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  1. Hi Kirislin! What wonderful news! So happy you have a new little whippet puppy. He’s beautiful! I’m sure Neko and Secret will soon be happy to have him as part of the pack. So excited for you.
  2. Such an interesting article. We are currently living this with our darling 12 and 1/2 year old Iggie girl Tari, and it's so hard. I think it started about 6 months ago. Previously, if anxious, eg storms, she could always be comforted. But now it's heartbreaking to watch as she suffers such terrible anxiety - involuntary jerking, bucking, body twitches, pacing, constantly following us and jumping up onto our laps and down again over and over, clawing up at our legs if we're standing, scratching at doors, jumping dangerously over furniture, etc and nothing can comfort her. This can go on for hours. It's hard to believe such a tiny little body can continue with such non stop frantic hyperactivity for so long. It's as if she's possessed! It first happened just at night, but is now happening all day as well. Initially, under our vet's supervision, 1/4 tablet of alprazolam (same as xanax) did the trick, just enough to enable her to relax, and us to sleep, and things improved. But things deteriorated and soon 1 tablet each night was needed. Once again things improved, and we had almost a month of calm nights - bliss, as I was so sleep deprived. I was sitting up with her to enable others to sleep. Now it has escalated and we are at the limit of 1 tablet each 8 hours. It is only giving her relief for 5-6 hours and then I have to sit with her 'til she can have the next dose. It's so day to day and all so hit and miss. Sometimes she will relax within 1/2 to 3/4 hour of having the tablet, other times it takes 2 hours! It's so distressing and heartbreaking to see her like this. Even though our vet has mentioned Canine Cognitive Dysfunction - this article has shed light on the sad reality, interesting the progress is so much quicker, we may have to face a very sad and tough decision at some point. During her "normal" hours she is quite good, enjoying a walk , has a spring in her step and plays a little bit with the other dogs, but as soon as she starts clinging to us, and the bucking and involuntary body jerks start we know her anxiety is taking over. Sorry for the essay! This is something we have never experienced and had no idea how severe it can be.
  3. Hi Kirislin! Happy Birthday to darling Neko. Enjoy your yummy birthday dinner gorgeous girl. Pats and smooches to all your beautiful doggies.
  4. Wishing gorgeous Neko a very happy 4th birthday.
  5. Oh Kirislin, what a scare, your heart must have been pounding. Dear Feather, beautiful girl, hope you enjoy more happy times with your Mum, she's looking after you so well.
  6. Your little darlings are so beautiful Kirislin. Love all your photos. Lucky iggymum (. )
  7. I'm enjoying all the beautiful photos of gorgeous Neko and her darling puppies So cute
  8. Congrats!! So pleased all is well. So happy for you and Neko and welcome to the world gorgeous puppies. So relieved for you. Now you can enjoy them - no doubt not much will get done as you watch them grow and develop
  9. Best wishes to you and beautiful Neko. Hope all goes well, thinking of you and looking forward to happy news and cute puppy pics.
  10. Oh Kirty, I am so sorry . Something made me look in here and my heart sank. You and your family gave Rupert such a wonderful, loving home. My daughter and I were so happy and privileged to meet him, such a beautiful friendly boy. Sending best wishes to you all.
  11. Calendar ordered! Looking forward to the Stan and Maddie months Also some packs of lovely Christmas cards.
  12. Ooh, I'll have to order one of it's got the gorgeous Stan and Maddie in it!
  13. Happy Birthday Maddie, gorgeous girl. Sounds like your brother Stan was the norty one, not you! Hope to get down for a walk with you all very soon .
  14. Happy Birthday Tag and Puck. Beautiful boys!! Sounds like you've had a happy day being very spoilt.
  15. Thank you . Enabled! Order placed
  16. So sorry to hear about your poor darlings, what a terrible worrying time - good vibes being sent for Pudding
  17. Awww, a bit late but hope you had a Happy 2nd Birthday yesterday gorgeous Neko
  18. Ha ha, funny Maddie. It looks like she's asking you to help her put it on.
  19. Happy Birthday beautiful Feather. You are a darling girl. Lots of kisses and smooches from me and Bella, Tari and Blaze. That's a lovely photo Kirislin
  20. Thanks DDD . They are from Karen's Kollars. The dogs like them as they are a combined collar and lead, and they open up wide to easily slip over their heads. Being paranoid, I also put cat breakaway collars on them too, just in case I often look at DOLers names and wonder why. We have the explanation for yours :laugh: So the collars are like martingales ?? Hi DDD, yes, nothing very creative about my DOL name If you google Karen's Kollars, you can see the many and varied patterns and sizes of martingale design collars she makes. It's not the easiest site to navigate, . but well worth persevering . Takes a while to work it all out. They are lined with various options and will last for years. She's in the U.S. (Karen Hawley) I've been really pleased with them, good for my little Ig's necks, and as I said, they love the integrated collars and leads as II don't have to squish the collars over their heads. (Mine only have collars on when out and about)
  21. Thanks DDD . They are from Karen's Kollars. The dogs like them as they are a combined collar and lead, and they open up wide to easily slip over their heads. Being paranoid, I also put cat breakaway collars on them too, just in case
  22. We had such a fun time at Stan's birthday party Beautiful day, lovely setting, great company, gorgeous dogs. I loved smooching them all . I finally got to meet tiny little Neko They all enjoyed themselves. We certainly were quite a sight!! Thanks for the goody bags Hazywal, so cute and the dogs think they are very yummy!
  23. Terrific video! What a great way to spread the word. Love the "test drive" idea. Looking forward to the Igs and I joining you, Stan and Maddie on a walk soon.
  24. Hope you can find out what's up - I know how much you love your naughty Karma
  25. So sorry you have lost your beautiful Henry. Gorgeous photos of him. What a little character he was! He had a lovely home with you.
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