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  1. Stunning! It's a stinker here in Perth at the moment. The beach is by far the best place to be.
  2. Ive got a k9 pro brown leather collar on a brown gsp & love it.
  3. We have a home alone. Previous gsp girl loved it! Current gsp boy not interested at all. But he does have a much bigger backyard & makes his own fun (or sleeps in the sun!)
  4. The item number is 3160000. Get in and grab them if you can find them, they have apparently been deleted But there is allegedly stock hanging around (OH's word, but even he has been burnt by stock on hand reports recently. We bought 2 packs at least 5 years ago and they have been used for everything and are looking fairly worse for wear. Time to stock up just in case I think.
  5. We've got a friend waiting on a dachshund puppy and I've recommended these to her assuming they were still available. OH works for bunnings (Marketing) so I'll get him to look up the system and check for her and you.
  6. We have used The Paw House when we were in a similar situation. We'd never used a kennel before and Dempsey had a ball.
  7. I cant get dempsey outside to go to the toilet but he doesn't care if we're going to the park. It was dreadful weather & we both got soaked but he loved every moment. It was so wet when I got home I added shampoo, lathered him up then stood him back out on the deck & let the rain wash it off! Poor dempsey wasn't so excited by that but it got the mud off!
  8. Haha! Definately. Dempsey is currently loving the two pairs of old tracksuit pants he inherited! They were meant to be thrown out but never made it past him and we cant bring ourselves to take them off him.
  9. Denmark is my favourite place on earth. We were there the week after you :). We got married down there too & are always interested in new places to stay.
  10. Our german shorthaired variety will do anything for food, closely followed by toys so we can take out pick with what to motivate him with. He even knows the sound of certain things being taken out of the fridge-cheese & yoghurt in particular & will pull out all the tricks in the book to get just a little bit.
  11. Have you tried calling them to see if they've got a stockist local to you? They're a wa company so might be able to deliver otherwise.
  12. Peanut butter! I lent on a post on our new deck on the weekend which has sap seeping out of it (whole other issue!)and it went all over my dress. I lathered it in peanut butter, rinsed in warm water and amazingly it dissolved it. I also had some on my skin and lathering with hand sanitizer removed that. good luck from keeping the dogs from licking the peanut butter when your trying to clean it off!
  13. I think you need a new trainer! I would give anything to spend that much time with our 11 mo GSP but like most people, I have to work work to make sure my dog has the lifestyle he is accustomed to. I dont think he is worse for it - he still gets walked twice a day and has plenty to keep him occupied. I also think it is important that they spend at least some time alone. It sounds like you are committed to doing regular short training sessions and he is happy to chill out inside and out when required. In my opinion this is much better than someone who has a dog inside constantly but doesnt do anything to work their brain.
  14. We are in Perth and got a puppy from Adelaide. Dogtainers and Jetpets transport pets including puppies, you can have a look on their websites and they were helpful to explain everything when I rang to ask questions. We used Jetpets.
  15. Dempsey goes nuts for bad cuz, a new one arrived yesterday & was pretty excited.