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  1. Microchipping, Riverstone, Nsw

    Hi I am doing the microchipping course and need at least 5 dogs to chip at my vet in Riverstone under their supervision. The cost is $15 per dog/puppy paid directly to the vet (I don't get any of that) If you live near Riverstone and could help while possibly saving yourself some cash please let me know. I need a minimum of 5 but 10 would have me course complete for my numbers. if you know anyone please let me know, Rescue groups would be great to help as well Haylee
  2. Pp30's Western Sydney

    yep I had looked on gumtree, only one and it couldn't be much further away If I tried I think lol still going around in circles as after trying to confirm she thinks it is a pp40 she has, Lucky I asked again
  3. Pp30's Western Sydney

    thank you scottsmum, I have called them and they said they had one. hopefully the lady I work with can pick it up today on her way home for me. I am really hoping it is a pp30 any other suggestions appreciated
  4. Pp30's Western Sydney

    I am looking for a reasonably priced PP30 either today or tomorrow, I am at Riverstone and am having not much luck in sourcing one and Jetpets is charging insane prices. If anyone has one (even second hand in good condition) or knows who stock them please let me know Thanks Haylee
  5. Rehoming Staffy Help

    I did say to get her desexed but not sure that she is going to I can tell her to contact the sire/dams breeders I guess Maybe if she just advertises her as desexed that could help Thanks
  6. Rehoming Staffy Help

    Im not sure if this is the right place I am talking to a lady that needs to rehome her staffy as her mastiff and her are not getting along and she is worried that she is going to get hurt I think she said she is 2 but she isn't desexed and of course there will be Byb that will snap her up I was wondering if people have anyone waiting on an adult dog that may be interested or other suggestions I did tell her to contact the breeder, she said she didn't really get a good feeling from him but did google and then website is no longer listed any suggestions I can give her would be appreciated Haylee
  7. Best Vet For Giant Breed

    Yep, Rick Zammitt is Vineyard
  8. Litters Due May 2014

    My first litter arrived last night, we have 7 Golden Retrievers :)4 boys 3 girls
  9. House Sitter Costs

    Has anyone with a larger number of animals used sites like these? I only have one dog but a much larger number of cats I am just having a read around the two websites listed and they do look good
  10. House Sitter Costs

    Note to self, bookmark sites mentioned it really is hard work to find housesitters when you are a breeder and have a number of animals
  11. Dry Bed

    I got vetbed from the lady at wilberforce
  12. Help! My Stafford Is Pregnant

    Glad it went smoothly, if you are going to be desexing them before they go home like advised I would get in contact with vets asap to have somewhere who will do it for you lined up
  13. Bunnings Compost Cages

    compost is often moist so they should hold up ok
  14. Everybody, Please Meet Mack!

    what a sweetheart
  15. Petplan Premium Increase

    Mine was $44.94 but that was the 5th of May