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  1. Personally I don't see anything wrong with video, he was taking his time to try and keep the dog calm, so what if they wanted fame, they are a rescue the more publicity the better. It was a great outcome all round, Troy had a forever home and the rescue has captured the attention of people all over the world for the great work they do, what's wrong with that? The dog was at no point mistreated in the video and he was obviously taken for treatment and the picture of him on his new home he looks like a brand new dog, no skin issues and happy as. Great job!
  2. lol i was about to post the same photo, later today, im going to watch a million of there videos. I wish i was in a postion to do something like this. Rescues like this inspire me every day.
  3. This is the half an hour version showing more of the rescue etc, I love this dog :)
  4. This has been going around on facebook and thought I would share, I was tearing up while watching this, its just beautiful!!! Thanks :)
  5. I'm also assuming the cause of the collapse is a breed issue. Thank you so much to everyone for there advice and kind words. Will look into getting a secon opinion and follow ups etc. Again thank you so much :)
  6. Thanks for the advice, we are thinking about getting a second opinion as well just to make sure, the collar isn't an issue he hasn't ever worn one, only harness' so that's ok. I would like x rays done also apparently they are good at a showing exactly what's going on. Thanks again everyone
  7. Aww she's gorgeous. Ignore the housework, it will be waiting when you're feeling stronger. Good luck with everything, hope you weekend is better than your week's been. Thanks. Have done a bit before my partner gets home. bit by bit ill get it done. Thanks for the kind words.
  8. Sorry to hear of your parents dog, was going to say that earlier but i got all caught up in what i was writing, how long has your parents dog had there condition? what sort of treatment is the dog receiving if you dont mind me asking?
  9. Thanks for your kind words guy, means alot. I dont think the vet wants to do surgery due to his age, but he is only 11. I dont know, it just sux. everything is happening at once, he was diagnosed with arthritis last week, then my car broke down, my dad came to fix then when he went to get parts his car dropped out all its oil so he was pissed, later that night our air con broke down. So we were already annoyed,tired and frustrated. Next morning Leroy wasn't himself and he went outside to wee and whatever and he was only taking a few steps and then laying down and started to really struggle to breath, then next minute hes ok, then it happens again, so we just rushed off too the vet and here we are. It has been an absolute rotten week, because of this week the house work is piling up and all I want to do it go and lay down and sleep. I might go do that, and the dogs can sleep with me :) Leroy gives excellent cuddles, I feel worse for my partner she has had Leroy his whole life and she has to go to work this evening Heres a picture of our baby. This pic is few years old he's sleeping in his mums arms while shes on the computer.
  10. He may be ok for a lot longer than 6 months but he's on meds now and I guess we just how he goes, Leroy was very stressed at the vet and the bet said he was in respiratory distress
  11. Thanks guys, Aussie he said that he could put one in but it wouldn't help his lungs? He also said he couldn't hear the valves opening and closing? It was all very much a panic yesterday but he basically said there isn't anything we can do and it's come down the quality not quantity and we should prepare for what's coming.
  12. Hi all, Does anyone have any knowledge about tracheal collapse? Or experience with it? Our chi x, Leroy has been diagnosed with this and the vet estimates he has approx 6 months left He is 11 years old and he has always made a lot of noise when excited or stressed which we have always put down to the elongated pallet he has, yesterday morning he was having trouble breathing so we rushed him to the vet and this is the outcome. He is now on cortisone and bisolven tablets to make things easier for him, the vet said we would know when it was time. He also said they could put a stint? In but that won't help the lungs any. Leroy is my partners dog and she has had him from a pup and he has been a part of my life for over 5 years, we are devestated. I cannot imagine life without him. So basically anyone had this in there pet before? Don't really know what else to say except @&)@@; argghh this really sux!!! Thanks
  13. I tried some photos up at kings park, they turned out terrible but I know what you mean about mozzies, I was wearing shorts and I nearly got carried away by them! Next time will be well stocked on bug spray, my next adventure will be sunset at the beach! I can't wait. Thank you for all the lovely compliments, I was amazed on how they turned out.
  14. Thanks, I'm new to photography and I've had my dslr for a month and still grasping the concept of aperture, iso etc, I watched a tutorial on what setting to use for night photography then messed around with the shutter speed. Just discovered the "bulb" function yesterday, so hoping to try star trail photography soon :)
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