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  1. Thanks, that is the route I will probably take but just thought if someone had a company they had a good experience with I would make sure to get a quote from them
  2. Hi all, As the title says I'm looking for a company that can install a dog-door (into glass) and was wondering if anyone has had any good experiences/can recommend anyone for this in Adelaide? Cheers
  3. hmm that's an interesting thought. Pete hates the hose too and he's a poundie Hose water that I use on Pete isn't cold, I only do it in summer and our pipes get so hot that on hot days in Dec-Feb I shower in pure 'cold' water and it's a nice luke warm temperature! He still hates it.
  4. Can you explain this to me please? So you rinse with vinegar, then wash with shampoo then rinse again with plain water? I'm just curious for next time I wash peter !. Wet Dog 2. Shampoo Dog 3. Fill a bucket 1/2 - 3/4 full and add vinegar. A cup ot two. 4. Pour this over sudsy dog. 5. Hose off whatever is left (and rinse off vinegar in the process.) Just try sudsing up your hands and put them in vinegar - it kills the suds and gets rid of detergent instantly. I also use it in the fabric softener dispenser in the washing machine to help rinse the clothes. Oh ok interesting! Will try it on Pete in the next few weeks - he's a bit smelly ATM. Thanks
  5. Can you explain this to me please? So you rinse with vinegar, then wash with shampoo then rinse again with plain water? I'm just curious for next time I wash peter
  6. I wash pete outside with the hose - but only in the warmer months because he is terrified of the dryer so he sprints around in circles/rolls in dirt to dry off He also gets groomed a few times a year by a professional who cuts his (cross breed wooly no outer coat) fur off for summer
  7. Nothing to worry about as the other posters have said. Always good to have some reassurance though. When I got my boy he used to make a sound like he was crying in his sleep (still does) and I was convinced he hated me Enjoy your little one!
  8. OK I'm feeling much better after those replies thanks! Hopefully he has loving kind owners who have tried everything but he just loves the towel He does have plenty of grass to lie on too, so I guess he hasn't got it too bad!
  9. Good points, I never even thought about him tearing up bedding.
  10. There is a big dog that lives around the corner from me, I don't know what breed he is, he looks like a black Sibe-ish type thing but again, I'm not sure. Anyway, you can see their yard through the fence - it's a fairly decent sized yard. The dog has shelter under the open garage, i.e. shelter from the rain, not so much from wind etc, but I realised this morning that he sleeps on a towel folded in half on the concrete I know a lot of us can probably be accused of 'spoiling' our dogs, but to me that seems cruel. I'm not sure of his circumstances, i.e. if he is allowed inside, if he gets exercised etc but it just makes me sad seeing that he has a towel for a bed. Does that seem cruel to anyone else?
  11. Thanks Greytmate, I think I'll keep feeding him in my room for a couple of days then
  12. Hi Huski, if I let him out he will just go lie down somewhere else, generally in hallway outside the bedroom door. Re the responses - the post I made in the 'deleted' thread was tounge in cheek, and my OT thread started off about something different but then I thought I might as well open up the question to the OTers anyway, because I know a lot of OTers steer clear of General, and I do value their input. Thanks, I think I will repost in Training if he's no better after a few days
  13. 30 minutes of reading later and I now remember why I try to steer clear of general.. Anyone who wants someone new to flame/someone to give some advice to - go see my thread - not as interesting as this one so I haven't had any replies yet http://www.dolforums.com.au/index.php?showtopic=198340 at my shameless plug
  14. Over the weekend I swapped bedrooms, I live in a share house so when Pete is inside he spends the majority of the time in my room. Pete really loved the guy that was in this room (he moved out on saturday) and I let Pete see the empty room and see me moving my things from my room to this room, but Sunday and again today he has been whinging a lot when he's in the room and a couple of times he's been at the door like he wants to get out. I know he doesn't need to go to the toilet and he has water in here. I fed him in here this morning to try and give him some positive feels about the place. Just wondering if this is normal behaviour the whinging thing, and how long you think it will take him to get used to the change? Should I let him out into the backyard to just keep him with me in the room but ignore the whinging? Thanks! ADD: I should add that Pete does try whinging to get my attention - but I don't think it's the same as he is whinging when lying down whereas when it's for attention he's bouncing around the place whinging, but I am still trying to ignore the whinging because I'm hesitant to reward whinging at all.
  15. For Jed and her 12 precious souls she has lost, my thoughts are with you and your family.
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