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  1. Puppy Training Brisbane

    Hi there,have a look at Good Dog Bad Dog.Joanne(0413 923 981) is a wonderful lady,and her trainers are very good,great atmosphere and fun to be there.At Jimboomba,southside of Brissy.Last time i looked there were 2 main courses to do -Domestic Control @ 7weeks $155 Lifestyle @ 26 Lessons is $260.00 or 52 lessons $390.00
  2. Sleep Deprived And Ready To Cry

    Maybe try not to let her sleep with you in the mornings,lots of play and exercise to ware her out.Do you go straight to bed when you get home at 9pm,or do you play and spend time with her before going to bed?It may be that she is still excited to have you home,play down the arriving home part,she may get a little less excited and a bit more tired. Sounds like it is just a routine thing,i am sure she will get used to it.I am no expert,but it took Wugs a while to settle at night times,but he knows when sleep time is now.I hope it all works out,and i am sure the lovely DOLers will give you some good tips.
  3. Let Dogs Into Cafe's ?

  4. Hugo The French Bulldog

  5. Paragard Worming Tablets

    Hi Tivins,Thanks,what do you do about the Heart worm that paragard does not cover?Any ill efects at all,because Wugs was absolutly terrible with Drontal,sent him CRAAAAZZZYYYYY Thanks Oakway,ill check to see who makes it.
  6. Paragard Worming Tablets

    Hi all, Has anyone ever used or heard of Paragard worming Tablets,They are about $7.00 for 2,which is alot cheaper than the Milbemax $17.00 for 2?But they dont do heart worm like Milbemax,which is ok if you use Advocate as well.Also,i have to get Wugs some more Advocate,he weighs 10.9 kg,should i stick to the "up to 10kg" Advocate,or get hime the "up to 20kg" Advocate?I dont want to overdose with the stuff? Thanks
  7. When Is A Puppy Toilet Trained?

    Wugs was done at about 6 months,he will run outside by himself,he could hold for 12 hours at a very early age,and will most of the time pee on command,but we do sometimes have those annoying nights,when we are really tired,take him out for a wee before bed,and he just wont do it,but a few hours later he will let us know its time to pee. He has had 1 accident on my OH while sitting on the couch,i think it was out of excitement and laziness.
  8. Home Alone

    You will be pleasently surprised at how well,and how much your pup enjoys being outside,the sun,dirt,grass,noises and smells.We had the same worry,but after 1 or 2 days,you can confidently say your pup loves being outside,and the other dog will help the situation. Hope all goes well.
  9. Concentrate?shampoo?

    Thanks all, Our breeder told us to use the Fido's free itch,as she uses it on all her pugs.He is just washed in the bath tub,and he doesnt mind the dryer too much.I will check out thwe Aloveen again.Thanks for all the advise.
  10. Concentrate?shampoo?

    Thanks for the advise,just got back from the pet shop,and they did not even sell Aloveen,so i stuck with the Fido's Free Itch Rinse,and i figure if it works,why change,i can put up with the smell if Wugs can.I think i will try some Aloveen next time though,ill order it online. The Fido's says "For best results do not rinse",i have always rinsed it off,because so much dirt comes out when i rinse him.should i be using a shampoo first maybe?It also says "alow animal to dry naturally,puppies and kittens should be towell dried".Now it is getting a bit colder here and Wugs has just turned 1,is he still classed as a puppy,i wouldnt feel right not drying him,we sometimes use the hair dryer if its cold enough,am i doing this whole process wrong? :D
  11. Concentrate?shampoo?

    Thanks Clyde and Oakway. Is Aloveen only available at Pet shops,or can you get it at Big W or such places?I have read that there is a Shampoo/Conditioner all in 1 Aloveen,would this be woth trying?
  12. Concentrate?shampoo?

    Do i use a shampoo and conditioner,or is it ok just to use the shampoo?Is there only Oatmeal,or is there others?
  13. Concentrate?shampoo?

    Thanks Clyde,I never liked the smell of it,but my OH loves it.
  14. Hi All, Just wanted some advise on this. Wugs has been washed with Fido's Free Itch Concentrate from day 1 (He turned 1 yesterday ).I was thinking of changing from Fido's Free Itch Concentrate,to Aloveen Shampoo.Is this advisable,or should i stick to what works?Or is there a better product out there.Being a pug,i am a bit worried about him with any skin problems,none as yet,but the Fido's really does not appeal to us smell wise anymore. Any suggestions or advise will be great,thanks all.
  15. Worming For Dummies

    Hey BertandSally. Thats what I was advised as well,but friends of mine are saying that its wrong,too expensive and may over dose. I looked at the Sentinal,but that does not control ear mites,which was a pretty important thing according to our vet. Wuggles is really good,he turns 1 year old on Thursday,he is starting to get a bit naughty though,becoming a bit defient and not like being told what to do,i guess it just comes with this age.He lost his best mate a few weeks ago which was sad. How is Bert and Sally,what ended up happening with Bert's throat problems,did he need surgery?Wuggles had his palet done and his nostrils widened,but he still has alot of trouble breathing in when he gets excited,sounds terrible,and he snores worse than a grown man,but none of it seems to bother him.I will get the Vet to check it all out agin in October when he goes for his check up.