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  1. anyone here with experience with this?
  2. Rip Neil Weeks

    My favourite Neil moment was when we had both been dumped in a Group lineup and he held his hand out to me and said, "Come, my dear, the dregs shall leave the ring with their heads held high!" and royally escorted me from the ring.
  3. Rip Neil Weeks

    Such a dear man, a great loss.Godspeed, Neil.
  4. Russian Vrs Irish Wolfhound :)

    Sorry to be coming in late, I don't check in as often as I used to. To the OP- I have had male IWs for nearly 20 years. When there is a distraction (prey or other dogs) All of them have been as deaf as posts with no recall whatsoever. At other times, they have all been quite obedient as defined by a wolfhound. The solution is to not let them off lead outside of a well fenced area. Agility can be difficult for a dog this size and conformation. They aren't designed for much of the agility course and they don't enjoy repetitive sport. They have a low tolerance for boredom and will delight in embarrassing you by sitting down mid routine. IW are a dog that has evolved to think for itself - not conducive to some activities. They don't look up at you as their master but more across to you as an equal. As for anything else, to me they are the perfect dog. They have a sense of humour that will show itself at the worst times. They will be too tired to go for a walk and then see a rabbit in the next paddock, jump the fence, catch it and eat it on the way back, as my lazy Humphrey did a couple of weeks ago. They are a fantastic companion without being as "needy" as some other breeds. It's more that you come to an agreement with an Irish and you are both trained simultaneously to get the most out of each other. If I can help in your decision in any way, please let me know. They aren't a dog for everyone. Some of the points brought up are quite valid. A couple of years go I was in the position of having to move a boy who had collapsed. It took 3 of us and a stretcher (which he broke) to get him to the car. There's a lot to think about, as I said, if I can help just let me know.
  5. 1st World Dog Problems

    My first IW, Muggo, was crying and I couldn't understand why. I had forgotten it was washing day and I hadn't put the clean sheet on his bed properly but just thrown it on top. While I watched, he moaned and dug at the sheet for a minute, did three circles around it and then lay down - with his back turned. Wouldn't look at me for hours because of this cruelty. Mea culpa.
  6. I'm An Expert

    I'm guessing that's his "show stack" ?? How did you guess? Yep, lineup for Open dog at a Specialty and Baloo sat and wouldn't move an inch. Poor Mick didn't know what to do with him.
  7. I'm An Expert

    My favourite show snap of Baloo, trained to my usual standards
  8. Any air con was put in after my dog died. Yes, there is a yard attached to each kennel with a drop down door. The door in Tigger's kennel was 24 inches high, Tigger was 37 1/2 at the shoulder. Yes, it is true. Yes the RSPCA were involved for over a year before letting the matter slide. They never once took a statement from us and the end result was "too hard to prove" plus he had already had to spend too much money fitting coolers etc. Plus, he paid my vet bill, what more did I want?
  9. I boarded 3 dogs at Rovers for 10 hours, 2 Irish Wolfhound and 1 Aussie Terrier. One Irish wolfhound died the next day of heatstroke as a result of being shut in a brick kennel he couldn't get out. In fairness, Rovers Retreat paid the $2300 vet bills so you can be sure you won't be out of pocket. Up to you if you think these are good odds. Edited for spelling, I still break my heart every time I see my poor Tigger dead in a pool of blood.
  10. Have You Seen This Site?

    Love this stuff. I bought Tag (2 IW running #90/250) at Sydney Royal about 14 years ago for $500. I treasure this piece. I also have the small Aussie Terrier Standing one. Hunt around Oz before you pay postage etc, they can be found.
  11. Is There Any Things Said About Your Breed...

    No, my Irish Wolfhound doesn't have a saddle. No, you can't ride him. And NO, he's not a horse.
  12. Farewell To A True Gentleman

    Sorry to read this, way too young.
  13. Extremely Important Issue

    The dogs should not be registered with the blank for an unknown sire. Period. This is no different than any registered breeder having an accidental mismate resulting in crossbred pups and no ethical breeder would expect to register them. Nor would any canine body register dogs with unknown sires. There should be compensation - or rather a refund of purchase price to purchasers of the dogs. If the breeders feel poorly treated they should apply for compensation from the VCA. What better way of making sure it doesn't happen again than preventing it happening this time. It's easy to say move on, it's in the past. But to the people who have been fighting this for 5 years and the purchasers it is very much here and now.
  14. Extremely Important Issue

    I beg to differ, this issue is not in the past as puppy buyers are still waiting for pedigrees for dogs born over a year ago. One such purchaser has been told by Dogs Vic that they cannot promise that the suspensions won't be reinstated. How would you feel if you had paid anywhere up to $3,000 for a supposed show dog that you had not been allowed to show? I suppose because this debacle started about 5 years ago, to some people it may seem to be history but to those unsuspecting buyers it is a very current problem.