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  1. Those who have the Jafco muzzles who have cut holes in them to feed treats through, where have you cut the hole and and what have you cut out. I did find somewhere on the internet that there is now the option for the muzzles to come with a treat hole, but I have one of the normal ones. I'd like to be able to treat though it but I not all that confident in cutting the Jafco. Vanessa
  2. Hmmm, that's a massive generalisation if I've ever heard one! Why can't you use a combination of both? I personally don't care so much about the method used but the results it gets. A good trainer can have a dog walking on a loose leash in minutes, it shouldn't be something that takes a very long time to teach if the owner has the right training program and timing. I took it to mean BG found the positive method she used was more effective than correctional methods she may have tried. Her sentiment that often the problem is the way she is training a behaviour is a hallmark of effective t
  3. I have done something very similar to this. I started in the back yard, turning and going the other way when ever he started to get too far in front and pull, worked so well that if I slowed I would almost be tripped over by a turning dog. Then I found a training club that is positive based (ie no need for slip collars and corrections) and welcomed clicker training if people wanted to use it, and was told something so simple I had never even thought of it. That was go right back to basics, hold a treat at your hip and walk, dog has nose at the treat (trying to get it) and presto no pulling!!,
  4. Well I bought the Jafco from K9pro, and so far so good, but with my stubborn boy, who has already had issues with a muzzle, we are taking it really slowly.
  5. Well the title pretty much says it all how do these two books differ? - Control Unleashed by Leslie McDevitt - Click to Clam by Emma Parsons If you could only have one which one would you have? If you have read both are they both different enough to justify buying both?? Or feel free to make suggestions of other books which are along the same lines (for a general pet dog, not so much agility and obedience competition focused) Vanessa
  6. Yes and silly vet practice for allocating this vet when we specifically asked for someone experienced, and able to handle larger excitable dogs (explaining that he loves going to the vet and meeting new people, but does get a bit excited with the experience, so needs someone confident. The vet we had last year was also young and whilst no issues with his vet skills, was obviously intimidated by a big excited dog, hence our request this year) Now they have lost our business, we will pay a bit more and go to another one!!!
  7. I've been looking into getting a basket type muzzle (not the restrictive cloth ones) for my boy. He is a Rotti x Koolie, almost 2 1/2 years old. Originally we had wanted to get him one to be able to take him travelling and camping and reduce the risk of him eating anything nasty (baits, "yummy" dead animals, cooked bones etc) but now there are a few other issues.... He is now full grown and weighs just over 40kg, has a very determined personality, and can get a bit excited in new situations, and is quite a strong dog, especially in the jaw (devouring turkey necks in under 5 minutes if he ta
  8. I was recommended "Groomers Evening Primrose Oil" Shampoo (http://www.groomersproducts.com.au) and have found that to be good, nice and gentle on your own hands too. ETA: I have also noticed my pup has been scratching much less since we started using Advantage Flea spot on (we had been using Frontline prior to that)
  9. I am looking for a new collar for my boy, I saw one of these in a shop the other day and thought it should be handy with the snap clip to take on and off (when going for walks and obedience to use check chain and at home to have his ID tags on) At the moment he has a standard leather buckle collar and it does the job (although he is on the last hole now and still growing) but getting it on and off can be a nightmare sometimes especially when he is in his excited ratbag moods. I liked the fact that it had the slide lock which stopped it from being opened but being plastic I was wondering how
  10. Just wondering if anyone has any recommendations for dog obedience schools in the Northern Adelaide area? I have just moved to the Two Wells area, and am wanting to get back into obedience classes, main reasons is social interaction for the boy, mental stimulation, and training him to behave in "exciting" situations, as well as a bit of exercise for the both of us. I have had a look at the Two Wells one (closest) and although I don’t have any issues with them I was wondering if there are any schools out there that are particularly well regarded? My main concern with Two Wells is there seems
  11. I have a Koolie x Rottie (Rottie was the mum). At the moment he is just over 8 moths old and his growth upwards seems to be slowing down, is this likely to be as tall as he gets or is it just a lull before another growth spurt? I had heard that for the larger breeds like Rotties and German Shepards they tend to stop growing upwards, around the 9 month mark and then start to fill out, is this generally true? Vanessa
  12. Just thought I would add that I have noticed lately that his coat doesnt seem to be getting as dirty lately as it used to. Not sure if this is a food related thing or not, but I know that it is still really nice and shiny. We went down to Adelaide a couple of weekends ago and caught up with family and friends who have dogs and I was amazed as to how nice and glossy his coat looks compared to theirs, and they dont have any where near the amount of dirt and dust that we have up here, not sure what they were fed but I would assume supermarket kibble. We dont do anything special for his coat,
  13. Yep I'm a Great Barko convert too, almost gone through our first bag, well getting to the bottom, still probably got another couple of weeks at least before I need another bag. I was feeding Supercoat Puppy, and thought he was doing fairly well on that, but since changing to Great Barko I have noticed his coat is a lot more shiny, his poo's are possibly a bit less in quantity, but good in consistency (apart from all the "non-digestibles" he discovers to eat around the back yard, he loves the seeds from the date palm, I have watched him sniff out the freshly fallen fruit/seeds and then I knew
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