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  1. How Did Your Pet Get Its Name?

    Love Charch McSmarch!! We call our cat Nero" Ratty McCatty" all the time! Don't know why...
  2. How Did Your Pet Get Its Name?

    I named my girl "Nissa", which is Scandinavian for ' A friendly elf , who can only be seen by lovers'. We loved her and she had(and still does) huge ears... so what better?
  3. Spitz Breeds

    Hi everyone!! Long time no see..lol. No computer for nearly forever Anyway , everyone looks great and I hope you all are well I would like to ask some advice. Nissa turned one on 2nd of Jan. She was soooo good. I recently started work full time again and now I have a monster on my hands She eats shoes and I don't know what to do. We try to make sure they are put away, but someone always leaves a pair out out sometime and then she shreds them!!! Now she pulls washing off the line( which she has never done before). I leave food,toys etc. I don't make a fuss of leaving. We put the cat out with her because they like to play. Has anyone got some tips? Thanks
  4. I was VERY suprised by my girl. She is a quite large Alaskan Malamute and LOVES everyone. The other day, my husbands cousin came to pick up a trailer. He didn't tell us or knock , he just started hooking it up. She went crazy barking and jumping around. Even when I called out that it was fine, she barked non stop at his offsider , who was trying to talk to her!! Maybe she knew something we didn't!!!
  5. Spitz Breeds

    Aww how cute . Doing comparison today. Nissa before and after. Growing too quickly!!!
  6. Spitz Breeds

    thanks miss b. When I actually read the manual they may even turn out better . M,R+S Nissa did the same thing at the glass door. She is pretty much always inside with me but carried on when my OH left for work and I was still asleep. If he had left her out for a play, the howl started at 5am and I had to get up and let her in. Have you tried the squirt bottle trick? Nissa stopped howling in 3 days and if she is outside when I get up, she waits quietly for me to open the door. Thats if she isn't already sleeping under my bed lol. This is my girls having a cuddle
  7. Spitz Breeds

    Finally got a better camera. Been a bit snap happy today now . I think Nissa is sick of me taking photos already!!
  8. Spitz Breeds

    Well between promotions , puppies and shows you've all been very busy!! congratulations everyone . My computer has been playing up terribly, freezing and stuff. I think it may be on its last legs . I,m sneaking off to get a new camera tomorrow, so there will be plenty of pics from me soon( that is after i figure out how to use it!!)
  9. Spitz Breeds

    I had a cool mat this summer mainly for the shows. It cost me 20 dollars and did a brilliant job, just one of the handmade jobs being sold at the shows, it has Wolves on it too Worked really well, didnt make Mistys coat damp and it stayed cool for ages. Thanks for that. At least I've got a few months before i need 1. I'm sure you will do fine BINDII. make sure you post some pics!!
  10. Spitz Breeds

    Welcome deezdog!! Max is very cute and look forward to more piccies. I'm sure you will find everyone here so helpful. I know I do . Not sure on bunny - akita relationships, but in my experience animals socialized at Maxs young age will readily accept most other animals. My Mal and cat are best friends and are currently wrestling on my floor!!! Only problem is Nissa keeps getting bigger while the cat has stopped and poor Nero sometimes gets a little squashed
  11. Spitz Breeds

    Aww . Those photos made my day AM . I was going to ask if anyone else had a cooling bed for the summer? If so whats the best make? It can get quite warm in my house so I was wondering if it would be worthwhile.She has a pool outside though.
  12. Spitz Breeds

    hello everyone. hope everyone is well. I'm not, been sick for a couplr of days and poor Nissa is looking at me like " are you planning on walking me anytime soon?". So many photos since i was on last. Great pics and congratulations to everyone on both show results and very cute puppies. The 'pupparazzi' made me laugh until i coughed and had to stop, so I'll do it like this instead :p .
  13. Spitz Breeds

    I love your photos . they always look so good!!! really have to get a better camera so i dont feel photogenically inferior :p Love the dancing too. very cute
  14. Spitz Breeds

    Nissa today sleeping with her tongue out .then being pissed of for disturbing her. then pretending to look out the door and ignore me :p
  15. Spitz Breeds

    Twilight is so fluffy . so cute. Great photos of Zero too!! I'm going to but myself a digital camera next week because all my photos are off my phone and turn out blurry half the time .