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  1. Please Delete - Thread Was A Waste Of Time

    Your concerns are of no concern to me :)
  2. Please Delete - Thread Was A Waste Of Time

    Is this the best you can do ...
  3. Please Delete - Thread Was A Waste Of Time

    I didn’t say you did say anything about Rocky’s – I made the comment that the usual suspects come out to play when it comes to criticising Rocky’s – if you thought I was including you in that group then maybe you are the one who's over-reacting. My head is just fine where it is – but thanks anyway for the suggestion :) I fail to understand why people can’t look at a request for assistance and decide to either assist or not assist – if you don’t like the group, just ignore the request. What is achieved with all the sniping – absolutely nothing. But that's DOL I suppose - lots of many wonderful things happen on here, and then there's the other stuff ...
  4. Please Delete - Thread Was A Waste Of Time

    And yes, amusing that people are so quick to jump on Rocky's - like iron filings to a magnet, like a record stuck in a grove, the usual suspects come out to play, with the same old clap trap. Did it ever cross your mind that maybe the dog was bandaged before it came to Blacktown? The thread was not about bagging Blacktown Pound, or bagging the group that took Ben on. The wording they used to advertise his plight would not have been my choice, but bottom line is the dog required some assistance. If people would like to help, great. If they don't want to help, can't help, don't like the group - that's fine also - just move on and spare the rest of us the usual crap trap - I for one am over it.
  5. Please Delete - Thread Was A Waste Of Time

    And I'm sure you are fully aware of how rescue expenses are a bottomless pit. You don't know what existing debts they already had - and maybe what they raised only cleared their existing debts.
  6. Please Delete - Thread Was A Waste Of Time

    I know nothing about any dinner party - I live in another state and do this thread bec no-one in NSW would step up to the plate and help out the state's biggest pound. I saw this request on FB and decided to post on here - I hummed and ahhed whether it would attract the usual muck rakers and snide comments - I thought maybe this time it would be different, but sadly I was wrong.
  7. All Rescues Are Special

    And def agree re BCE - she has done so much for so many working dogs
  8. Please Delete - Thread Was A Waste Of Time

    The purpose of this thread was to get assistance for Ben. Maybe the Pound has some valid reason for leaving him in that state for two weeks - I don't know their side of the story. But I posted the link to help Ben and the group that was prepared to take him on - so if anyone has a quiet warm spot for this youngster, I'm sure Ben would be very grateful for your help.
  9. A Tibbie In Blacktown Pound

    The tibbie did not go home, so would have been adopted or went to rescue. I do not know which, but I do know that she made it out of the pound.
  10. Please Remove

    Reserved for kill lists
  11. Please Remove

    Reserved for kill lists
  12. Please Remove

    Reserved for kill lists
  13. Please Remove

    THE FOLLOWING DOGS ARE ON THE KILL LIST FOR THURSDAY 20TH DECEMBER - PLEASE CONTACT THE POUND URGENTLY IF YOU CAN HELP - all saves must be made by 4.30pm Wednesday 19th December 06977 Male tan fawn sable white Junior staffordshire X cross 07184 Female white /4yrs bull terrier 07223 Male wolf grey 2/4yrs siberian husky 07224 Male gold 1/2yrs labrador 07225 Male white black spots 2/4yrs Sat 15/Dec/2012 http://www.blacktown.nsw.gov.au/blacktown/WebcamAHF/Pics/1207225s.jpg[/img] 07226 Female black white on chest 2/4yrs X mastiff 07242 Male brindle 2/4yrs staffordshire
  14. Please Remove

    KILL LIST FOR MONDAY 17TH DECEMBER CONTINUED ... 07017 Male black 6/12mths labrador X other 07018 Female brindle 2/4yrs staffordshire X other 07020 Female RED ROAN 6/12mths cattle dog 07065 Male tan black tip on tail 4/6yrs labrador X staffordshire 07073 Male brindle white 2/4yrs bull arab X staffordshire