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  1. Thanks for all your replies......he won't be getting any 'extras' for the next few days and we'll see how he goes.
  2. I have read nearly evry single thread here about fleas.....my puppy is treated with Advantage and permoxin and my older dog Sentinel Spectrum & permoxin. Haven't found any on my older dog for awhile but found one on my pup this morning and he's been itching and biting away this afternoon. We live on acreage and share our property with kangaroos , wallabys & deer that i'm sure all carry fleas , the dogs stay pretty much around the house so wondering if theres anything i can spray on the grass surrounding the house? Any other tips? Thanks
  3. I've had my pup for nearly three weeks , he came to me on optimium puppy and i have slowly switched him over to Eagle Pack Holistic puppy, he had no problems with that but since introducing bones & chicken mince he hasn't been eating his dry food, i'm interested in feeding him RAW when he's a bit older but i've only just started reading up on this and would rather him have the complete food of kibble while he's growing. Any tips on getting him interested again?I do only leave it for 15 mins and then take it away... atm he has morning : dry food ( doesn't touch it) lunch:Chicken wing or lamb flab (devoures this) dinner:Chicken mince mixed with kibble ( eats but leaves most of the kibble)
  4. Thank you so much for your replies and advice.....i've just had a call from my husband and he is ok, apparently the puncture is on his forehead so it was close and could have been alot worse. I've told my big dog it's not his fault and i won't let the puppy anoy him anymore! They will be kept seperate until pup is older, hopefully he has learnt his lesson though. I feel terrible , i've been doing all this research on diet,training, grooming......and just forgot about what pups are like with older dogs. We're on acreage and there are no enclosed areas so hubby is building him an enclosed area attached to he house that he can access from the laundry older dog will have the rest of the property.
  5. I'm sitting here crying and worrying while my husband has taken my 12 wk old pup to the vet.He's only been home since monday and has been curious about our older/bigger dog, bigger dog has ben showing his teeth and growling and puppy has usually been moving away or i move him away . He's been getting a bit cockier these last few days and this morning my older dog snapped at him and pinned him down, puppy was yelping and had blood coming from the top of his head I'm devastated and feel sick and so so guilty, my older dog has never hurt another animal before. God i hope he'll be ok, i love him so much already
  6. Thanks....i will just keep going as i am and just feed him a premium kibble also. I'll keep offering him bones also and he might become interested eventually, lol!
  7. Hi, I am new to DOL and can't believe how much i have learnt reading these forums over the last few weeks I am getting my new pup this weekend , he's a rescue pup, i plan on feeding him a premium puppy kibble (probably eagle Pack Holistic) and raw meat bones until i read up more on the raw/BARF diet.At the moment he is on optimum and i plan on gradually getting him off it. Now my main question is about my older dog, he has never been one for raw meat , has always turned his nose up at it and looked at me in disgust whenever i've fed him bones. I have always cooked for my dogs, a blend of turkey mince, brown rice , wholemeal pasta and vegies, Up until now i have always thought i was doing the right thing, keeping him away from canned rubbish and feeding him home made fresh food...but like i said i have learnt alot from here and now realise how uneducated i was in thi area. So the last few nights i have been offering him his dry biscuits with some lamb offcuts, diced lamb hearts and tonight offered him a chopped up chicken carcass.............well he pretty much hasn't eaten anything in two days Even though i want whats best for him i feel terrible, i mean he's nearly 10, a large dog, so it's not like he has his whole life ahead of him, i feel guilty that i'm changing things on him now Will he get used to it?? Oh and can anyone recommend a premium kibble for him?? Thanks
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