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  1. My friends had a pastel drawing done of my old dog Lady as a present for my 50th birthday last year by a lady off facebook by name of Larelle Coughlan name Equine Pastels, on facebook, does amazing drawings and is not expensive either. This is my dear old dog Lady
  2. I would also be ringing dogtainers and jet pets to let them know if anyone books 2 female rotties in for flight to another state to let police know, just in case whoever has them may try to fly them out of state?
  3. That's disgusting and downright nasty! I'm a bit confused, what part of the crime stoppers article is bogus? It was not the crime stoppers article that was bogus, it was another supposed lead given by someone who frequents DOL which was utter bs. I have also posted re stolen dogs on my facebook page and have also asked my friends even in Qld and Tassie to do the same as you just never know where the dogs may end up. I also noticed on pet link that there has been 2 female rotty's stolen from backyard in Qld also!
  4. It is never easy to find the right words to comfort someone and we all handle grief differently, 12 years ago I lost a little dog in a dog attack to say I was a basket case was an understatement, Until then I'd never suffered from depression or anxiety attacks but only for the fact I had my horse and I poured all my tears and grief and spent all my time up at the paddock with her and found so much comfort in her soft nose and I'm sure she understood. It took me 4 months before I even thought about getting another dog, but I woke up one morning and said to my Dad that I had to go to rspca that day as there was a little dog waiting there for me, I can't explain it but I knew I had to go there that day was like someone was pushing me to go there was very weird as until that day I didn't ever want another dog I was just that heartbroken and a complete wreck. I did go the rspca that day and I found My beautiful Angel "Lady" who was due to be pts the next day and Lady is now 17 and I truly believe I was meant to go there that day to find my new best friend and although It still makes me cry if I look at pics of Bonnie I really think I would of had a break down if I hadn't of got another dog when I did. And this is my sweet little Angel that showed me how to love again!!
  5. Well Lady is astounding vets and me, she is back to her old demanding bossy self again , she hasn't had anymore seizures and vet says she may not have anymore that sometimes they don't so fingers crossed she will continue to do well, she is on the meloxicam every night now which I wasn't wanting but I guess at her age as long it's making her more comfortable for now than I guess that's all that matters as I'm just so very very happy to have my little angel back to her normal cheeky self !
  6. Well it seems our dogs know exactly how to twist us around their paws I also remember an old dog my family had when I was a kid he was recovering from an operation and wouldn't get off his bed to get his dinner so mum also bought him his dinner. A couple of days after his op he was still milking it for all its worth and mum had put him outside on his bed to have a snooze in the sun and had put his dinner just a little bit away from him but no he still stayed there but not long after I had a friend visit who had her dog come to visit our dog thought it may cheer him up and you may guess what happened? friends dog went straight for our dogs dinner bowl and he was up off his bed in a flash ;) but look of his face was like "Oops sprung" lol! he tried to go back to the poor sick injured dog again but mum was like too late Bundle I know you been conning us now.
  7. Well 2 weeks ago my old dog of 16 years lady had 2 seizures a small one and a big one which lasted quite a while. Has since come good again for now but as I've been pandering to her every whim like bringing her water bowl to her while she's sitting on sofa in comp room so she doesn't have to get up and also did that with her dinner last couple of nights as I thought seeing she not well and may not be around for much longer while she is quiet and relaxing better to leave her that way. Hmm problem I now have is Lady is barking at me pretty much all the time now for attention and whenever she wants anything has figured out that she doesn't have to get up that mum will run and pander to her every need thus I have created one very spoilt demanding old dog but feel at least this way she is resting instead of pacing around the house barking into space like she is normally, but somehow can't help thinking that she is playing me just a bit, is hard when you love your animals so much and wish they could talk to let you know if they are in pain or not!!!
  8. I've always had the shelter scruffy terrier x mutt's but would love a mini schnauzer as where I used to live landlady had 3 of them and just fell in love with them they have such a fantastic personality are real clowns and just seem to love everybody.
  9. Sorry to hear about your dog Kelpie, 16 is a good age and it does sound like what happened to your dog is what happened to Lady also, my Vet didn't recommend a scan at her age said even if it did show a tumor or brain disease which all the symptoms point to said there is no treatment for it and at her age would be too much to put her through it to just monitor her weekly which we are doing and keep up the liquid meloxicam as being an anti inflammatory it may help the inflammation in her brain also. I do realize she could have another bad turn and not come out of it vet said same also and to just enjoy the time I have left with her, so far she hasn't had any more seizures and is eating well and still barking when she wants to go outside to toilet so until the inevitable happens I will just enjoy every day she is still with me as I really think even she is fighting to stay with me also, and vet said he wants invitation to her 18th birthday in June
  10. Thanks 'Cockerlover' from me to! Thanks 'dianed and cockerlover' ;) Happy to say Lady is still doing well was even chasing and eating the locusts outside the other night, (hope they tasted nice Lady) here is a pic I took of her last week as she was getting over the seizure and this one I took yesterday I think she looks so much better!
  11. Well i'm happy to say my old girl has come good again, is still bit wobbly on her back legs but she was anyway but is just a bit more now. She came good yesterday went outside to toilet in morning and proceeded to chase a bird off the front lawn so figured she obviously feeling a lot better and is even barking demanding her dinner again, so hopefully there is still a bit more life in the ol girl yet, and I got her a bowen massage yesterday also which has also seemed to help but I guess with an old dog is only a matter of time before It happens again, but for now I'm over the moon just to have my girl back feeling well again. ;)
  12. My dear old dog Lady had another really bad turn on friday night it lasted for over an hour, rang the vet after hours no and was told to just keep her quiet and bring her in in the morning which I did. Have now been told that because her turn lasted for around an hour that it she is def not having a fit, that is more like she is having mini strokes or could be a brain tumor. :rolleyes: Vet told me they can't do anything for her as if it was a fit they could give her medication but for strokes is nothing they can give her but said her heart sounded good and her gum colour was a nice healthy pink and if she is still eating ok then at this stage they don't think she is ready to be given her wings. Last night she was fine didn't have a turn at all slept well and was brighter than she has been, today she is a bit off colour again hasn't had a turn or anything but just isn't herself so I guess all I can do at this stage is watch her closely and see if she improves or gets worse, oh vet said just to keep up the liquid metacam she has for arthritis as being an anti inflamm it will help relax her muscles and also if there is any inflammation in her brain. I'm just praying that she does pick up but also have to face the fact that she is around 16/17 now and these couple of turns may have affected more than we can tell.
  13. Hi Cockerlover- Lady is around 16/17 and other than arthritis she has been her normal happy self up until the other night. I went and spoke to vet this morning and he said one or two not to panic but just like u said keep record if she has another one of length etc, said if she has any more he would recommend a blood test to check her kidney and liver function as at her age feels they may be packing up and also said that the medication to stop the turns is very very harsh on their liver and kidneys and wouldn't recommend it if she did have liver or kidney problems. told vet after the 2 turns she has had within an hour she is back to her usual bouncy self but as she is an old girl I guess I have to face the fact that maybe her time is coming soon although I was planning an 18th birthday party for her in June so told her to stop scaring me. Yeah I did keep her quiet and sat with her in the dark room and covered her eyes and just patted and soothed her until she came good and fingers crossed that this wont be a regular thing.
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