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  1. I have a 1 year old Beagle (Snuffy) and a 5 year old Labrador x poodle (Shadow). Both are desexed females. We got Snuffy when she was 8 weeks old and from day one she attacked Shadow whenever Shadow tried to get a pat from me. I corrected Snuffy by pushing her away and telling her off when she did this and Shadow always backed away never laid a paw on her. However over the last few months it has definitely got worse. Snuffy will bite and growl at Shadow over food (so I feed them separately) and they have two kennels but Snuffy will sleep with Shadow and then have enough and attack her until Shadow gets up and moves out. So far there has been no blood or visible bite marks but there is a lot of crying from Shadow (who is really placid and never the instigator). I am worried that this is all going to get worse. What should I do? Separate them forever in different dog runs? Rehome one (I can't imagine going through with this as I love them both so much). Thanks in advance for any advice
  2. Thats why my dogs have access to the front and back yards! I'd like to see a burglar jump the fence and get betwwen them and the front or back door. They bark their heads off and Shadow would eat them alive You must have an external to the yard electricty and gas meter then? no, we have an intercom at the front gate and I let them in, or they do an estimate if I am not home.
  3. Thats why my dogs have access to the front and back yards! I'd like to see a burglar jump the fence and get betwwen them and the front or back door. They bark their heads off and Shadow would eat them alive
  4. I have my 5 month old Beagle outside at night in her kennel when we go to bed. She sleeps with our big Labradoodle in the same kennel and is perfectly happy. I put one of those jumpers on that go over her head and are pretty hard to get off - perhaps you could try one of those instead of a coat? Snuffy is pretty good at getting coats off but the jumper type seems to stay on A-OK. It is freezing here too but she seems warm enough in her jumper plus Labradoodle jacket!!! Good luck!
  5. She is so brilliant at everything else but its just so discouraging for her and for us that a five minute walk down to the park is so difficult. And this is the one thing we really want to be easy for her so that she can really enjoy nice long walks with us. We're not phased if she's sniffing away - its part of having a beagle but the pulling is relentless and it needs to stop. Thoughts? Probably a bit late in posting this now but I would love to share my "break through"! I bought a "lupi" harness that goes around the chest and through the front legs. When Snuffy pulls on it, it shortens under her legs and she either goes up in the air or nowhere at all. It is the most fantastic thing I have ever bought! Within about 1 minute of fitting it and walking with her the pulling stopped and she walked like a normal dog without pulling my arm out of its socket. Now she walks at a normal pace (with her nose to the ground of course!!!) and I can concentrate on teaching her how to heel etc. I can't tell you how relieved I am that I can walk her now without stressing out. My other dog Shadow is even more pleased - we can all walk together! YAY!!!!!!
  6. "Like others have said a clean dog especially a Beagle is a blessing.Beagles can be dirty dogs." Can I ask what you mean by that? I have a Beagle puppy and wonder whatI am in for!!
  7. Crisovar I notice that you live in Queensland where the weather is probably reasonable even in winter. Here in Melbourne you can go for two weeks without even seeing the sun, just day after day of cold, damp, drizzly weather, quite often it's foggy and doesn't clear until the afternoon and then it's dark by 5.30pm. I go out walking the dogs even when it's raining and most people think I'm crazy. Sometimes I think the majority of the population in Melbourne hibernate during winter :p I'm with you. I walk the dogs in the rain, sleet oh the lovely pleasures of Melbourne winter! My dogs don't care, they wag their tails and stand by their leads ready to go! And the kids are outside no matter what, kicking the footy in the dark at 5.30pm in the middle of winter while the dogs run madly between them. I must have kids from the 1970's because they sure do not hibernate in the winter!
  8. I had one of these on my flat coat retriever, it was fantastic
  9. thanks Stormie! I am going to look into it further and give it a go. I do give the girls chicken wings, necks and tuna, sardines when I remember, as well as kibble but I thought it might mean less poo in the yard if I chose raw food only.
  10. thanks I tried that but didn't have much luck, must be that I can't use the search engine!!!
  11. What a terrible decision it is to make. I decided to put my 14 year old Golden to sleep in April after putting it off for months. It got to the stage where he would lie on our tiles in the kitchen but couldn't get up off the floor unless we lifted him up and helped him walk to the toilet. The day his back legs collapsed the minute I let go was the deciding thing for me. Looking back on it now, I wish I had been braver and done it a month sooner rather than letting him suffer but it was such a heartbreaking decision and I was literally sick for a week trying to decide when to do it. He never complained though and would always wag his tail and try to follow me around, but really it was selfish of me to let it go on for that last month. I feel ashamed of myself.
  12. Please excuse my ignorance, but what is a raw diet? Sounds like a great idea to me but I don't know where to start. I have a 16 week old Beagle and a 25kg Labradoodle. thanks
  13. I am probably late on this post but thought I would share anyway! Sounds exactly like how Snuffy behaved on her first nights with us. She cried every night that we turned the light off and shut the door to her crate to go to sleep. We kept her in the lounge room with the crate open for her all day, and she would go in there to sleep with the door open all day and then we would shut the door to the crate and go to bed. OMG the crying!!! We refused to budge though (just checked if she was OK) and I went and bought ear plugs to live through it!! I had to get up at 12am and 5 am to let her outside for a wee too. She soon settled down and cried for about 5 mins each time we shut the door at night. I must admit, we have since put her outside in her kennel (please don't think I am harsh everyone!!) with her doggie coat on and she goes and cuddles up to our Labradoodle sometimes. She is perfectly happy outside at night, no crying or pawing at the back door, so I guess she is fine! Glad to see us in the morning though!
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