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  1. I really enjoyed my NDTF Course as it gave us the whole scope of dogtraining, but I did my course quite a few years ago now.... I have also done the Delta Course and found it quite frustrating at the end. I did this before the NDTF......
  2. if the change has occurred suddenly there is often a reason.... Be it thyroid or pain. Some dogs like a lot of space when in pain and some family members do not know how to read dogs and get bitten. I would ask to see a Vet, behaviourist Vet and or behaviour Dog trainer, of which there are quite a few good ones now. One of our Dogs is a BC cross and she "grins", which with the uneducated people can get her into trouble....They think she is aggressive, she is not. So I taught her to "smile" on cue and that is the first thing we do when we meet and greet. This dog also likes her space. She gives plenty of warnings that I know a lot of people do not see. if she was cornered, she might also react with a snap....... But managed by us and people told how to give her space and wait for her to come to them, she is the best dog. It is definitely hard to judge on paper.......you need to see the dog and see what happens. People who are not experienced should leave the poor dog alone as things may get worse. It is better for this to be done by the people in the know.............
  3. I also think it depends on the Breed you want.... I have been lucky, because I am so active in my chosen breed I have been lucky enough to be that horrid person that jumps the waiting list. As people know me and my other dogs and all that we do with them and we sort of promote the breed....
  4. I am not a Breeder and I purchase my Newfoundland dog Puppies from responsible breeders.... I have never ever put down a deposit. I pay for the puppy when I pick up the puppy. For my last two puppies, two year and about three years ago, I was inundated with lots of puppy pictures and videos. Now that we have such great cameras/phones I would think this was normal... please do not pay the full price until you are there to pick up your puppy. Have you had to sign a contract? Answer lots of questions and maybe even had to give some references if the person breeding the pup has never met you? I was given full breeding and copies of the parents registration papers and also the health checks results for Hips, elbows and some other diseases that were check with DNA testing. A responsible Breeder happily gives you this information I have a great relationship with my two different breeders and they always want updates on their pups all throughout their lives. And that means 10 and eight years for one of my Breeders and three and two for the other
  5. I do not interevere with play , unless it is too rough for the puppy and I take the puppy away or i say quiet, which my older dogs have learned means to slow down. i am only worried about injuries during rough play. I allow my older dogs to sort out the puppies if it is about toys or food. i find a lot of young dogs are too bombastic as we allow them to be the little treasures. As long at is only grumping and telling off, it is allowed at my place. it puts things back in order........My young dogs are very polite around other dogs and greet stranger dogs politley, because they have had the older dogs in our lot tell them off. I would not allow andy attacks, but i allow telling off. Our BC cross has raised a lot of newfoundland puppies and she is quite firm with them, but also plays with them, until they get too rough or pushy and she tells them off. She is quite old now and we get a lot of younger dogs through, both from Rescue and we own six. I suppose it does depend a little on how social your older dogs is, but he sounds like he is trying to be quite friendly. i feel it is OK if an older dog growls at a puppy if it goes near his/her food, but i will not allow lunging..growling is warning, i remove the puppy, if it does not move away. Stop the growling by punisheing the dogs that growls and you will get a dog that lunges without warning......that is a real problem. growling is good or even expression :) I think we often interfere too much and that is why we get the pushy young dogs that think they own the world (just like some kids today).....i love the way my pack works, quite firm, but a lot of play, if it is appropriate. I love watching them........Would never allow a real fight, but I think that often happens because we do interfere and do not allow the natural order. It is totally different when you bring a adult into a established pack, but i would never worry about a puppy in mine. And I have had many different packs over the years.....Bringing in a badly socialised older dog with attitude requires a totally different system, I get a lot more involved, but it is usually the new dogs that goes into time-out, never my established pack.they know what they are doing and take direction easlily and are very social. Good book/video to read/watch are from Turid Rugaas.since i found her about 9 years ago, life with a pack of dogs has been easy
