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  1. I would have thought that the Vet has a duty of care to the puppy, if the Vet is more concerned with money, i wouldnt use them anyway I can't help you with any advice - i am in Sydney , but i hope your puppy gets the care it needs and soon Pam
  2. pcarr

    Puppy Limping

    just got back from the vets - she has probably done the ligaments, he has given her painkillers and anti-inflammatories and wants to see her again in a few days, may need to have surgery, but hopefully not he said it is unusual injury for a young dog to do this type of damage, more common for old dogs
  3. pcarr

    Puppy Limping

    hi everyone, my 8 month beagle puppy was outside in the rain (going to toilet), when we heard her yelp she hasnt been able to weight bear on her back leg since, it is has been a couple of hours - and although she is limping, she doesnt seem to have any pain, i have poked and prodded the leg looking for any sign of injury - but couldnt find anything - she just cant put any weight on it the vet is closed until 2pm, but i am so stressed for my puppy, any ideas on what might have happened??
  4. hello, i have a female beagle puppy - just over 6 months now - and so adorable - but this afternoon she began to eat her own poop, and i shoshed her away, only to have her sneak behind me to finish it off - gross does this mean the dog is sick, naughty, normal
  5. i did think it was a stick, and she is always eating sticks, bark, leaves, grass and the list goes on...
  6. i love this trick, but think we need to master a few basics yet, but my kids want our puppy to learn this one, was hoping for some hints
  7. hi, my puppy has just done a poo, and halfway through her motion, she let out an almight yelp, and began running around yelping and rubbing her bottom, i could see some poo hanging, and had to grab her and pull the rest out, i thought it might be a stick or plastic (she is only 5 months old) this is the 4th time she has done this over a the past few months, should i be worried?? or does this stuff happen on occassions
  8. thanks for the advice everyone, as for not leaving clothes around - i try, but i live in a very busy house, with grown children, all who throw clothes in the laundry, the dog just has to get sight of anything in the laundry and it is a goner, as for my ironing basket, it isnt normally left lying around for her to play with, but she goes to amazing feats to get to it, and well, then the items are gone, as she runs through the house and oiut the puppy door!
  9. My beagle puppy (5 months now), has begun to steal out washing 1. when i am putting the clothes in the machine (it is a front loader and on floor) 2. when any clothing is on floor (after work getting changed etc) 3. taking clothes out of ironing basket when she gets hold of anything, especially socks, she runs away with them, i cant ignore her in the hope she will stop, our clothes will be damaged, but when we try to get the article back, she runs away, and play barks at us i rang a puppy school and started Adolescent classes, but she has told us that we need to be the pack leader, and her behaviour is because she (the puppy) is permitted to sleep in our bed, and that we need to eat first (we used to feed her at a regular time - 5.30 - 6pm) now can be as late as 9pm depending on house hold work committments so, i started following her suggestions, but now we have non-stop barking, and the dog is running away from us, as she doesnt want to be excluded from the house and all that is happening she is still running away with clothes, no improvements at all - other bad behaviur started I am so confused, she was such a good puppy with the exception of this one behaviour, and some walking - lead issues, but now she is unbearable what should i do?? what would you do??
  10. pcarr

    The Lead !

    i am still struggling with leads and my puppy (beagle) 5 months initially we used a harness, but she runs away the minute she sees it, and seems afraid of it then we started obedience training - they advised to get a check chain collar for walking, but for the entire session and all that followed, she would choke herself to vomiting, we are now having a break from these classes, they said to keep dragging her we have just started adolescent puppy class, and have been told to use the head walker - but have heard these arent great for beagles i am just so frustrated with the whole thing, and dont expect that we will ever have nice walks would also welcome any suggestions Pam
  11. our puppy enjoys sleeping she tends to go to bed when we do, around 9.30 - 10.30 pm, sleeps through, wakes when hubbys alarm goes off at 5.30, returns to sleep until my alarm at 7am, but needs plently of coaxing to wake up, on weekends she will sleep until 9 or 10 am - love it she also has naps throughout the day too
  12. I need to knnow your secret, our beagle puppy will do anything while food is on offer, but no food, no sit, stay, shake - nothing she is however pretty well toilet trained, no accidents for a few weeks now and she can sit and wait for dinner, but only briefly...hehe
  13. pcarr


    love this info we have a female beagle, now 5 months she seems to get frequent upset tummy - is this common for beagles she is so loveable, and affectionate though, i cant imagine my house without her now
  14. pcarr

    Puppy Teeth

    ooh, i will have to try that, my puppy is still biting, and she has lost a few teeth now
  15. my 5 month beagle puppy was a disaster the night we started obedience training, which was all about walking, poor thing wanted to sniff and play with the other dogs, and the trainer kept yelling "You, with the beagle" i had to basically drag her the entire time, and she was choking, with huge slobbers coming out of her mouth, i hated the entire experience, and to make it worse, we had been having probs with walking to start, as we had been using a harness - and she was doing the lay down and refuse to move, if we were lucky enough to catch her to put it on although the walker lead is called a clicker - has anyone else heard of this - seems like a choker to me, but I am very new to this puppy training, but am loving it
  16. hi, i have a 16 week beagle puppy, and she had her first all night without getting me up to take her to the toilet - FINALLY I had a similar situation when we brought our puppy home, but we purchased a puppy pen, and doggie door, she can go out when she wants, and can come inside when she wants to sleep, it has worked well for us good luck with what ever you decide Pam
  17. pcarr

    Pup Lethargic

    any news on the puppy?? hope all is okay
  18. pcarr


    my beagle puppy has been pretty good with toileting, but lately she has been having a few accidents - she is now 16 weeks old, very interesting info - thanks
  19. pcarr

    Puppys Growing

    hi, my name is Pam and i have a beagle puppy - 4 months old, she is still very small, and i wonder about the growing thing, hard to know what size to buy things for her, our puppy has definitely found her voice, and barks at us all the time when playing she also bites/chews alot!!!
  20. great question, i was also wondering about this my puppy is due to star obedience training in 2 weeks, but has already done puppy school, which doesnt really address all the naughty stuff
  21. she has worn harness previously, and although a little nervous, seems to become more scared/nervous every time she wears it it goes over her head, and clips around belly, doesnt jingle, i dont have hat or coat that would be cause, it is kept with all her treats, i chose to use a harness, for the dual usage in car/walking, and had heard that these were more comfy for the dog, am pretty much a novice with training dogs, especially beagles (which i hear have minds of there own) i am planning to start her in obedience classes in the next fortnight
  22. hi, i have a 16 week beagle puppy, she has just been vacinated, and hoping to walk on a regular basis, however as soon as i get the harness out, she runs away, and wont even come over for a treat once on though, she normally walks well, although tonight was a disaster, she refused to walk at all any suggestions?? she has not had any negative experiences to make her
  23. hi, i recently attended puppy school with my beagle puppy (now 16 weeks) are you going to Kellyville pets for the schooling, they were pretty good with us is this your first beagle? it is for us, and we have heard they enjoy playing with other beagles, we have joined beagle club, and are looking forward to the day walks etc.. maybe one day, we could let our beagles meet and play
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