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  1. Making The Transition Easier For Her!

    In addition to a bone, do you happen to have you got a Kong toy? You could push some favourite treats inside in such a way that it will be a real challenge for her to get to them.
  2. Car Sick Dog

    No, we hadn't changed cars - it was the same automatic Subaru wagon we brought her home in that she later started throwing up in. And then, nine to ten years later, she stopped throwing up in. Go figure. :-)
  3. Car Sick Dog

    That's exactly what happened with my blue heeler ... she was fine in the car in her early days with us but then started throwing up from when she was about 18 months old. We tried desensitising her by taking her for regular little trips around the block in the hope that we could build these up to longer trips, but no luck. In the end our vet recommended she have a very mild sedative in order to relax her for any journey. So we stopped taking her for short drives and sedated her for long drives. Hey presto, no more vomit. Over the last year, I have had no choice but to take her in the car on short trips to see the vet as she is now getting on in years (11) and needs more regular check ups. I was probably way more stressed than her about the first one I took her on as I fully expected her to throw up as she'd had no phenergen. But wonders of wonders, she was fine ... a little quiet in the back but thankfully not sick. It now seems that she can cope with car trips unsedated at long last.
  4. Car Sick Dog

    I have an 11yo blue heeler, who has been car sick pretty much since we got her at 12 months of age. She came home from her previous owner's home in our car and nothing happened, but then the next time we took her out and it started. We now give her a phenergen about 15-30 minutes beforehand and minimise what food she can have before a drive. No more accidents as the phenergen relaxes her enough to actually look out the window or curl up for a sleep. Maybe a half tablet might be enough for a youngster but check with your vet (as we did).
  5. I Need Help...

    Ages ago, I had a beautiful Shih Tzu. At nine years of age she developed a grape size lump on her tummy - diagnosed as cancer but removed by surgery. She bounced back but less than a year later the cancer was back and she started to go downhill pretty fast. How I knew the time was right to let her go was the day that I came home from work and she didn't come to me. Up til then, every single day that I walked through that door, she would bound from her basket straight for me. As the cancer spread, she got slower but still appeared excited whenever I came home. She'd do the same if I picked up my keys, heading straight for the door to come with me. But on her last day, I walked through the door and she stayed in her basket. She lifted her head up and looked at me, and put her head back down. I knew there and then that it was time. I took her straight to the vet, dreading that he would tell me what I already knew in my heart. She went peacefully, I swear with a smile on her face as the pain left her. All these years later, just writing about her now, I am in tears. I miss my Nessie. My thoughts are with you at this very difficult and sad time.
  6. Guess The Breed.

    The breed that came to mind when I first looked at the statue was a Bloodhound.
  7. Canberra Dog Groomer Advice

    Thanks all for those suggestions ... we are southside so would prefer to find something closer to home than Belconnen, etc. But if the southside places that have been suggested don't work out then I'll definitely start the ring around northside. PS. Has anyone had any dealings with Isabel's Dog Grooming in Phillip? This one is closest to where we live but not sure if they're any good.
  8. Canberra Dog Groomer Advice

    I don't know exactly where our Sheltie came from to be honest. He was a breeder initially and then when that phase in his life was over, he went to a new owner. That owner can no longer keep him so we offered to take him. That was this past Saturday. I hope to be able to do the ongoing grooming myself but I feel that I need the help of a professional as my boy has matting patches behind both ears, between legs and tummy and behind his head. I'd be too scared that I'd hurt him. I've contacted Isabel's Grooming in Phillip to see if they can help but I'll definitely call both your recommendations. Shadow is a good traveller in the car so I'm not too worried how far afield we have to go as long as the groomer is worth it. Any other recommendations?
  9. I have just become the owner of a purebred Shetland Sheepdog because his owner is unable to continue caring for him. As such, his coat is matted in spots and he just needs a good overall groom. Can anyone recommend a good groomer, mobile or salon based, in any of the southside suburbs of Canberra? Thanks so much for any advice you can offer. Helen.
  10. Vaccination Prices

    I know that we're already getting a small discount at the cheaper vet clinic - $65 per dog ($130 in total) or $125 for two. But the dearer vet clinic is charging over sixty dollars more to do our two dogs (and no discount for both being done at the same time). I very much doubt that they would discount their price by that much to match the other clinic .......
  11. Vaccination Prices

    Thanks for the reply. My husband rang back the cheaper place to confirm that he did hear right which he did. Our dogs are fine right now, no concerns we can think of so I would expect that it would be a quick "come in, give needle, leave" type appointment. As such, I can't justify an extra $61. Besides, it will be one less car trip for them as they'll already be there for the few days that we're down the coast with our children. I would love to know why the price at one vet can be so completely different to the price at another vet, and on and on - no one vet seems to charge the same as the next. Very puzzling. Part of me wants my vet to explain why he charges so much more but maybe it's better to not bother and just vote with my dogs' feet so to speak. I probably will tell them why we didn't go to them this time and see what they say. Thanks again, Helen.
  12. My dogs are due for their annual C5 vaccinations at the time that they will be in boarding. Our usual boarding kennels are booked out so we did the ring around to find something suitable and have found a similar set up across the other side of town - boarding kennels attached to a veterinary clinic. Being new clients, as expected we have to supply our dogs current vaccination certificates. As mentioned, because they are due, we asked them if they could give them their shots (yes) and how much they would cost ($125 for the two dogs). We already had our dogs booked in with their usual vet so rang them to see what their price is - $93 per dog, a total of $186. Why the huge discrepancy? Should we go for the cheaper place or is it better to have our regular vet do this? I am really stumped about this. Thanks, Helen.
  13. Where To Buy Raw ?

    Newbie AKA First Time Poster here! I saw this topic and thought "great, here's one that I can contribute to" but the place I was going to recommend has already been mentioned - "Just Food 4 Dogs". We've been having deliveries from them for about six months now and are very happy. Our dogs really love the meats we get from them.