  6. OK so reading all of this I will have to give my last three years experiences with medibank private and no I do not work for them. I ave 5 newfoundland dogs and one BC xGolden. I pay quite a lot amonth, just over the $200.00 now it will go up again in January BUT.........I have had a TPLO done on my Five year old and 80% ($4000.00) was paid out quickly. My Little BC cross had to have surgery after a dog attack and it was paid out 80% quickly......No questions asked straight into my account. But this year i also had my young newfie have an accident by going front feet into a rabbit hole and the rest of her body going on..She badly injured her Left elbow. this was seen to by a vet in melbourne, ortho specialist and a CT scan and new treatment was reccomended for her with a little special "plug" into the damaged area...i put in my accounts and was given a little letter, sorry we will not pay............BUT, i rang them, all lovely ladies who were somewhere in Australia, they had me on hold for moments, told me they spoke to people in charge a review would be promised, we will ring you back.....And guess what? They rang back, money came back into the bank $4200.00 plus some other little totals from intitial non ortho vet visits. They did explain they would not pay for the "plug"($1000) but would pay for all other treatment. Would also not pay if anything went wrong withe plug....the Plug is a very new treatment and to new for them. yussie was only the 8th dog in Australia.........It healed beautifully, she was limp free. But sadly I have to claim again, becuase she had to have surgery for a perforation and sadly she passed away. I have had no bad experiences, even my little hiccup was dealt with politely and promptly. I am way ahead with my payments versus pay-out and even if I had saved all my payments I would not have covered it. We have always had our newfies insured since we were able to. I am quite happy with medibank Private.......you get a 10% discount if you yourself are with them and we were for a long time....No overseas call centres either
  7. I do this with my newfie rescues, i could not get near their feet, but after some click and treat and slowly increasing what i do. i now get offered feet. i have six dogs, so that is 24 feet that need frequent checking. I can also pull ourt the seed and even pen it up more to get them out. I also use animal lintex which really helps if they have gone very deep. it is more like a poultice, We do daily check and also use the blower after each walk. A lot of work this year. But the dogs are so used to it now, they wait their turn....yummy treats is more important to them
  8. We went, Informative and very entertaining :)
  9. This is very true and in the 90's I have had it happen to one of my own....good to remember. I hardly worm mine now as we do manure checks and our worm counts have been very low
  10. Green tripe also has the benifit of the gastric enzymes still within the lining, hence it has to be green unwashed and not the white stuff....My newfies also love horse poo and catle patties and like you i just let them enjoy it
  11. Thank you for your reply.i will be in melbourne again and hope toget some
  12. Goooooooo Jodie, she does an awesome job
  13. With our newfies we travel from Albury to Melbourne for Chris Preston http://www.petemergency.com.au/general/staff.html We have had great experiences with him and our newfies TPLO 2 years ago and are there again with another newf with front end lameness that is being examined at present. I do know that medibank Private never questions any of the treatments/diagnostice services either and just pay out
  14. 5 newfoundland dogs and one Golden cross BC..it just happened, I think four would be perfect, but life is very calm and steady here And not Breeding...........
  15. Does anyone know where i can get a supply of green tripe......I can no longer get it near Albury NSW, would love to get some 20kg or so
  16. PS I am not on here often..A friend let me know you had this on Dogz
  17. Hey Trish Mike and I would be interested...Love the idea if it is in Albury.......... We are in the phone book. Let me know if you have dates. Ronnie Taft
  18. I have a gorgeous softy..Curly about six month old, who is very friendly, soft on lead, sits and a great recall....he belongs to Koolie Rescue
  19. Newfie Rescue in NSW goes by what they look like, no papers. I have had two newfies that were not papered and rescued by them.......I am pretty sure the other states are the same
  20. He was lucky to have been found by you and to be cared for and loved for the last couple of years.........I am sorry for your loss, another Angel for Rainbow Bridge
  21. She should have them........I will miss the little cute ones, they are so clever and quick. From nervous and worried to being able to touch (which they love) every part of them, including feet, mouth, ears and they do a great re-call.
  22. These little guys are very entertaining, they will make someone great little happy dogs.....Tazzy would do great at flyball or agility. Curly is just adorable. they are such happy little dogs and quite obedient after just three weeks. they are now desexed, microchipped, vaccinated and wormed. Curly actually had a retained testicle and his surgery was quite involved. he also had to wear a "cone of shame" for a week, he just coped :) These little guys are great to train...love them, they are fun Curly the adorable Tazzy the clever one Curly pensive and our little high energy Tazzy, happy to fly Oh and we had some rain :)
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