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  1. So very sorry for your loss Geez words just escape me R.I.P Buddy run free
  2. Pancreatitis In Dogs

    One of my Poodles had it to I also feed him raw roo with raw veges with no problems
  3. Dog Boarding

    TTG boarding lovely people Really care for the dogs they are on Facebook if that helps
  4. The Cost Of Euthanasia

    If my vet has been treating the dog and things don't work out no charge to PTS We bring them home to bury If there is one that has not sick or been treated $70 Our vets are great take their time till we are ready explain why it can't be fixed Even show me on a computer what's happened and how it's happened We can stay there as long as we want the female vet and one lovely young vet nurse Even cry with me
  5. Health Problems Or Old Age?

    I have two almost 14 I just changed their diet to from raw and bones They still like to have a neck but takes a lot longer to eat Because a renal prolapse I have to give one of mine fiber so she doesn't strain at all Some might not agree but I make them a roo meatloaf use brown rice and minced vegetables Once a week add a minced heart Works like a treat and they both clean up their bowls
  6. Dog Jumps Fence To Attack Another

    How sad poor little Sarge R.I.P
  7. Coughing

    My old girl who is almost 14 coughs Sometimes everyday alot sometimes not all She has been checked and has an old age grade 2 heart mumor At this stage no medication If she is coughing alot I give a teaspoon of manuka honey Just so she doesn't irritate her throat
  8. Plaque Remover

    But for Troy in au I think it's pretty good to other sites I buy o/s to but there are a lot of people who are not comfortable doing that
  9. Plaque Remover

    Budgetpetproducts.com.au Has Troy Plaque off 40g for $23.50 very good price
  10. Poor Pup

  11. I counted 6 I thought that was a kitten up the back And I bet there is one hiding some where? Looks like a good reason to me
  12. Old Dogs Need Special Treatment

    Hahaha ✋
  13. Dog Attack At Saca Park In Adelaide

    I see that remark as being rude & insensitive & quite stupid under the circumstances. Even if the child was a silly little brat that ran up to the dog, which he obviously is not, no mother with a child that is badly injured & traumatised needs to be told this or be told how to feel about the dog at this moment. Hopefully the child will come out of this ok mentally & physically & kind words to this effect is all she needs right now. The rest can be sorted later, including the fate of the dog. +2
  14. Plaque Remover

    I think now would be the time to start using it to stop a build up of plaque on the teeth. :) I agree I think the best time to start while the teeth are clean
  15. Plaque Remover

    Anyone still looking for a flat angled scaler like in the video Faythfulpetproducts .com.au $13.93 They have 3 styles I ordered C