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  1. Low down on labradoodles

    I have golden retrievers. We got a puppy when my oldest girl was 5, she was fine with the puppy but we separated them during the day - puppy had larger covered outside pen and they had separate training time and close supervision when together so puppy didn’t overwhelm older dog, she was happy to play but sometimes puppies are just too much and especially so with a 13yr old. We sadly lost our older girl this February, the younger one (now 4) was lonely and we’ve now got a 15wk old puppy - she is super full on at times and the 4 yr old is a very soft gentle dog and will yield rather than correct for the most part so we make sure she’s not overwhelmed and out of her comfort zone when the puppy is too rude. If you get a puppy you will really need to be prepared to manage them together and look after the needs of both of them. An older dog would be better for your girl I think, and (hopefully still much further) down the track would still provide that older dog role for a puppy Also I would personally always get a puppy from a registered reputable breeder and ensure full health checks done
  2. Thanks! Found it! Will stick with what we have for now even though it’s in the will not disclose list because at least no peas/legumes but if they change the formula and/or the research is concluded then it’s great to have that data, protein % can be so misleading it’s great that some companies will stand by their product and disclose meat%
  3. Pandi-Girl - I looked at the page but can’t seem to search and/or scroll far enough to find it... The issues seem to be linked with the legumes and peas and stay loyal does still have those so I’m not sure but it’s getting really hard to find anything completely without them. Holistic select has ONE food left without them but it’s probably only a matter of time. Zahra loves the salmon Blackhawk and did well on it but peas #2 so that had to go. Nothing proven sure but not risking it.
  4. Research is currently being done (Dr Joshua Stern) on whether there is a link between the legumes in many grain free foods and taurine deficient dilated cardiomyopathy. Many golden retrievers in particular seem to be affected. I hadn’t fed grain free until recently and when I did it wasn’t because of the grain free factor but due to other ingredients, I’ve since switched to another food after seeing the research and realising that peas are not as healthy as they might seem. I’ve also discovered how utterly impossible it is to find a non-legume (peas in particular) filled grain free (or even otherwise) dog food. Even brands that didn’t previously have them now do, extremely pissed off to order bags of food and have the ingredients on the bag differ from the website. Yes the major commercial brands are “safe” but not necessarily what I want to feed. It’s becoming a big issue in America with some very active Facebook groups with active vet involvement as well (ie not crazies), but I hadn’t heard/seen anything locally and vets and other people I’ve spoken to lately weren’t aware of any potential issues. The other issue with all the grain free diets is while non grain free may have filler the grain free have big % of protein coming from the legumes and not from animal protein sources but labelling requirements don’t distinguish that - not as much meat as it might seem they have
  5. Retrievers - So Popular They Should Have Their Own Thread!

    Hi Nackers, how exciting! Make sure you show us pictures when you get her! Have you thought of a name?
  6. Golden retrievers yes but never a lab. Prefer the look of the long coat, and don't like the stockiness of labs. The personality of those I've met just doesn't appeal to me the same way either. Could do a flat coat, or maybe an Aussie if I ever got something different.
  7. My Experience With Male Vs Female

    I felt like I should get a boy for our second dog rather than another girl, but as much as I love other people's boys I just like the girls more and just cross my fingers that little miss insolent puppy doesn't turn evil (if anyone picks a fight in the future it will be her). My older bitch is Velcro dog in that she follows me around the house, must be in the same room as me and she cries and belly crawls if I'm late getting home, but she's happy to be next to me, not on me and she's not overly demanding for affection most of the time. Even as a puppy she was a bit more aloof but needy in her own way, The puppy is much more affectionate and wants to be on me and near me desperately, my poor OH can be up one end of the house with them and they're both glued to the baby gate watching the other end of the house for me to emerge. So it's definitely not true in my case that the bitches gravitate to male family members over me. If we ever got a 3rd dog I would get a boy though, but if we keep just having two probably another girl.
  8. Petplan Premium Increase

    So I just got a "refund" for my new policy that was only billed for the first time this week....it was billed Monday and three days later I got an email saying the refund had been processed, I was confused, wondered if it was sent in error as nothing was showing up in my online banking but now it it. I have NOT cancelled my policy! WTF??? I knew paying monthly was a bad idea. Never mind that my 5 year old dog costs me more than 100 more than my new puppy despite same breed and never having claimed...didn't even try to ask for an explanation of that.
  9. Dog Doors

    Some of the doors are quite heavy and I have replaced them temporarily with heavy plastic while puppies are very small and then as they got bigger replaced the original plastic door part. One of mine was magnetic and quite hard to push open with floppy 8 week old legs even for a golden retriever, I found she was much happier to use it when it wasn't so hard to open and was fine when I changed it back later. It depends on the type how easy they are to open (stiffer is better for not letting the wind in though)
  10. So they have, as promised, sent me out a new harness by courier although it only arrived today as we weren't home to receive it last week (black harness this time), plus a bunch of apology goodies (lead, toy, keyrings) which wasn't necessary but is of course very lovely of them Will have to wait for the next weekend or so to test it out at the beach, but fingers crossed it was a one time fault and there will be no further dramas :)
  11. Pure speculation, but maybe it's his happy I had fun playing move. My 5 year old bitch humps one of her toys briefly after dinner every night almost without fail, it seems to be her saying "yay I got fed". Doesn't bother me, she's never tried to hump another dog, and it's always at the same time after the same trigger. She did used to try to hump me instead but I redirected it onto the toy and now she goes and finds it after eating In your case though discouraging it is probably a good idea since another dog is involved and as you say it might not be received so well in future,
  12. Petplan Premium Increase

    Just renewed one policy and converted another from 6 weeks free - which apparently requires manual processing and makes you put your credit card details in and then doesn't tell you at any point what the quote would be, so I'm curious as to what the manual processing will entail and whether they are actually going to confirm the price is acceptable before charging my card (I did do a quote separately so I know what I should be expecting, but....who knows). Ombudsman is definitely the way to go if bombardment doesn't work. I've had great success with the telecommunications ombudsman previously when neither Optus nor Telstra would accept responsibility for a phone line transfer taking over 6 months.
  13. UPDATE They've replied and offered to replace the harness fingers crossed for better luck next time
  14. Retrievers - So Popular They Should Have Their Own Thread!

    The photos range in age but she's almost 14 weeks old now. We've discovered the joys of bench surfing this past week....nothing is safe now, nothing.
  15. Retrievers - So Popular They Should Have Their Own Thread!

    Photo bombardment commencing.... This is Zahra the evil. AKA Piddles (an unfair name because she has never had a single accident inside)