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  1. Rottweiler Breeder

    Thanks... I'll pass that on.
  2. Rottweiler Breeder

    Thanks Allerseit, I agree with what you say. Surprised there is no reference to any registration on their website.
  3. Rottweiler Breeder

    Not on their website... Can't phone atm
  4. Rottweiler Breeder

    Anyone heard of Lavarch Rotweillers in WA? I'm asking for a friend ... They said they are ANKC registrred but I can't find reference to that on either the website or any searches
  5. Wahl Cordless Clipper

    Agree with everyone... The KM2 is great but the cordless was a waste of money. I haven't bothered to replace them.
  6. My three year old kelpie started this out of the blue. Took him to the vet and it turned out he had a UTI. A course of antibiotics and all is well. I hope your boy is ok and his problem is as easily fixed. If he is physically ok after the vet check then I would be managing him like a baby puppy and refresh your toilet training.
  7. Dangerous Dog Treats

    You have to read the fine print on a lot of products too. I was keen on the duck jerky from New Zealand until it read that it is only packaged in NZ and made from imported ingredients. Not trusting imported ingredients from unknown sources!
  8. This such a clever idea! Thanks for sharing sheena :-)
  9. Cancer Sniffing Dogs

    You could also contact Karen Prior
  10. Titre Testing Costs

    Interesting that vets are recommending vaccinating every year! Certainly not my vet :-) Quarantine rely on titre testing for dogs going from Australia to England... Rabies shots then titre testing weeks later to check for antibodies. Good enough for me! Google Jean Dodds
  11. Titre Testing Costs

    I paid $60 for each dog which included the blood draw. Money well spent.
  12. Heartworm Prevention

    Do NOT put them on the daily tablet without first doing a blood test. Any if the monthly tablets should be fine.
  13. K9 Pro In Qld, Wa And Vic!

    Does Steve trial in ANKC obedience?
  14. Thanks for that Inevitablue. Would have been great if it was in general publication for her visit. Will just have to wait until its published :)