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  1. Which Camera To Buy

    I had some really nice photo's of my dog taken by a photographer 2 weeks ago and it has inspired me to want to learn more about photography and upgrade my camera - I currently have a Sony Cybershot DSC T2 which I have had for about 2 years now. Its a great camera as long as you dont have to zoom very far. I would like a camera that is not too expensive say maybe under $800. I am looking at the Nikon D3000 and the D3100 which does HD video and the Canon EOS 1000D. I am really undecided about these 3, I would like the D3100 as its the only 1 that has a video function but I dont want to miss out on another camera which is better just because the D3100 does video. I am totally new to this and would love some advice.
  2. Those Crazy Labradors

    Here is a photo to show how Mason's eyes drooped, he has outgrown it now, they sometimes look a bit droopy if he is very very tired, but the rest of the time they are normal.
  3. Those Crazy Labradors

    Oh Mercedes have fun today and make sure there are lots of pics I would love to see Patton's sister Hey is it normal for some labs to have droopy eyes?? I have noticed patton has not very bad but enough to notice?? I assume you mean the bottom eye lid appears to be droopy - as though he has a hangover He could have a touch of hay fever and if so they will mend themselves. IF he seems to have weepy eyes and they look sore then bathe them in cool black tea twice a day for a few days. IF they still look irritated get them checked. His sister Koni has droopy eye lids too - she has hay fever. Mason had very very droopy eyes as a pup, he seems to have grown into the skin on his face and they no longer look so bad now Edited to add that Mason had brown patches on his back legs and tail which are really only noticeable in the sun.
  4. Western Australian Thread

    I have heard that sweet potato and turkey works wonders for an upset tummy - hope they are well soon
  5. Those Crazy Labradors

    OMG Mason is devine what great pics Thanks a lot. Patton is a real cutie - if my OH had let me I would have loved to have taken Patton from Mercedes, I just loved him from the first photo's - I am so glad that he has a lovely home!
  6. Western Australian Thread

    I am also so tempted to do another order but I am trying to save for a new camera....
  7. Those Crazy Labradors

    ;) Do they shed more at this time of year? I've noticed Mindy is shedding quite alot at the moment. I think they do shed more at this time of year, Mason is shedding HEAPS!!!
  8. Mirawee I also want one now.... I wont order it now though I just ordered Zap balls this week and Mason has a parcel from Dstore that should arrive today or monday !
  9. Those Crazy Labradors

    Beautiful pics , looks like he had great fun......he looks so shiny and healthy, you would never know he has food allergies to look at his coat..... Yep I think Scout has met her match in the shine stakes :D They are lovely photos. number 4 is my fav! I loved them all, there were 80 in total, I have ordered 2 huge enlargements done in a metallic finish and then about 20 5x7 prints, and we will be ordering more next pay day, they were all lovely!
  10. Those Crazy Labradors

    Beautiful pics :D , looks like he had great fun......he looks so shiny and healthy, you would never know he has food allergies to look at his coat..... Yip a lot of people say to me that they cannot believe that he has atopic dermatitis and food allergies because his coat looks so glossy, but then again he gets 5 fish oils and 5 evening primrose caps a day
  11. Western Australian Thread

    Some people are such %^*%^*%holes!!!!! The world does not need people like that!
  12. Those Crazy Labradors

    Here are some of the pics that the photographer took of Mason last friday...
  13. Western Australian Thread

    I like the berry but the purple would also look nice.
  14. I give my lab 5 fish oils caps and 5 evening primrose caps a day for a nice shiny coat - you can also feed sardines in oil 1x a week which helps.
  15. Skin Peeling

    The derm thinks it could be sunburn or a reaction to something topical ( i have not been putting anything on that area so it has to be sunburn) can anyone recommend a good spray on sunscreen to use for him, I use the Neutrogena one on myself.