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  1. We were searching for a dog boarding service near Sydney because the lady we use isn't available, and this one came up. Their review on Google seems to be fine, does anyone have any experience with their service?
  2. We are going up to Blue Mountains tomorrow and seems like most of the sight seeing places, bushwalk tracks in the Blue Mountain area don't allow dogs since they are in the National Park. Anyone know if there's anywhere we can enjoy a long walk with mountain view with our dog? We will be staying in Leura by the way.
  3. Where Can Our Dogs Go?

    I also agree dogs cannot and should not be allowed EVERYWHERE, same in Europe, alot of butcher shops we visited refuse to let dogs in, which makes alot of sense. But its a shame our dogs here are not welcomed in too many places =( the more we keep them locked in our house/backyard, the more aggressive, anxious, frustrated they are, thats the reality. And I've met too many people that dont like dogs, and they just live around us. I dont drive, so on my day offs I can only walk my dog in the park nearby which rarely have any other dogs, or even human. If i could go on a train with my dog I could've taken her everywhere! And all the pet-friendly accomodations we've contacted have restrictions on the weight and size of the dog, they mostly welcome med-small dogs only.
  4. Where Can Our Dogs Go?

    I've been to Europe and admired how dogs in Europe can get to go to most public places eg shops, public transports etc. Alot of the dog owners that we met in Europe also displayed great examples of what confident and responsible owners should be like, by cleaning up after their dogs in the public, keeping dogs on-leash while in public etc. Most dogs are quite calm and we rarely hear any barking/fighting between dogs. Whereas in Sydney, we encounter way too many nervous, aggressive dogs during our 1 hr walks. It sometimes makes me think, that this may be why our dogs dont get to enjoy the same rights as in Europe ;( However this morning I saw a guy walked out of a bank with his dog. And i've seen dogs going into retail shops before. I am very interested in finding out if dogs can actually go into places like banks, stations, shops/shopping center etc? it'd be great if one day they can go on public transport too =)
  5. Dog Behaviour Question

    Our dog does this too when we release her from the playpen everyday. But now we try to distract her from this. I too agree with Jigsaw on why they do this. And I did notice that our dog tends to try to grab anything she can with her mouth when shes anxious, she'd just wave her mouth around and see wat she can get, sometimes her tail, sometimes clothes on the chair, sometimes just air. she wouldnt chew or bite them, just mouth them.
  6. Eeeps! My First Complaint :(

    its good that at lease ur neighbour thinks that ur dog's barks make her feel safer. our neighbour doesnt...
  7. Which Breed To Choose

    I think the cat-chasing has more to do with training the dog was given. When dogs don't get enough exercise or have no job to do they'd look for things to do themselves, which will be all sorts of things that human dont like. start training from day one, and be more sensitive about what your dog needs in terms of training.
  8. Aremis Or Nutro?

    We are feeding Artemis with chicken and rice, poohs are less smelly than when we fed her Advance =) We also tried Eagle Pack but she didnt like it.
  9. How To Approach Neighbours

    I have a neighbour from hell who doesnt like dogs, and certainly doesnt like barking dogs, so I really feel for you rite now =( its hard to deal with a neighbour whom u have no relationship with, or u dnt even know how they are like. I guess Ruger kinda represented some people that dont necessary love dogs like we do, so they won't understand why they should move THEIR stuff, just because some animals cant handle THEIR kids' attentions/screams. On the other hand, they might even want you to move your dogs inside so they dont get too noisy.... Just try to be prepared for the worst, stay calm and positive and try have a casual chat with them and see how they are like, I am sure it will all work out for u =)
  10. Rant: Tiny Little Puppy - Off Lead

    very very well said! some dog owners really need to pick up the responsibilities for owning a dog. they are good and cute to us but may not be so to some others, and theres lots of unpredictable danger out there in our human society, so in order to keep them safe and happy, why can't we just use the leash in common areas and let them off in off'-leash areas?? I've seen too many ppl walking their dogs on beach when theres signs saying 'dogs prohibited'...
  11. Swimming Pools For Dogs

    Just wondering if anyone had ever tried their dog boarding?
  12. They have one of the most gentle faces =) wonderful story
  13. Sydney's Most Vicious Dogs

    As Cesar Millan said , we should never blame the 'breed' of dogs for attacks, its the training they received, they type of owners they have and many other aspects around that would contribute to these attacks. After all, they are all just dogs, animals. I dont have any of the dogs on those lists, but I thinks its unfair for those breeds to be put on such lists, I've seen calm and gentle Rottweilers and Huskies, very intelligent and obedient Kelpies and Aussies, and at the same time bossy and fearful Westies that growls and Labs that are ready to attack.
  14. Puppy Killer Banned From Owning A Pet

    Its sad to see stories like this =( why do some people think they can do whatever they like to lives of animals when they wouldnt do the same to human?? I guess the ban means nothing to her because she may not even like dogs to begin with, maybe send her to jail for irresponsibly taking a being's life!
  15. Best Dog Toys For Boredom?

    Kongs or Busy Buddies are pretty good and durable. They love challenges so choose something you can hide treats in, so they'd be working hard to get the treats out.