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  1. Well done Awesome photos
  2. Lovely photos Pheebs, don't worry about the arm just crop it.
  3. Thank you for sharing your beautiful shots.
  4. Nice work, I really like the second one as it shows more of the reflection on the water.
  5. Here is a few more not as good as the first lot. Enjoy.
  6. Stunning!!! Please post more
  7. Please keep posting I love your photos
  8. Thanks everyone I had a lot of fun getting these, and yes the Tiger was the hardest to get as it was behind glass and the glass was very dirty. Some of the shots are from the Werribee Open Range Zoo and the others are form Taronga Zoo on New Years Eve. Thanks for looking, MRD
  9. NYE in Sydney is mad fireworks all over the place Most of my shots are at f11 or f 16, ISO 100 and either 2.5 or 5 seconds. it was the first time I had shot fireworks so I was happy
  10. I agree. Were you just up from Taronga Zoo? Kja, you look gorgeous. The dog doesn't look impressed though. :laugh: Thanks we were at the Zoo it was such at great night.
  11. Lovely shots TLC. These are some of mine, enjoy.
  12. Well done Impatiens I've really enjoyed following your 365's Thank you for keeping it going.
  13. That put a big smile on my face well done.
  14. This is where I got mine Cameras Direct I find the BR really good as my outfit is very heavy and I can lock my camera on my hip or to my back to free up my hands.