might become destructive at home if bored? I'll try the triangle of temptation stuff when i get home tonight. Thanks for the advice
  10. Hey, Our beagle gets very selfish and aggressive when it comes to toys. We have walked outside to see him laying in a pile of all the toys, not allowing our Kelpie X near them. I thought this was cute to start with, but now it seems like he is becoming very possessive about toys. He will constantly steal the other pup's toys, and gather all the toys in his mouth not allowing the Kelpie X near them. This can turn to aggression between the 2 and in 1 case my partner was bitten by both dogs. This also happens with food, as the beagle will run between 2 bowls trying to eat both. The Kelpie X doesn't get aggressive about this. Does anyone have any advice on how to deal with him? Thanks
  11. I've also done this with my 11 week old pup. I've had him since friday but no accidents for 2 days now. And at night i bring the crate inside into my room. Last night he held it from 10:30pm- 6-30am. I also find that during the day after a long play and when he's sick of me he goes and lies down in his crate. I feed him in his crate, have a bed and blanket in there and give him treats in his crate. No more cries
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