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  1. Councils Complain About Dog Laws

    I think when this is your 9th post on a new forum, it's time to maybe take a step back and a deep breath. DOL is one of those forums that really benefits from some lurking from its new members. Your opinions so far have been pretty out there and sometimes not really in line with what DOL is all about. Also what on earth is a ~power breed~ and where can I get one
  2. Flying A Dog To The Usa

    Golly gosh that's a lot of money!
  3. Flying A Dog To The Usa

    PMed wayrod! This is so good, thanks guys! Thanks pie those links are perfect
  4. Flying A Dog To The Usa

    Hey you know how I said you're my favourite you're totes still my favourite :D
  5. Hi all, long time no not-lurk! I'm moving to the United States early in 2015 and am obviously taking Luuka with me. We will probably go over and get settled and then have dad fly her over to us a few weeks later, just so we're not lugging her around with 8 billion other pieces of luggage (it's a permanent move). Any recommendations? Any price ideas? I know she'll have to be quarantined, any idea how long that takes? Google is pretty vague and unhelpful. I'm hoping someone has some direct experience. Also jetpets etc want a buttload of information before they spit out a quote and I just don't have that information, ie dates of flying and where we're going to be or where we'll pick her up etc. It's all very confusing and I just want some super basic info at this stage so we can budget seeing as there's a wedding happening between now and then that'll suck up a fair whack of financial resources.. we just want to be as prepared as possible! Thanks team! For your patience and assistance, have a pic of the monster herself:
  6. Caz, I'm so incredibly sorry. I have no words at all but I agree with Alkhe about the legal advice situation.
  7. Atlas

    Literally crying and remembering the time I met my then-bf with our Atlas at the vets when he got hit by a car and we thought we'd lost him. Reminder that at some point he will also cross the bridge. Cin I am so sorry my love. Rest in peace happy smiley silly boy.
  8. Spitz Breeds

    Sounds like it was a great day guys! Well done to all who worked so hard to run it. I really enjoyed keeping up with the goings-on on Facebook. Just thought I'd pop my head in and give a Luuka update. She is going pretty well, bless her little heart. Her allergies (grass) got REALLY bad recently and she was just scratching and chewing at her paws all the time, poor little mite. Keeping her off the grass as much as possible (retraining her to pee in the leaf litter etc) was just not helping enough so I took her to the vet. The vet said she needed a course of cortisone so that's what we're doing at the moment and she is a different dog. It'll just be a short course and I'm keeping an eye on other symptoms (so far the only thing I notice is increased appetite, as if it wasn't bloody bad enough already!). She is so much happier and more calm. In the meantime I got her some of those little latex dog booties that she can wear so we can still play in the grass, she loves it so much I don't want to totally deprive her of it. The booties arrived today (so damn cute!) so I will trial them on her tonight then maybe we can go back to the park Hope you're all well and your doggies are too :)
  9. I hope so too, though I was careful not to be 'mad' at him because he was quite upset with himself, but I have warned him about being so casual about her wandering around. He let her good behaviour and tendency to stay around home lull him into a false sense of security. No idea what she's been doing but she is absolutely knackered. ETA Thanks cointreau :) I will admit to a few tears when dad wasn't looking because if he'd seen me cry he would've gone to pieces and been useless for searching
  10. She just ran in the door, awful creature, can't be mad at her for coming home I know but I'm SO MAD, she is coated in mud and soaking wet and also has lots of prickles so I have no idea where she's been. It's SO unusual for her to be away from home any more than 5 mins, can't imagine what she's been up to. Dad was so relieved he hugged me. He's not much of a hugger so that was ... startling. I sincerely hope this has shown him why I don't let her out of my sight when we're outside together. She isn't an 'escape artist' but like most dogs if she gets a scent or finds something fun to play with (like a cat etc) and follows it, who knows where she could end up. Not to mention not everyone has the best intentions
  11. Luuka is missing. My dad is notoriously lax with letting her explore our huge block with minimal supervision. Even when he loses sight of her, she is always back in 5 mins or so and she has excellent road sense (will only step onto the road with my permission even when chasing something or considering chasing something). Dad let her play outside nearby where he was hanging washing out. He turned his back and she had wandered off. She has been gone for over two hours. No dogs in the neighbourhood are barking. We have been circling the area calling her for an hour and 45 minutes. We have walked around too with torches. No vets have her, though they now know she's missing. She's not at the dog park. She had a very small breakfast and is a total piglet so she would be STARVING by now. There's no way she's staying away by choice Come home Luulu.
  12. Comfortis - Chewable Flea Control

    Whoooaaaa, that's so weird. Atlas was on Comfortis (and still is as far as I know), and Luuka has been since she was big enough too and they've never had any kind of reaction apart from never, ever having any fleas. How bizarre, SheWolf, your poor puplets
  13. Southern Tablelands Farmstay

    Thank you so much!
  14. This makes me so sad. We had a WHFT growing up named Fergus, he was a delight and taught me all about how to treat dogs correctly and respectfully. Crossing my fingers for him. Edit: Made the mistake of looking at him in the thread Am actually quite tearful, he looks just like Fergus, how could someone give him up!? This is why I don't look in the rescue section
  15. Help Please

    All I can say is *slow, sarcastic clap*. I'm glad you're asking for help but I can't believe the lack of insight in your first post. It makes me sad.