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  1. I have heard non dog people call a goldie a long haired Labrador before today.
  2. Neither is a steel cap boot, or a lump of wood, or being banished from family time, in the hands of an idiot. Please do some thorough research into the positive benefits of this training tool and how it could save an animals life before you come to this conclusion. You're entitled to your opinion as I am entitled to mine.
  3. Shaking my head in disbelief at just how many of you think an e-collar is ok to use on dogs. Its NOT ok ! Poor bloody dogs.
  4. I work as a professional horse groom. Where I work no horse comes in for training or lessons without having been vaccinated. I love my job but its not worth dying for. I believe my life and all the others who are in close contact with horses, is more important than any breeding future of a mare or stallion you may own who you believe may be adversely affected. Regarding the dogs who are testing positive..in my opinion it will be because they ate manure from the infected horse or horses. The dogs SO love to eat manure.
  5. I have my 2 acre property fully fenced with 6ft solid timber fences. The neighbours kids on more than one occasion climbed that fence to retrieve their ball in spite of the fact I have 4 large dogs in my yard and in spite of the fact that each time they did it I happened to be home and gave them a good yelling at. I called my local ranger to ask where I stood if they were bitten...( unlikely but possible as all dogs have the capacity) only to be told my dogs would be in the wrong. WTF !!!!!!! but they are the rules like them or not. Happily they seem to have got the message after I turned the hot wire on which runs on the inside of my fence :laugh:
  6. Hi...I know a team leader at Yagoona...if you want to do something about this little one I can pass on your phone number or numbers to her if you like.Not sure if she could do anything for you but she would try her best she is a great friend. Cheers.
  7. I love them all to bits but I do have a favourite. :)
  8. LOL very clever !!! you would have to have seen the Doctor Who episode to appreciate this.
  9. My favourite pointer...who is as affectionate a dog as I've ever met....HATES my mother in law and cannot be in the same room as her.
  10. Yagoona shelter has worked with us re pointers in the past too. Some great staff at that shelter who try to go the extra mile above and beyond their workplace policy. :)
  11. Surrender the dog to the pound....they legally have to hold the dog...put your name down on the dog to adopt if the owners don't show...once you have adopted the dog then surrender him to rescue for re homing. Of course this will cost you as you will have to pay the adoption fee from the pound and also probably for treatment of kennel cough when he comes out as it's almost inevitable he will have kennel cough after being in there.
  12. What about a piece of genuine good quality sheepskin in the crate ? she could snuggle into it. :)
  13. See another vet. Blood tests are routine for picking up thryoid problem etc. A vet who told me they could not do a blood test for whatever reason would not fill me with confidence. Hope you can find the problem it must be so worrying.
  14. Hi Raya....I am in the process of having some fleece vests made for my dogs by Wolfs'Den. I had my emails answered by them though they were a bit slow. Maybe try again ?
  15. How big is the dog ? If it's a larger breed you might be able to use minature pony hood or neck rug or alternatively ask the people who make the mini rugs if they can do a smaller one for you. Just google rugs for minature ponies.
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