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  1. we just bought an upright hoover from godfreys really cheap.... works really really well.. and our dogs hair is fine
  2. my pug had it at 2 months old... he got really bad diarrhoea and they did some test and found out that it came from DAM water.. little bugs in dam water.. i called the breeder and she said she has no idea how he got it but they have 3 dams on there land... go figure...
  3. hay all just wondering if anyone is heading to bark in the park this Saturday ???? BARK IN THE PARK LINK CLICKY CLICKY
  4. ahhh ok ... they are the best priced vets so far i can find... very where else want to charge around the 220 mark but cityvets charge 185 ... pretty short on the dosh right now..
  5. hay all its about time i pulled my finger out and desexed my little man.. cityvets in hillcrest seem to be really good priced and seem ok over the phone.. has anyone else had good or bad things to say about them ??? i dont wanna be sending my dog to a hacker let me know your thoughts
  6. Don't worry I can remember when my boy did the same thing many years ago. If I locked him out of my bedroom he would go and pee in the bathroom to get even with me. I can even remeber pee being on the bed. You would tell him off for something and he would give you lip back. Crazy little pugs and their big attitudes. yep thats what he does.. locked him out of our room so he went all quite i was like finally... then it was like 20min and still not a sound... walked out to find him missing.. i was like where is he then i heard this strange noise coming from the spare room.. he was on the bed humping a teddy bear with a number 2 on the bed... i flipped it..
  7. yeh we have been.... just started to become unreal pup for his age sits when you tell him then he would drop roll etc etc etc ... now ask him to sit he just looks at you like get F***ed arhhhhhh
  8. yeh the misses wants to buy another one.. but spud is enough i might consider it when he has grown out of it.....
  9. yeh i was really embarresd as we took him down to sydney for xmas with the oldies... wasnt till pressie time we noticed all the pressies where coved in wee... arhhhhhhhhh
  10. hay all our 6 month old pug (spud) was going really really well with toilet training and stoped eating everthing in sight... but the last week now he has been going to the toilet 1 and 2s inside on the carpet and now digging holes and now eating everything in sight including me... we dont know whats going on... he was a really good boy not he is being a turd... any advice would be great.. cheers matt
  11. we just leave out back door open a little bit and block off a section of the house.. so his water and food is inside and when he wants to play he just walks outside..
  12. kingy

    The Lead !

    ok so tonight when i got home from work it was a bit of a struggle to get the lead on but after we started to walk towards the door i gave him a treat and presto he went for a full 30 min walk
  13. kingy

    The Lead !

    thanks for this advice i will be trying these out for sure... thanks again...
  14. kingy

    The Lead !

    hay all.... i am trying to get my 15 week old puppy to be able to walk on a lead.... as soon as i place the lead on he starts pulling in the opposite direction and starts trying to walk backwards....... i walk foward but it just seems to drag the poor little bugger.... not to mention as soon as the lead goes on he starts attacking it..... all help would be great..... :p
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