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  1. Aussie Dog toys https://aussiedog.com.au/
  2. Leg weights after surgery

    I used an old watch.
  3. New Food - Sunday Pets

    I don't think Coprophagia has anything to do with reactivity, quality of food, vitamins or anything else. I have one poo eater who has been fed premium dog food and meaty bones all her life. She is twelve now and is perfectly healthy and has never had problems with other dogs or people. Until the last couple of years she had the shiniest coat of any of my dogs. She just likes the taste of poo. I don't think there's anything you can do about it - just avoid kisses.
  4. Kelpies

    Generally around 12 weeks but then some don't go up at all. Some will go up and then if the pup is teething or unwell (or when it is desexed) will droop only to come up again later.
  5. Support For Breeder Community Dolers

    Great news! And what a relief. I've been checking in so often. I hope Reba and her pups continue to do well.
  6. I hope you find him soon MUP.
  7. Kelpies

    Hi Inka, As your mother has owned Kelpies before she probably knows what she likes and has a good understanding of their requirements. She likes their 'bright, curious, intelligent zest for life nature.' I agree with her. Why try to talk her into a breed that she doesn't like as much? I've turned sixty and have five Kelpies and haven't noticed them being too much for me. I know retired farmers who are in their eighties and have Kelpies as pets. Often older retired people make the best owners for Kelpies because they are with them all day and don't leave the dog at home alone while they are at work all day. Kelpies enjoy running and chasing but don't need huge amounts of exercise. As long as your mother is prepared to spend time training the dog and giving it plenty to think about she will be fine. Is she interested in teaching the dog tricks, taking it out to play with other dogs and generally having mental stimulation? There are plenty of studs in Victoria who produce Kelpies who would make excellent companions. As with most breeds she will do better getting a pup from a responsible breeder than someone getting rid of the results of an accidental or byb litter. If your mother rings the Working Kelpie Council she can get information about breeders in her area whose bloodlines produce the best pets. These breeders would allow her to see the litter and make her own choice if that's what she wants. They could also give her advice on the kind of temperaments the sires and dams are likely to produce. We've all seen "mad" Kelpies, usually crosses or poorly bred free to a good home types, but these a far cry from well bred sensible, biddable dogs who are programmed to work with people and just love company.
  8. Kelpies

    I try to avoid looking at puppy pictures and getting clucky. I have five dogs and no room or time for any more. But I have to admit I spent some time sighing over that photo of her asleep.
  9. Rocket Has Gone Home!

    Just saw Rocket on the news. I had to reach for the tissues too.
  10. Wanted - Dvd Of Dogs Sheep Herding

    There are plenty of videos of dogs working sheep in Yard and Utility trials available at the Working Kelpie Council's web page http://www.wkc.org.au/ Just go to the Photos and Videos tab at the top of the page and then to video gallery.
  11. Victoria New Laws

    I've been working hard to get my online submission completed but keep getting the following message "A Database Error Occurred Error Number: 1366 Incorrect string value: '\x80\x9Cfact...' for column 'answer' at row 1" Is anyone else getting this? Yes, I put in a submission and kept getting this message. After a bit of head scratching, I worked out that it doesn't accept grammatical symbols such as apostrophes. Not sure why, but when I took them out, the program accepted them. JK Thank you. I'll try again.
  12. Victoria New Laws

    I've been working hard to get my online submission completed but keep getting the following message "A Database Error Occurred Error Number: 1366 Incorrect string value: '\x80\x9Cfact...' for column 'answer' at row 1" Is anyone else getting this?
  13. Run Free Piper

    I'm sorry to hear this. RIP Piper
  14. Idiopathic Vestibular Disease

    My Ruff had a bout of vestibular when he was about 14. His eyes were flickering from side to side and he couldn't keep his balance. I took him to the vet sure that he'd had a stroke and fearing the worst but was soon reassured that is wasn't serious. He wasn't as bad as some dogs I've known and although his balance was affected he could still eat. I had to put a towel under him to help him walk outside and apart from this he spent most of his time in his bed. I had to raise his food bowl as he would fall over if he put his head down. He was wobbly for about ten days but then improved quickly although he had a head tilt for some months. He never had another bout. Here's hoping that Lily will be feeling better soon and you will recover from the fright.