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  1. The oval was great and a nice friendly show. Entry on to the oval for cars was a bit rough though, hopefully it will be better next year.
  2. Yay :thumbsup: Huge congrats BB and Zig, well deserved :cheer:Always a pleasure to handle the little bloke :)
  3. Only too happy to hang around, we couldn't leave you there by yourself or you may have got up to mischief :laugh: Just a pity we all didn't leave a few minutes earlier and we wouldn't have got drowned.
  4. BIG Leanne's Kee RUBIG Annette and Dorothy's Dane Baby Toy Minor Shih Tzu Puppy German Spitz Junior RUBIG Inter Lisa's Standard Aust BIG Open Toy? Neuter Lhasa
  5. Knowing what the parking is always like at this show, we were there at 6am but wouldn't want to have got there much later. Parking is always a debacle and trying to get out with cars parked behind you is never easy Also would like to say that if the rings had been marked for each group it would have caused a lot less frustration for the early birds
  6. My envelope isn't even stamped and nothing in the envelope either, I bet there is going to be some fun at the gate :laugh:
  7. Saturday results courtesy of Blakbelgian BIS Dachy RUBIS GSD BIG 7 Schipp, BB's Ziggy
  8. It was Minor Puppy In Group that was your donation (ours was AB In Group won by Tracey and Jackson), it may have been the Toy Poodle that won yours
  9. I love Billy!!! The pic doesn't do him justice, he is awesome!!!
  10. Again HUGE congrats BB on Billy's MPIG and his RUBOB and thanks for the congrats on Ella's BOB!!! It was hot enough when we left so can only imagine how hot it got for GS.
  11. Thanks Danny's Darling, love our creams :D
  12. Great little dogs, wouldn't have any other breed :laugh: Yes, they do require boundaries and training but they do NOT bark for no reason. They are friendly, happy little dogs and can be trained to do almost anything. We have had a few compete in obedience and do brilliant recalls and out of sight stays however they do not enjoy constant, boring training especially if they do not see a reason for doing it Low maintenance in as far as grooming, very intelligent, love to play and friendly, what more could you want
  13. It was Jack BB. Glad you had fun doing girl stuff :laugh:
  14. Have heard on back rings and trying to get all rings outside.
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