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  1. I wouldn't do it all at once. Moving home will be stressful enough on him. Let him settle in his new environment first and find out where in the new house he likes, as in a favourite spot here or there, and then try to get him to sleep there. I just got some DAP (Dog Appeasing Pheromone) from the vet for my dogs in case we have a storm again. Dr Harry talks about it all the time. It might also help in this situation I think.
  2. Would the dry liver treats be enough? Would they give the same nutrients?
  3. Yours look like little fellas. So about the size of a thumb every other day?
  4. Recently a vet told me its good to give your dog some liver. I wasn't sure how much. Mine are under 10kg. Thanks
  5. I would use a liquid water in type like seasol or the liquid carp stuff and just water well in.
  6. I read about a thing called a "Hot Devil Weed Killer" Basically you burn the weeds. I'm going to get one. Cost around $67-$72. Plus gas, but i think its better than chemicals. http://www.hotdevil.com.au/web/index.cfm?do=general.view
  7. Hey this is good!! What a list!! My imagination is hopeless. I like yipping and yapping and squealing and woofing. This is fun.
  8. I think my dogs have told me that their preference is leather. As someone else said, don't get the soft leather as it will scratch. The hard surface leather is better. I think mine prefer it coz its cooler in summer that a fabric.
  9. I have to give a little talk soon and am wondering what words are there that describe the sounds that dogs make. Especially a word or words that describe the excited noises that dogs make when they are excited. Words that come to mind are: Bark Howl Growl What else??? Nothing for the excited noises?
  10. Hope she is better again today. I get worried sick about mine if they are not well either. I go off my food and can't eat. So I understand how you feel. I need therapy!!!!
  11. I think bones make poo hard and clayish. I'd go less on the bones, and add a little vege matter too. I give a slice of banana sometimes to my little ones. I look forward to two brown presents per day per dog. 95% of the time this happens on a walk. If I don't get four presents a day I start to worry.
  12. This is great!!! Mine stir a bit by about 5.30am to 6am. I'm a light sleeper, so this wakes me. Then when I decide to actually move they get excited and come over to my side of the bed and want lots of pats. Isn't it great to be woken by your dogs.
  13. My vote goes to a rescue. But i'm sure there are many valid opinions here.
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