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  1. Hi I have an awful memory and when I started out in 1995 I don't think there was a Limited Register, was there one anywhere then? Am I just going senile? Hahhah it wouldn't surprise me! :laugh: Thanks
  2. Thanks for the info, probiotic and coconut oil it is :)
  3. I think they may have a yeast build up in their gut but not sure. When I was looking a couple of pages referred to altering the gut PH so that the yeast can't survive and you can do that with calcium carbonate. They are on a grain free diet so not sure if this is actually the cause. I have never had gut issues so looking at everything. I am starting them on coconut oil and a probiotic as a first step.
  4. Yep I realise their stomachs are acidic which is why I didn't know what it would do. Not a growing puppy, an adult and I don't like giving calcium "just cause" which is why I asked :D Thanks
  5. Hi everyone Apologies in advance if this topic has been discussed but I can't search PH. Has anyone ever heard of balance a dogs stomach PH by using calcium carbonate? I have see a few recommendations for it now and just wondered if anyone has done it. Thanks
  6. Hi My friend has a 7 mth old Lab puppy who is limping and been on anti inflamatories to see if it gets better. She has been told it may be her cruciate, is she too young for a cruciate injury or is it common in young pups? I had never had it so thought I would ask the experts :D Thanks
  7. Thanks Jed :) I have used Robert's stuff before, have just gotten off his website!!
  8. Thanks for the responses, it certainly wasn't a life threatening reaction but noticable. I don't believe its a breed thing but a one off with this puppy. I have done a few more searches on the boards regarding immunity and think I have a few things to try. Thanks
  9. Hi everyone I just wanted to see if anyone has experienced this before. My puppies were vaccinated when they were 2 days shy of 8 weeks and were given a C3. That was 10 days ago. One of the puppies seemed to have quite a bad reaction to the vaccination, very lethargic and got a slight fever. I cooled her down and kept an eye on her and she was mostly back to normal within about 3 hours. She has been picky at food, lost a little bit of weight but not thin but has now got awful tear staining on her eyes. Her sister has a little bit but nowhere near as bad as the puppy that had the reaction. She is eating well now (natural diet) and very active so nothing outwardly wrong with her but I think her immune system has taken a bit of a hit. Any suggestions how I can give her immune system a boost?? Thanks
  10. Never Padraic!! Always get plains in litters unless you breed a flashy to white or a plain to white! A lot more plain Boxers being shown these days too! Edited to say I shouldn't really call them plain but classic or solid!
  11. Hi Steve Can you please let me know what countries only allow flashy Boxers to be shown? I have never heard of that! In some countries you will find it very hard to get your plain dog recognised in the ring but I don't think they can't be shown. Thanks
  12. Hi Padraic Which puppy does your son have? We had a get together a few months ago!! They are such great dogs! Thanks
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