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  1. When people ask me what breed my Gordon Setter is and I tell them they say oh the Golden Setters I know.
  2. Lost Beagle Bitch Buderim

    oh no not good news at all. I wish you all the best in your search.
  3. Mobile Dog Wash

    I too would not be interested in any franchises. When we started up our own mobile dog grooming company we started from scratch. Its not that hard to get established. We no longer do mobile work as it was starting to cost to much with fuel and general wear and tear on the vehicle and trailer and to keep prices competitive. Also some of the driveways at peoples houses were horrendous and needed a 4wd (which we had) to get in and out of. Where we are located there are alot of other mobile groomers/dog washes and a few customers are wary of using mobile groomers where others its more convenient for them having someone come to the house. We now have 2 shops and can offer way better prices than we could mobile. The other thing we found hard when we first started was working out which area we were going to cover and sticking to it. At first you would be going from one side of town to the other than here there and everywhere until you have built up enough of a client base to say ok I will be in your area on this particular day. Sometimes that suited the customer other times it wouldnt suit. Good luck with your new adventure it is a very rewarding job. The dogs are wonderful however some owners not so but majority are awsome. I agree with the comment of volunteering at a rescue organisation or something of similar to help gain experience.
  4. What about the boarding kennel that has the hydro therapy pool and vet surgery in one? The vet is called Furkids and their number is 3200 0498. Maybe see if you could go and have a look and if they have any vacancies. I would possibly leave the dogs at home if its only for a short stint and wasnt too far away and get someone I know to check on them. Just make sure they have somewhere safe to go and hide and get shelter incase we get one of those freak storms and that they have ID tags on with the best contact numbers and their vets contact details on the back. Also enough water for this humid weather.
  5. Barking!

    I have a barker as well. I have tried the crate inside at night and it worked for a little while for her to then start barking at 5am and then it got to the point of whenever she felt like it. I am currently using a shock collar on her. Sometimes she doesnt bark but sometimes she does still bark even with the collar on. Have you tried leaving a big meaty bone outside at night for your dog? Maybe that might help keep him/her occupied. Maybe even a kong? My dog is now kenneled about 40 metres away from the house and I give her a frozen waterbottle with beefstock,cheese, steak chunks and whatever else I find in the cupboard to put into the bottle and freeze and give this to her at night. I cant have my girl in the house yard anymore because she destroys anything and everything.
  6. Rotti X Jrt

    I just choked on my drink I remember the add. Some people make me really mad
  7. lol that sounds like something my gordon would do if I didnt put a long lead on her. She loves the water and gets carried away and just keeps swimming and swimming.
  8. Planning Litters

    I only have one girl and she is 11 months old. Pending health tests etc I also have a idea on who I would like to use over her if and when the time comes. I am also keeping my eyes open at new young stock coming up
  9. I also recommend Wamika Brittanys. Either give them a call or perhaps a email and they will be happy to talk to you about their much loved breed. As for English Springer Spaniels there are quite a few reputable breeders so just make some phone calls or send some emails and go with the one that you get along with most and is most helpful with your enquiries Just rememeber no question is a silly question. Good luck
  10. Triangle Of Temptation

    Hi, I am going to start this with my dog today as it has been suggested. Thank you very much for sharing.
  11. Take That Whippets

    lol thanks for sharing thats great :D
  12. I am sure we can work it out and I will definately have a look at it. I started working with her last night at home doing some of the stuff that was suggested by the breeder and she worked really well. I am looking foward to getting home this afternoon and doing some more. I think it was hurting me more than anything because I had been trying and nothing seemed to be working. I had tried quite a few different things but obviously the more I gave her just made her that more demanding and want to take that bit more without actually doing anything for it. I even tried locking her in a crate at night but then she would bark at 430am for me to let her out and of course I would go and let her out into the yard. She has been crate trained and will bark when she needs to go to the toilet or if she had finished her food for me to come and get her bowl and let her out with the other dogs again. Since moving she isnt trying to boss the other dogs around as much. I ended up separating her from the other dogs before moving because she was getting to bossy to the point she would stand and bark at Atua if she was laying on a bed until she got up and moved away. She is alot more relaxed now in that sense and isnt being bossy to Atua except when I throw the ball for Atua. Envy doesnt get to play now when I play fetch with Atua because she kept biting her and I dont feel it was fair to Atua. I will keep you all updated on our progress. I am confident that the advice the breeder gave me will definately see improvement and I will be trying a few of the things suggested here also. Thank you to everyone who replied. I really appreciate it. ;)
  13. Well sandgrubber I didn't realise you knew so much about Gordon Setters, but obviously you're an expert on all gundog breeds, you must be to make such disparaging statements about a dog, its parents and its breeder even though you've never met any of them. The dog in question was bred by a very well respected breeder and both the sire and the dam have excellent temperaments, atua can vouch for this, she has met the sire and had the dam living with her for a few months. Gordons need a lot of attention when young, they must have regular and consistent training and they have to be taught boundaries, they are also 'one family dogs' and become very attached to their people and isolating a Gordon in a kennel on its own is a recipe for disaster. Pav lova is correct, this bitch has a young, inexperienced owner who hasn't realised the amount the amount of work required, although in atua's defence she does run her own business and is also 8 months pregnant and probably wasn't prepared for a Gordon entering adolesence, they can be a real handful. Atua has been in touch with the breeder and she is doing everything she can to help (sorry to disappoint you sandgrubber) and I'm sure they can work things out between them. Both parents have super soft temperments and Miranda is right I had Courtney (pictured in picture at home for a few months to learn the ropes of a Gordon before obtaining a puppy). I am certain the sire was selected for this mating because of his temperment.
  14. Some more pictures 13 weeks lazy shot (i also have this one on cushions)
  15. Head shot at 13 weeks I have had these put onto cushions Envy at work with a hat on