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  1. Polly’s passing

    It’s been two days since Polly went - euthanised and the pain is exquisite. We were a family of four - our boy let us last year and Thursday morning Polly went. The house feels like an empty place - I keep expecting to see her - no barks when other dogs pass the gate - no cutesy face when I’m near the treat cupboard - no derrière in my sight for a quick scratch. I miss her so incredibly- they say that dogs aren’t your children - but she was and always will be my beautiful girl - mummy’s girl. sorry for this intrusion I just had to write my feelings somewhere where people will understand... thankyou Rebecca
  2. Polly’s passing

    My Polly She is my heart but it beats without her She is my constant though is never there She is my memories as they lessen and fade She is my shadow when only daylight appears She is my reason through confusion and pain She is my gone girl until we meet again!
  3. Goodbye my Lovely Miss Bindi girl xxx

    I too am sorry for your loss and understand the pain their departure leaves behind - so many little mementos...but from what you write she had a brilliant, full life so you couldn't have done any better Sheena...
  4. Polly’s passing

    thanks Kazm and Tikira for showing me that what I'm feeling is 'normal'. I don't want to forget her - she was too important to me..I guess i'll be like you both...in years to come still with my Polly in my thoughts...won't stop me from loving other dogs..but she was/is special. R
  5. Polly’s passing

    I just wanted to do a follow-up. My darling Polly has been gone several weeks now and in the eyes of the world, my 'grieving' should be about finished. And yes, on some outer level I am back to being business as usual. In day to day activities I am as light and fluffy as a middle-aged woman can be! But when no one's around - when I get home at night and my husband is at work..well, I see the urns on the table..one for Pol and one for her dear brother, Bazil...and my heart breaks as much as it did on the first day. It's almost like I'm enjoying this private moment of grief - for my daughter! I would feel disrespectful if I didn't still grieve...I loved her for 12 years and she reciprocated - how can you just turn that off! It's the re-occurring though that I shall never hold her again. Now I knew this would happen..I'm sitting here with a submission to write and in an open planned office and the tears are starting to role...I'll have to go and shut the private me off and get back to being 'light and fluffy again'. Thanks so much DoLers for 'listening'...and more importantly...understanding. Polly's Waffle....
  6. Jasper

    what A lovely little dog Jasper was - I am so very sorry...
  7. Polly’s passing

    I know you all understand- that is so special to me - Rebecca
  8. My Polly

    I knew this would be the one site where I would get a clean, sensible response..so here goes... Polly, my pomeranian, is 12 1/2. Recently she was rushed to an emergency vets (weekend) and diagnosed with HGE. During her ultrasound the vets found a Transition Cell Carcinoma - not confirmed, but location on the bladder etc...every vet since then (three weeks ago) advises that she has 6/8 months at best before ..... Anyway, we took her to our normal vets on Saturday for a check up on the HGE/Pancreatitis and a vet we have not seen for years advised that she may also have diabetes. He is wanting us to come back in two weeks time and have her bloods tested and then probably start on a course of insulin..injected twice a day etc..this will entail her having time in the vet hospital checking her glucose curves...etc... My and my husband's absolute dilemma..hence this post..is quite frankly do we put her through all the testing/insulin giving etc if she has limited life. Money is not the driving factor, although it is a consideration naturally..but she hates the vets and going there..trembles when she reaches the building...do we put her through that when ... I don't know I really don't! I spent my hours literally thinking about what is the best thing to do for Polly. I naturally love her to bits and every time I look at her I want to hold her tight and not allow her to go . Should we continue with the diabetes treatment? At the moment Polly does not seem to be in any pain, other than peeing and drinking a lot...She still likes her walks and gets cross when dogs go by our front garden so definitely engaged with life. I would sooooo appreciate your learned advice/guidance if you are able. Thanks so much in advance Pollywaffle
  9. My Polly

    Thanks Barb/Tassie Old age certainly does hit us all! But at least Polly has kept her looks and delightful mane....more than can be said for me I take on board what you've said..we are due to go back to vets in two weeks' time so will do as you suggest ref blood... but it's the balance between subjecting them to things that don't achieve anything versus the desire to leave her in peace...soooo tricky! PW
  10. My Polly

    Thanks Persephone...when I first came on this site years ago..I had two healthy young delights...our boy went last year and now Polly...never having kids and still having parents, I've never experienced grief like it and now...I feel that I am looking at a little dog who doesn't know what is about to befall her..I guess that's a good thing..but I KNOW!! and that makes it so hard... a world without both of them is going to be very empty.... Sorry..getting maudlin Thanks again PW
  11. My Polly

    Thanks everso Mackiemad...you're right we don't know for sure it's diabetes. Also, the vet didn't elaborate on the impact on Polly's health with the diabetes..but now you've detailed it, I can see what we're dealing with... Appreciate this..of course, if I had my way, she wouldn' t have anything wrong with her..vet said I might be in denial!!! Appreciate your words P
  12. Hello...I haven't been on here for ages..change of circumstances...but my girl, Polly (8 years) has been diagnosed with congenital heart failure - about 10 months ago now - been given a max of 2 years. The vet at the time prescribed Vetmedin - which Polly has been taking morning and evening. I went to make my usual phone call to the vet at lunchtime to order another bottle and the vet nurse tells me that it is legislation that I bring Polly in ever six months when she is being treated for a chronic illness. Now, Polly literally cries when she goes to the vets so I said I didn't want to put her through that and the vet nurse told me that they would withhold her medication if we don't bring her in. I am besides myself...it's bad enough having to look at that gorgeous girl every day and know that she is dying...but now I have to subject her to six monthly vet visits if I want the medication. I am sitting here at work..I should be working but I am bereft inside...I love her so much I guess I shall have to subject her to routine vet visits. What do you wise people think - a about her prognosis and b about the vet threatening to withhold the medication?
  13. My Darling Girl Has Congenital Heart Failure

    I think I will look into this...thanks for the suggestion
  14. My Darling Girl Has Congenital Heart Failure

    Thank you for saying it how it is....
  15. My Darling Girl Has Congenital Heart Failure

    I think at the heart of this is my own anxiety/sadness..I just don't want Polly to die...unrealistic, but when emotions are involved....
  16. Random No Sense In It

    that is absolutely awful..for your poor dog and yourself...I am so sorry!
  17. Over Feeding

    I know I do it all wrong, but my two eat literally when they want - food is continually available - and both are within their ideal weight range....
  18. To Cute

    absolutely too cute!
  19. Sick Brand New Puppy :(

    I just wanted to offer my best to your little staffy...hope things get sorted out and your little girl gets better.
  20. Dog Biting Child

    I understand the reasoning behind what most have advocated; it's certainly a sad situation for everyone, but perhaps foolishly, my sympathies can't seem to move beyond the dog.
  21. Meet Oliver... The New Foster

    lovely outcome for everyone involved...
  22. Masking Odour

    my girl occasionally pooed on the carpet in winter...we put it down to the fact that it was nice and warm on her little bottom!! Needless to say, all mats have gone.
  23. Zig Had Another Turn Last Night

    They like to test our resolve don't they Staffyluv? Still, signs are encouraging, so fingers crossed it continues that way for both of you!
  24. Meet Oliver... The New Foster

    my fingers are crossed for the happy ending we're all looking for - for Oliver. Good on you to getting him to the point where he is so fabulous!
  25. Pancreatitis 2nd Time 13 Year Old Dog :(

    reading the posts Tazar, I'm sorry to see your little girl is still not up and doing...I can't say anything sensible, only to offer you my crossed fingers as well.