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  1. Invitation to participate in research 2.docx Hi everyone, I'd like to invite you all to participate in my psychology research project that examines people's responses to undesirable dog behaviour. The study does take 20-30 minutes to complete, so I suggest getting yourself a cuppa and a bickie before you begin :) Who can participate? Anyone who is 18 years or older. You do not have to be a dog owner to participate. What will participation involve? Participation involves completing a survey that will take 20-30 minutes. What do I need to know? Participation is voluntary and anonymous.
  2. yip. Whether or not the pup was sold for breeding is also beside the point. If the bite is so bad that the teeth piece the roof of the mouth then then the pup was not fit for sale. Of course it was fit for sale. Would you knock it on the head? What should have happened is that the issue with the mouth should have been advised. No it wasn't. If the puppy needs surgery to be comfortable as is the case here, it should not have been sold. It should have been either kept by the breeder to see if it improves, had surgery to remove the canines and sold with full disclosure, or discounted an
  3. I would have thought the average GSD would have more prey drive (desire to hunt, chase, catch other animals) than your average mastiff, but I could be wrong. Also, you have to remember that when mastiffs were used for hunting, they were used to hold the quarry, they weren't meant to kill it, or bite to kill.
  4. Leonberger, Newfoundland, Mastiff come to mind. Or look into the Livestock guardians. However, I would never rely on any dog to protect you just because of its breed. Unless you have specifically trained your dog in protection, you just can't know for sure how it would react in a situation like that. I also think that if you don't want it to chase possums, then the easiest and most assured way is to have it sleep indoors at night.
  5. Del has been pretty good with the vet bills over the years. But she did have a big operation last year, and at the end of last year she began her course of Cartrophen injections (which after the first few need to happen every 3 months, or sometimes more for the rest of her life). So I guess that will increase the vet bills quite a bit. I am guessing they will increase anyway as she is into her senior years now. But don't tell her that, she's still adamant that she's a puppy.
  6. Dominance is rare in the same way Big Foot is rare.
  7. Oh boy, when is dominance theory ever going to die? It doesn's seem to matter how disproven, or illogical it is, it just hangs around like a bad smell. It says so much more about us as a species than about dogs.
  8. Papillon Kisses, have you got the audio for it? Just in case anyone doesn't have it, I thought I would put the link here, as it really makes life so much easier :) http://championofmyheart.com/relaxation-protocol-mp3-files/
  9. I really like smooth collies, but I thought they would be a bit more barky than the OP would want. I am thinking a whippet would suit really well. Although I know they are not rare.
  10. Clicker and marker word are in many respects the same as they are both secondary reinforcement. However, they each have their advantages and disadvantages. For instance, the clicker is fantastic for precision, consistency, and it is much easier to use along with commands. For example, if I am making a noise to get my dog's attention, and I want to mark that moment they give me their attention, it can be a little tricky if you're using a verbal marker to get the timing really spot on. The marker word is fantastic because you have it with you whenever you need it and it is hands-free. Problems
  11. I just find it hard to think that a crow is capable of taking off with a puppy. Crows only weigh a bit over half a kilogram, and I don't think they carry things in their claws. I know they can attack much bigger creatures (like sheep), but that's usually to take their eyes (sorry, TMI?). In any case, I hope the puppy can be found.
  12. So glad he is home Sheena. such a terrible ordeal for both dog and owner
  13. Oh ok, that's different to what I was imagining! I thought it was a special kind of stick that you smack them with somehow...for some reason. Yeah for sure, that would definitely require some skill. And presence of mind (difficult if it's your dog being attacked ). I know a bullet would do the trick pretty quickly but it's not very legal to be walking around with a gun. (for good reason!) I don't know if it would. Usually when dogs fight they move incredibly quickly. I don't know how anyone manages to grab their legs let alone accurately aim a gun at one of them.
  14. I went to the effort to buy a comfy cone when my dog had a pexy and lip operation. But it turned out that I didn't need it, Which was good because she still wasn't very happy in it poor love.
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