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  1. THanks everyone. I think I'll get the derm referral and go from there. I have read a little more about total ablation which seems drastic so I'm hoping we can address the problem before we get to that point. Obviously the key is getting veterinarians experienced in the area. Thanks again, will update soon.
  2. Our 5yo lab boy has ongoing ear infection - psuedomonas keeps recurring. We've had two cultures with treatment using various ABs and eardrops - usually they've cleared the problem but it recurs after treatment stops. It's back again & I returned to the vet today - the usual treating vet wasn't available and a different vet is now suggesting surgery (lateral ear resection). Can anyone help with experiences or feedback on where we should go next ? Is there such a thing as a canine ear nose throat specialist ? Any help appreciated.
  3. Hopefully this is allowed on forum, but I'm wondering the best online store for doggie goods your opinion ? Thanks !
  4. Can anyone help/DM me any reccs for dog walkers in the Blacktown area ? We have two labs in need of a temporary friend to help walk while OH is away for work, and I manage a newborn human. I hope this is the right area to post ... thanks in advance.
  5. Thanks guys. I also contacted the place we're staying and they have dogs but have never had any diseases so I think we'll be safe anyway.
  6. Hi All Our 14 week old pup is due for his final vacc this week so rang to double check the quarantine period as we're hoping to go away for Easter to a farm. They are telling us two weeks - as I recall with our now 3yo dog, it was one week. Does anyone know the 'standard' and do you think we're risking him ? Going to a farm with other dogs & a family that's lived there a long time so I can call to double check they've never had parvo.
  7. We do take him out at all the 'normal' times, reason I leave the door open is he has taken to running up to the door when he wants to poo (sometimes outside the 'normal' post-nap, post-food, post-play times). Yes, we do leave him outside when we're not here. It's more about understanding why he never poos inside anymore but still wees. Perhaps it's because wees are just more regular/common - but he really seems determined to either take advantage of the poo time when we take him out and give him the command, or he runs outside of his own accord. I suppose we have been a bit spoilt with our older dog, he hasn't had an accident inside since he was 12 weeks (now 3yo).
  8. consistency of taking him to his spot & rewarding :) we do this. Why are poos 'sorted' & not wees ?
  9. Our 13 week old lab puppy is still not quite there on toilet training - we've crate trained him and he can sleep through the night now which is good, however he is still peeing inside now & then ... but runs outside (I leave the door open) to poo. Is this common & how can I teach him to associate poo AND wee with his patch outside ? Thanks in advance eta. we both work fulltime so not home during the day to help with the consistency of taking him to his spot & rewarding. Although he doesn't seem to go anymore on the concrete area, and his poos are all on the grass spot so assume he wees there too.
  10. They don't get out much either - to check their facts that is.
  11. I'm pretty sure she's a goldie if you look in the photo gallery
  12. Story in today's paper about some 'lab' puppies bred in Sydney in jail for the guide dogs. In the picture gallery, mum looks very much like a golden retriever to me. Or maybe just a really dark yellow lab but I don't think so. Did the vet supervising & the inmates not realise ??? http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/news/sydney-nsw/yellow-labrador-puppies-delivered-by-inmates-at-emu-plains-correctional-centre-for-assistance-dogs-australia/story-e6freuzi-1226296363926
  13. no terrible post-egg emissions I'm pleased to report. Must be the labrador gut of steel !
  14. Very irritating actually. We live in the burbs in Western Sydney in a cul de sac --- one of the neighbours just lets a chook roam the street and I'm actually not exactly sure who it is. Archie's ears prick up like no-one's business when we go out for walks - he's chased it but reached it and chickened out (chickened out, geddit ? :D) and I doubt he'll ever go for it anyway ... but there's a staffy down the road that may feel differently one day. Anyway ... the chook created a little nest in the bushes outside the front of our house and laid. I have meant to pick them up a couple of times coz I've seen him sniffing in there, but they're really hard to get to. Tempted to ask whoever owns it to pick up after their chook but need to narrow that down first. Thanks to everyone for all the advice - he's lying down sleeping now, doesn't seem too worried but yes, we'll see what treats he leaves from the back end on his walk later ...
  15. Ewwwww. Well he'll be doing those outside ....
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