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  1. We took Bailey to DogTech. The lady there, Forget her name. Was really good! There number is 5574 7613 There in winston hills i think it is at the vets there. We were really happy with it.
  2. Ben62w

    Dirty Bum

    Hi all, Took her to the vet today. She has intesternal bleeding... From the fudge she got into the other week (and yes.. it was put away IN the pantry... She can open it up and jump..... GOD DAMIT!! LOL) She should be ok. Shes on Antibiotics now. And if that doesnt work she has to go on drip for 2 days. What can you do... Silly dog lol... Ben
  3. Ben62w

    Dirty Bum

    Ohhk, Definate vet trip required... They are infected.. I just extracted them and Blood came out towards the last few extractions. So will be to the vet tomorow! Poor thing! She is alot happyer now though! Must feel better already. She was very good about it in the bath. Thanks all for your help! Will post up what the vet says! Cheers all! Ben
  4. Ben62w

    Dirty Bum

    Nope... Definatly not urine!! I saw it come out myself and it was not pretty.. I could smell it so i lifted her tail just to check she didnt have any Poo stuck to her tail and as i lifted it up some of the yellow anal gland stuff came out of her bum i tell u i was not impressed as i was just getting ready to go to sleep... LOL! Was not pretty, I am feeding her Eagle Pack Puppy.. That Holistic stuff.. Does wonders to her coat! She occasionally gets a little bit of dog roll. Or the other night she got some nice raw steak! So when you say bones. Do you mean like Raw chicken necks and bodys etc? Or Big proper sheep bone etc? Would be a great thing for her to knaw on when im at work!! And its helping her anal glands! 2 birds one stone Ive grown up on a farm so always around dogs and yeah weve never had to extract anal glands.. Rather disturbing concept actually.. Glad we dont have to get ours extracted! HA! Thanks Ben
  5. Ben62w

    Dirty Bum

    HA!!! thats it!! As shes been leaking on the bed 2!!! EWWWw LOL And a few nights in a row there she was Scooting very frustratedly... Ill take her into the vets then! Thanks for ya help all
  6. Ben62w

    Dirty Bum

    Bit of an odd one.. But over the past few weeks Bailey has really started to stink! Like poo, She isnt cleaning her bum anymore? Weve never had this problem? She used to always be a very clean dog but just suddenly shes stoped? Every time she comes near me i can smell poo. I washed it last night and when i got home from work today it was the same again. Just a phase? Dirty teenager stage?? Shes 6months old now. Cheers Ben
  7. Hey snuffy. Thats great news!! We have walked Bailey a few times. She pulls and when she does i just pull her back to me and say heel as i do so. She walks next to me for a while then goes back to pulling. I might try that Lupi harness. Where did you get it from? Ben
  8. Haha A full nights sleep is great isnt it! Baileys just under 11weeks now and we go all night without waking up! I do take her out in the morining before i leave for work which is about 5-6am, And she usually stands by the door when she needs to go. we do still have the odd accident but that happens. Biggest prob for her is the biting!! But she is pretty much cured in that dept so we can really get onto some training. I just leave our sliding door open a tiny bit and she just wanders out when she needs to go. I ususally follow her out and when she begins to go i say "go pee" just to keep on enforcing that command! How is rocky going?
  9. Congrats on the new pup! Our Beagle is almost 10 weeks now. Shes great! She comes, sits, liesdown, stays (sometimes) and we are working on play dead and roll over. She stands by the door and crys when she needs to go outside for a wee. But we leave the sliding door open a tiny bit so she can come in and out as she wants. She pretty much holds on all night now 2!! It is very cold here aswell and she shakes (as you put it) like a leaf! I feel bad but she seems pretty happy still. Good luck with the toilet training. Would love some photos! Ben
  10. Hey Pam, Yes Bailey also bites and chews but she is getting alot better eversince we have been saying no and putting her on the ground and ignoring her for 5 mins after she bites. She does it sneakly now. Bailey was the runt of the litter so shes still pretty small.. When we picked her up she was the size of the other litter they had who were 2 weeks younger!!
  11. Thats what i thought. I want her to howl as there are some really cute videos of beagle pups howling on youtube but i imagine if i get her howling i wont be able to stop it and itl drive me nuts after a while! Keen to know also when they are fully grown?
  12. Ben62w

    Outside Puppy

    Ok so go with a boarder collie then lol.
  13. Just wondering at what age do dogs stop growing? Also when do they begin to bark/howl? As baileys 9 1/2 weeks now and just whines.. Havnt heard her bark or do a proper howl yet. She just looks at me funny when i howl at her Haha. The only time if heard her try to howl is the first few times we put her in her crate or outside alone... She would put her head up to the air and just make this terrible raspy howl... I thought she should be barking and howling like mad by now or does it just depend on the dog?
  14. Ben62w

    Outside Puppy

    I havnt followed this post much as its gone off like a rocket. Back in NZ we have got a boarder collie called dusty. We got him when i was 5 and hes still going strong today (hes 14) I grew up on a farm and hes still there so we used him sometimes (Not often at all as we only have 20sheep) for a sheep dog. Hes always slept outside. Hed get nervous if we called him inside!!! He has a doghouse that dad built which is about 30mtrs from the house. And a big bed under cover on our deck. He would have to be the happiest dog ive ever met. Hes got a great nature and has never ever seemed to be unhappy. We would occasionally let him sleep inside (for those of you who know... Wellington can be VERY cold and stormy) So on nights like that hed sleep inside but most of the time he prefered his kennel or bed. I think if you go about it the right way dogs love to live outside. It may be different if you have a small back yard as opposed to 25achers to roam. Just get a boarder collie great dogs!
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