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  1. I am trying to pick the right combination for my pet Corgi. He is 9 years old. Previously, we've been using Sentinel Spectrum. He absolutely hates the taste of it. So, after years of coating the chewables in peanut butter, I figured maybe it's time I try something else! I've done some research on DOL and other internet resources, and I'm still not confident I'm getting the balance right! I don't want to overdose my dog if it's not necessary. As such, I'd like to hear out what others use. If I purchase Advantix for fleas and ticks, and Milbemax for worms, have I got everything covered? To provide a bit more background, I live on the fringe of the CBD, so it's highly unlikely it's a flea prone area. However, he goes to daycare twice a week, so he does interact with a large number of different dogs on a weekly basis.
  2. Cordless Vacuum Recommendation

    Interesting! Is it the V8? Or V6? Also, do you have carpeted floors?
  3. Cordless Vacuum Recommendation

    Hahaha! Definitely a first world problem! I am able to get the Dyson Handstick V8 Absolute for 25% off through work. But with the new V10 coming out, I'd rather wait and see if it's significantly better. The employee discount however, does not apply to newly released products. There might be cheaper options out there, which I'd be more than glad to know!
  4. Per the title, I am looking for a cordless vacuum cleaner. To provide a bit of background: 1. I have carpeted floors and a corgi. Not the best combination, I know! 2. I already have a corded barrel Dyson, which does a good job. But due to the size and layout, I am required to unplug and replug to different power outlets throughout the house to vacuum the entire house. As such, I would prefer a cordless one which would make life easier. 3. I am happy to pay the price for a Dyson Handstick if it's worth the money. So would be keen to hear out fellow owners' experience with carpet. Looking forward to hearing some opinions and recommendation!
  5. Dog Bed Recommendation

    Any recommendations where you can buy and have memory foam cut to size?
  6. Dog Bed Recommendation

    I ended up purchasing a Henry Hottie bed. First choice would be the Orvis, however, could not justify the cost at this time. Thank you everyone for your generous help and advice Much appreciated.
  7. Dog Bed Recommendation

    Thanks Papillon Kisses. I've had a look at Orvis and do love their beds! Does anyone know if there is a local Aussie importer?
  8. Dog Bed Recommendation

    Hello fellow dolers, I am looking for a new dog bed for my furry friend. Hoping someone could recommend me something that: - Doesn't attract dog hair. What I mean is, there are certain materials where it dog fur loves to 'stick' on too, which is what I'm hoping to avoid - Easy to clean. Hopefully it can be wiped down with a wet cloth easily. I've did a bit of research and have come across the 2 below from Snooza. Does anyone use them and would you recommend them? Happy to hear out other suggestions as well! https://www.snooza.com.au/indoor-beds/newport https://www.snooza.com.au/indoor-beds/d1000 Thank you!
  9. When I was an active member a few years back, I recalled some members have a customised crate setup built at the back of their SUV, 4x4 or station wagon. If those who have one could share your setup and also where you got them installed that would be greatly appreciated! Ideally, I am looking to get one for the back of my station wagon. Ideally, the setup would enable the crate to be attached securely at the back of the car, but would also be removable for times I need the bootspace for something else. Hopefully I'm making sense!
  10. Getting A New Puppy

    Hi, I have a friend who's getting a new schnauzer puppy in the next few weeks. It's been so long since I've had a puppy, and I've honestly forgot the usual do's and don't etc. If anyone here could link me to some useful websites for a first puppy owner, crate training and also for feeding raw, that'd be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  11. I usually feed my corgi Sentinel Spectrum medium. I'm not too sure if they've changed the formula or something, but the last 6 pack I got, he absolutely refused to eat them. Even if I coated them in peanut butter, he'd just lick the peanut butter off. The only way I could get him to eat them was if I freeze the tablet inside a ball of peanut butter. Anyway, I'm just after alternatives that does what Sentinel does around the same price point. Suggestions? Thanks!
  12. Neighbour's Dog Left Alone In Yard

    No updates on my end so far, I did left my details when I reported the case to the RSPCA. I've been home mostly, and I don't think the RSPCA have visited yet. I did mentioned the dog looked healthy when I made the report, so maybe it's not deemed an urgent case. I've also slid a plastic container of water under the gate yesterday to be safe. The reason I waited for more than a week before asking for advice here was because I was hoping that as mentioned by some, maybe my neighbour just needed some time to sort things out at the new place before bringing the dog over. I understand that it's probably best for me to go over and see if I can have a chat with the neighbour, but I'd genuinely rather not based on their general bad/rude behaviour. It was also my deduction that the dog's been left alone there for long extended hours as I've been home on leave for the past week or so, and generally only leave the house to walk my dog or to run short errands. Hence why I'm able to hear the dog go on and on for hours. To be honest, I won't be surprised if the council has been notified or a complaint made, considering how it sometimes goes on crying for extended hours throughout the night.
  13. Neighbour's Dog Left Alone In Yard

    Thanks everyone. I've took your advice on board and made a call to RSPCA earlier this morning. I'll let everyone know if there's any updates.
  14. Hi all, I'm just after some general advice on what to do, or to ignore the situation altogether. My neighbour 2 houses down has moved out. There's a for sale sign out the front, with some old furnitures placed by the roadside to be collected. I'm fairly sure they are no longer living there, but the dog (staffy) is still there. It's like permanently in the yard, and from observation the owners only return every few days (not too sure what for, to pack up stuff maybe?). There is shade, not too sure about food/water though. The reason I believe that the dog is being left outside to its own devices it's due to the fact, most nights and sometimes in the day you can hear it whining, and crying out for attention. It can go on for hours at times. This has been going on for more than a week now. This was never the case when the owners were around. I've peered over the fence once a few days ago, the dog still looked healthy, but it had what looked like an electric/barking collar around its neck. I'd prefer not to confront or talk to the neighbours if I can catch them coming back to the place. The reason is because they seem like extremely rude and vulgar people. When they were around, you'd often hear them fighting and quarrelling out loud, yelling obscenities etc. There was even once when the police was called in as the girl was shouting that the guy hit her during a quarrel. I assumed a neighbour who heard the fight called the police. In your opinion, should I: 1. Ignore 2. Talk to the neighbours? 3. Call the council or the real estate agency involved in the sale? The noise from the dog itself does not bother me that much, since I'm 2 doors down. But I pity the dog, and hopefully something can be done.
  15. Adelaide Vet Recommendations?

    Will do, thanks! :)