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  1. Thank you for your reply. I have heard similar things. Some saying good and others saying don't waste your money but I guess it depends on the degree of problem etc and would only be suitable for a percentage of cases. Yes I would be interested in THR. The dog I am researching for is 19kg so could even go the route of Femoral head osteotomy but I am trying to way up different options and get a few things clear before going on to any other vet opinion.
  2. I have a dog with HD and my local vet is suggesting replacement of one side with the view to potentially having to have the other side replaced down the track. I would like to pursue the option of Stem Cell and am interesting to hear from people whose dogs have had this and how successful it has been. Thank you in advance
  3. Staffyluv.....Can you give me an update on how your dog is doing post Stem cell. Thank you
  4. Hi All I have a litter of 4 week old pups that I had to abruptly wean due to the mum getting septicaemia as a result of a breast abscess. They were weaned straight onto solids consisting of Royal canin starter along with a little wombaroo. They have also had a little mince beef as well. They are now eating well a week later and putting on weight. They are having the occasional lap of water too. My problem is since weaning their motions are very soft and sloppy. I thought initially it was due to the sudden change in diet. 6 days later they are still very sloppy. They poo at every feed. It is not smelly or diarrhoea type motion just very very soft. Does anyone have any advice for me. I have some Protexin and I did wonder about mashing in a little pumpkin. I have backed off the Wombaroo and the mince. Other concern is maybe an intolerance to the Royal Canin. I have always used this when weaning and not had problems like this before. BTW I did worm them last Sunday with Drontal which was 2 days after weaning but I thought this shouldn't still be causing any problems. Thank you in advance
  5. I just used Advocate recently for one small spot of demodex once a month for 4 consecutive months. The PI says if gives a 100% cure rate after 2 to 4 administrations
  6. I use Thompson's 800mg tablets. I give 1 tablet per day to my dog with IBD
  7. My dog has IBD. Currently I manage him on Omeprazole (for reflux oesophagitis, duedeunitis) and slippery elm tablets 800mg tablets. I find the slippery elm to be a god send. He is not too keen on them if he finds them in his food but mostly we manage to get it in without too much fuss. I also give him probiotics. He also suffers from pancreatitis. I have struggled a lot with keeping weight on him and finding food that suits him but at present he has Earthborn Holistic grain free primitive with additional lean beef. He is incredibly fussy with food. He cannot have bones in anyway as this exacerbates the problem no end. He can't tolerate any additional fats or oils i.e coconut etc. Originally Metrogel helped him greatly along with the omeprazole. I do have Budesonide for him if he gets an extreme flare up but as yet I have not had to give it to him.
  8. Boxer colitis is well described unfortunately. There are some forums in the US that offer help. I have a bulldog that has multiple gastrointestinal problems. He had several admissions last year for abdo pain, vomiting, bloody diarrhoea. He has gastro oesophageal reflux which he takes Losec for and has this well under control after a number of years of vomiting up. He had a bout of pancreatitis which we hope was just a one off after me trying to stuff high fat foods into him to help him gain weight. He had to have his spleen removed as it was very misshapen and nodular at the same time they externally examined his bowel and found him to have several areas of thickening (mostly likely inflammatory bowel disease). He had a scope and his duodenum was very inflamed and on biopsy he had helicobacter and eosinophils. Currently I have him the best he has been in a while. He seems to have one good week of eating and then a week of laying around miserable with bloody diarrhoea then back to eating ravenously. I have found him to be best with a higher dose of Losec 10 mg in the am 20 mg in the pm and slippery elm seems to be what has helped him best after numerous other medications. I now give him 400 mg in the am and 800 mg in the evening. His poo is now firm and formed Not saying it will work for you but it may be worth a try. I work for a human gastroenterologist and he feels that this most likely is what has helped. He often tells his patients to use it too. I have been using it for about 2 months now and initially I didn't see much improvement but now I actually think he has put on weight and is eating 2 meals a day. I just have him back on his regular food of Royal Canin Junior 1/2 a cup and read meat. He seems not to like chicken at all and will eat fish. I cannot give him any bones at all as this flare everything up massively. Sorry story is a bit long but I feel your pain. Each day has been a struggle with his eating and people have blamed me and said he only eats badly because I have tried different foods but looking back he was like this as a pup and it has progressed to this point. I have 6 other dogs that all eat well and enjoy their food so I know it is "not me". Hang in their for the sake of your boy and I hope things turn around soon for you. Regarding the heart murmur I had a fox terrier that was diagnosed with a heart murmur at age 14 grade 6/6 and she continued to live until age 18 albeit on medications. Hugs to you and your beautiful boxer
  9. Many years ago we had a Jack Russell puppy and he pulled the washing down all the time. The way we stopped it was to hang balloons filled with water in them. When we came home all the balloons were popped and he never pulled the washing down again.
  10. Thanks all for your replies and concern regarding my puppy. This morning she is a little brighter. Still just laying around but the coughing (probably due to the higher dose of anti-inflammatory) has eased. She is still coughing every time she moves her head but it is a lot less violent. It was definitely like a child with Whooping cough where she would go into those long runs of cough. The anti-nausea injection may have put a halt on the vomiting as well. She did eat a small "Luv Em" liver dog biscuit this morning :D :D . Still not had a drink yet but will hope having had the biscuit she may do this. I will try some watered down mince mid morning and if not some tuna juice (one of her favorite things). Four out my 7 dogs have the cough now but interestingly the only 4 to have it had a vaccination prior to Christmas. Admittedly, the 3 others are older dogs but as far as I know my dogs have never had kennel cough before. The other 3 dogs including her litter brother all only have a very mild case, slight cough and runny nose. Fingers crossed we are now on the road to recovery....
  11. Thanks Erny I have tried Manuka honey. I have had trouble getting any fluid into her. She has not drunk from her bowl since yesterday. Have been back to vet tonight has so worried about the lethargy and vomiting. Her hydration was ok. She had an injection of Cerenia to help with nausea and vomiting along with more anti inflammatory as her coughing is so so bad. She came home from vet and ate a small amount of mince only about 1 teaspoon but better than nothing. Would be more pleased if she drank something though.
  12. Yes she is quite lethargic and he was worried about her chest so asked me to bring her it. Her chest was clear and he thought it was more in the upper airway but she is coughing up pale mucus. I suppose with her age he is being more cautious. She is just laying in her crate at present and I agree she is best when quiet and doesn't cough nearly as much. I also think she is quite tired from coughing and so much. I will hold of on the cough mixture unless desperate and will call him tomorrow and double check before I give anything. Her brother is also coughing but not as bad as her and is much more active. Thank you for your advice
  13. Chemist just sold me Duro-Tuss for dry cough. I will if I can compare ingredients
  14. Hi I have just had my pup at the vet this morning with a diagnosis of kennel cough. She had her C5 just prior to xmas. She is about 4½ months now. He said the cough is not on her lungs and she has no fever. She is on some anti-inflammatories and antibiotics now. The vet said to only use a cough suppressant as a last resort. He suggested any coedine based one if I needed to. I asked at the chemist and they would not recommend one to me.... I wanted to have some on hand just in case I needed something. Can anyone suggest anything or have any advise on what not to use. Even though she has been looking terribly miserable today and coughing then bringing up mucus she has eaten some food on return from the vet. I have tried Manuka honey 25+ and still have this on hand. Sorry to ramble on am feeling a little stressed out as have never had the experience of kennel cough before. He said her's is mainly effecting her trachea so therefore we have the continual honking kind of cough.
  15. Hi Sway Just wondering how much you need to give to a 25kg dog.
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