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  1. Have you taken him to training? What do you mean by "he won't play fetch"? Does he chase after the thrown item? Does he collect it? Does he want to hang onto it? He wont do any of the above....
  2. my lab is nearly 6 months and wont play fetch :p I have tried everything and he just looks at me like a crazy person ;) So any tips would be great thanks
  3. WHAT THE???? nobody mentioned this sort of stuff before I picked Patton up!! So I have this to look forward too....GOOD LORD
  4. Thanks guys Do you think I could use one of these http://www.topbuy.com.au/tbcart/pc/Lightwe...Away-p14748.htm with a lab puppy?
  5. Where did you get yours from??
  6. Hey guys, can I join in :rolleyes: I have 3 weeks 6 days till we pick up our beauitful girl lab We are stumped on a name...so if anyone has some good ideas throw them my way
  7. My cousin needs to find a new home for her dog she is moving interstate and for various reasons cant take the dog.. So I said I would get on here and get info in regards to where she should start...if there are any sites she can go to and post her info on there to see if anyone is interested in taking the dog.. Any info would be fantastic TIA
  8. She went to bed fine last night and has woken up with a limp....its her left front paw I have had a look andI cant see anything stuck in her paw, although it has a crack in it Could that be the cause?? She doesnt seem to be in pain, and she will still jump, and run around sometimes but doesnt put wait on it when she is standing still What could it be?? ShouldI take her to the vet?
  9. Im having the same problem with Bella (6mth lab) and I have tried everything that has been suggested and nothing seems to work with her :p....Im lost as to what to do next
  10. Bella is 6mths now (lab) and the last few days she has been going crazy with the digging ;) my backyard looks really bad ;) I have put her poo in the holes told her no, she has a clam shell where she can dig but she doesnt, and she has plenty of toys...what else can I do besides keeping her inside all day every day?? TIA
  11. agine CONGRATS on your new puppy our lab is 5mths old and we couldnt imagine life without her Not all labs are this way (chew things etc) I also have a toddler and Bella couldnt bemore gentle with him...they adore each other...so please dont listen and take things said above as a rule for labs because it isnt always the case
  12. 23kgs!! I think Bella must be underweight then she is about 19kgs at 5mths Im feeding her Advanced, and at night it varies from fresh veges,sardines, pet mince, rice or pasta.... The Vet said she looks perfect but for some reason to me she just seems to little....god I dont know I worry more about her then the kids
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