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  1. I am so sorry for your loss. I am so pleased Buddy had you in his life as you clearly gave him a wonderful and loving home during his time with you. I hope the groomer thinks of Buddy and how her need to feed her face overtook his safety each and every flipping time she takes a lunch break
  2. An alternative view: http://itsthedogslife.com/2011/05/shaving-your-dog-for-summer/
  3. If your in Morningside you could consider Furry Kids at Home. I used them when I first moved to Brisbane, at the time I only had one dog and he was not used to being on his one (and I was not used to leaving him). Stephanie is great, for my dog she would just come and sit with him for half an hour, play with him, groom him, bring her dog to spend time with him. She would then send me a text after each visit to let me know everything was okay.
  4. My girl has certainly turned into a keg since she was desexed. I have taken her off dry food and am now feeding her barf, am trying to keep her to half a pattie a day but I find she frequently throws up bile. Feeding her a bit of knibble prevents this but does nothing for her diet. Could I add carrot and cut out the knibble or should I also cut down on the barf. She is a one year old Lhasa.
  5. My girl was desexed in Brisbane about 2 months ago and she was given a tattoo. When I took her back to get the stiches out I noticed the vet had a poster on the wall alerting owners to the tattoo and asking them to discuss with the vet if they had any objections (don't know if this means the tattoo is optional) For my girl its a very tiny mark and the ink is so light its not actually visable unless you are really looking for it.
  6. She's home! She still has a long way to go before she is fully recovered but is back on her feet now walking about, drinking (yay) and managing a few wags of the tail. Thanks so much for your help and concern. I don't suppose we will ever find out what caused the problem, times like this I wish she could tell me.
  7. Hi all Thanks for the reply's. I took her to the afterhours vet and they have kept her in. I'll let you know how she's going in the morning.
  8. Hi I need some urgent advice. My girl has been really sick today - I took her to the vet at lunchtime following a morning of vomiting. The Vet decided she was "boarderline" for admission but let me take her home with a rehydration solution. When I got her home she developed diarrhea and was passing blood - to add to my problems she ran to a tiny spot right under my house (I can't reach that spot unless I knock my house down) she stayed there for FOUR hours and refused to move. I have now eventually got her out but she still won't drink and is really weak. Any ideas how I can get some of this solution into her? she will lick it off my fingers but won't drink from her bowl. I have tried dipping cotton wool in the solution and dripping that into/onto her mouth but she would not take it that way either.
  9. Yes I think deffo the bitch - she just lets rip with her entire bladder when she goes, the dog is a bit more selective spreding the joy to multiple spots!
  10. In terms of "correcting" I have been giving them a firm NO picking them up and taking them into the garden, once in the garden I'll say "garden" when they do pee and then reward with a "good boy/girl" and a pat. I give them rewards (again verbal) when they go during their walks. Sounds like I need to spend more time outside with them? - have to admit since we got the doggy door I have tended to just let them come and go at will. Thanks for the help.
  11. If your girl's toilet training is not complete and accidents are occurring inside by her, this won't be helping. It is very unusual for a dog to "mark" its own bed - normally, soiling own bedding is an indication of either a medical issue (eg. urinary tract infection) or perhaps unclear toilet training. I had read this behaviour was unusual, she does not display any signs of a UTI (that's not to say she does not have one, and I will certainly get her checked) however I was thinking its probably unclear/incomplete training on my behalf. In some ways she is easier to treat as her accidents do tend to occur while I am around so I can correct appropriately. I've never heard of tin foil being use to deter marking/soiling. What's the theory behind that one? I think the theory is the pee makes a noise and a splash when it hits the foil thus acting as a deterant.
  12. Hi can someone please offer some advice my dog's marking is driving me crazy. I have a 2 year old boy, during his first 18 months we would go to work leaving him at home with no real issues and no accidents. 4 months ago we brought a new female puppy home. Within the last 2 months our boy has gone crazy marking all over the house while we are at work. He never ever marks while we are at home and will quite happily trot outside via the doggy door to do his business. My problem is becuase he only marks while we are out its impossible to catch him in the act and correct him. As an alternative I've tried spraying Scram, I been putting a belly band on him, I have put down silver foil at his usual spots, all to no avail. It got so bad today my husband left the house (it was clean) we passed each other in the street but by the time I got home I was greeted with a nice puddle to mop up. He and the girl get on with no issues, they get along well together (although in the past few weeks she has taken to marking her bed). At the moment she is not desexed. She is due to be done in 2 weeks - will this help? Any help much appreciated. Thanks
  13. My problem is slightly different but I'd welcome any replies - my older dog (2yrs) is not giving any guidance to the younger dog, for instance I heard a yelp today (back was only turned for a few seconds) and out troops the pup with a clump of the older dogs hair in her mouth! Same rules apply - ie creat and supervise until she is older?
  14. I drove from Canberra to Brisbane with mine and he hated it - he was stressed for days after (very clingy, upset tummy). I now fly with him and he seems to find that a lot easier - he does so some signs of stresses at the airport (he cries and stratches at his box) but once we collect him at the other end he bounds out of his box like nothing happened. If the logistics work out I would fly my dog but guess it depends how yours goes when travelling
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