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  1. Webster only had 8 days of being loved after being rescued from the pound. Our little man had Parvo and is now at peace. He is now watching over his sisters that are in the vet as well fighting for their lives. Webster will be sadly missed by us and his adopted dad who called him Ash but never got to take him home. His dad was so excited when he met Webster he brought his parents back the following day to meet their new grandson. Soon aftermeeting his new family, Webster's condition started to change from a happy playful and cheeky little pup to a sick little boy. He spent 5 days on a drip
  2. Fantastic post Shmoo !!! GREAT WORK ! Let me just reinforce what you said about jumping in at the last minute ! Emotion plays a huge part in what rescue is all about but we cannot let out hearts rule our heads no matter how guilty you may feel about a last minute plea ! The sad fact is, some dogs will always be PTS and we can't save them all Please, if you are considering wanting to foster care, join a group and be a little considerate giving the group time to organise things for you - this also gives you breathing space to consider the committment that you are making. Foster caring
  3. Hi ALL, We have had a hot and cold tap installed outside so that we can hydrobath our foster fur kids (mainly puppies). We have found theat when using a garden hose, it is almost impossible to regulate the temperature so I have organised a plumber to fit a tempering valve for me. (the tempering valves mixes hot and cold so that it can't go over a preset temperature). I have spoken to a couple of hydrobath manufacturers and also searched the net but can't really find the correct temperature to use as there are so many conflicting opinions. I was hoping that maybe someone can suggest what
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    Kristie, We know there is absolutely nothing that anyone can say or do to ease your pain. We haven't spoken for a while but we can remember how excited and happy you were when you received Barker and we know how much he meant to you both. Even though it may have been a relatively short time that Barker shared his life with you we know that every minute of that time was full of love for all of you and he WILL be waiting for you at the Bridge. Thinking of you. Narelle & Paul RIP you wonderful little man !
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