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  1. Wear whatever you are comfortable in, in summer I regularly show in dresses with small cap sleeves. If you show in something you are most comfortable in, I find that can transfer down the lead to the dog, rather than if you go into the ring uncomfortable about what you are wearing. I do love the purple suit though
  2. Make sure you check the rules in your state - I thought junior handlers were only allowed to take a dog in that is entered in that show. Hard to enforce I guess though. Edited to clarify what I'm trying to say: as in the dog needs to be entered and exhibited in the regular part of the show, not just going in for junior handlers.
  3. Loving all the gorgeous rising stars!!
  4. Very nice gillybob!! Good luck for your first show :)
  5. Oh no So sorry Pers... Run free Mr. Wilson, I loved reading about your antics, and felt like I knew you myself
  6. I think you've got the main ones, I'd just add in ask them if now is a good time to talk, they may need to groom, walk dogs etc, and so may come across as not keen to have a chat when really you have just caught them at a bad time. Have fun!!!
  7. I would caution you against thinking the one dog you heard is the norm.
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