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  1. Loved Atlas! Still laugh that I thought he was a girl and made him pink trimmed PJ's :laugh: Razz was my first 'my' dog. She's been gone 6 years, I still think of her often and know she'd roll her eyes at the antics of the two I have now :)
  2. Nah, you're not the only one! I've been known to refer to myself as mum, my mum as Grandma, etc. But my dogs are dogs, they're not fur children or furbabies
  3. So much more cost effective and worlds apart in recovery. I have a boy who bloated, of course it was in the middle of the night He was pexied during his emergency surgery, which cost a bit over $4000. His initial recovery included three days at the vets with a couple of plasma transfusions and a few messy weeks at home. It took another three months for him to regain the weight he lost, start eating normally and regain his pre bloat condition. Even so, I feel extremely lucky that he's still with me, too many are lost I also have a girl here whose dam was lost to bloat not long ago. I chose to have her prophylactically pexied. The same vet did both. He allowed me to come in for her surgery to take photos to share with anyone interested, and to stay until she was awake enough to bring home. She was woosy for the next 24 hours, but she always is after a GA. The following afternoon, she was a bit miffed that I wouldn't let her off lead to play I took her stitches out 10 days later and she hasn't looked back. All up, it cost just under $1300.
  4. Oh no Everything crossed that Harry continues to improve
  5. Go for a robotic cleaner that works independently from the skimmer box. That way, the skimmer will still skim the dog hair from the top of the water, and the cleaner will collect everything else. This company is one of the most respected in the industry. Their Dolphin cleaners collect debris in cartridges, their Swash cleaners collect in a bag. Depending on the model, most will map out the pool and some will clean walls too. http://www.maytronics.com.au/
  6. Dozer - had a few names picked out before I got her. The minute she got here, she plowed through the garden :) Dollop - it's part of his registered name. His mum was Dollops of Duco, his dad was Devil in the Dark, so he became Dollop of the Devil (only one Dollop, not Dollops, cause he has one dot on top of his head). The name suited him as a pup, and still suits him at 68kgs :D
  7. Done There's only one Northern Territory though, it's not 'Northern Territories' :)
  8. Darwinroyal has done all the hard work for you :) Most information can be found here: http://royal.k9territory.com/12accom.html
  9. *sigh* There weren't more neuter entries than entire entries. There were more breeds entered in the neuter class than there were entered in all of the entire classes. So, the line up for Neuter in Group was longer than the line up for BIG. I really don't care if you believe it or not, a whole show worth of exhibitors have seen it :)
  10. If that question means 'were there more breeds represented in neuter than entire?', the answer is Yes
  11. Yes I'm fortunate that I started showing in the NT. Neuter classes were offered long before any points were involved (and I thought it was a normal part of every dog show ). I've also been to shows where the Neuter in Group line up was longer than the BIG line up :) I've met quite a few people who started showing with their neuter, loved it, and now have entire showdogs.
  12. So sorry , I wish I had the words to ease your pain... RIP Buddy
  13. How strange and ridiculous. Imagine trying to get a Mastiff in a create who wasn't crate trained? I find most people love being in public with their dogs and like the interaction surrounding their pet. Those who don't usually have no hesitation is expressing this. Forcing animals out of sight seems unprofessional. If I was asked to do this on entry I would not return. Last time I was at the vet, I had two Great Danes with me! Not a hope in hell that one of their crates could be wheeled in, or two for that matter :laugh:
  14. It really is a personal choice. I didn't like any of the urns available when I had my girl cremated, nothing seemed to suit her and her personality. Then I found this :)
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