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  1. I was talking to Sarbi's handler, and apparently she was quite fat when returned to her unit. It is not altogether clear if she was indeed being looked after by local folk for the whole 14 months she was gone, or if she was just kind of scavenging for herself. An American soldier is credited with spotting her, and thinking she might belong to the Australians, but I have never heard if any local Afgan family was rewarded for looking after her. And yes, I have been telling everyone I'm never going to wash my hand again. Well, at least not until after I get home and let my ancient, tootless terrier have a sniff of my hand - he might find it quite inspirational! :p
  2. I just had to come out of "invisible" mode here on DOL to say I have just met Sarbi, and she licked me!! (She didn't lick anyone else who was meeting her, but I used the "present-the-back-of-the-hand" introduction technique, and was rewarded with a Sarbi lick!!!!). And I got to pat her. I'M SO CHUFFED! Working at the AWM does have its perks. http://www.awm.gov.au/blog/2011/03/23/sarb...n-war-memorial/ <H2 class=title> Top dog honours for war hound Sarbi Updated 56 minutes ago Awarded: Sarbi was found 14 months after she went missing at an isolated patrol base in Afghanistan. (AAP: Dan Himbrechts) <script type=text/javascript> <LI class=story>Related Story: Are war days over for bomb-sniffing rover? <LI class=story>Related Story: Sarbi home again after Afghan adventure Photo Gallery: Sarbi returns to Australia An explosives detection dog that spent more than a year missing in action in Afghanistan has received the RSPCA's purple cross award at the Australian War Memorial. Sarbi served with Australian troops in Afghanistan but became separated from her handler during an attack in 2008. War Memorial spokeswoman Carol Cartwright says it is only the second time the award has been honoured to an animal in war. "The only two that are war-related are for Murphy, Simpson's donkey, and for all of the donkeys from World War I and now this one for Sarbi," she said. "The award is an RSPCA award and it has gone to dogs that have saved people in house fires and heart attacks and things like that." Ms Cartwright says Sarbi was found 14 months after she went missing at an isolated patrol base. "An American saw an Afghan with this particular dog and thought 'that looks a bit like the Australian dog', so the microchip was tested and yes indeed it was Sarbi," she said. </H2>
  3. hmmm...don't know, but I'll certainly pass the information on. Thanks very much.
  4. My darling ex-Mother-in-Law (yes, there are lovely ones out there!) lives in a retirement village in Durack, Brisbane, and has a beautiful Siamese cat who means the world to her. She has only been living in the area for less than a year, and is not happy with the vet she is going to - apparently an "efficient but cold, clinical woman". My MIL would like to find a vet who is a bit more on the "soft and caring" side, within a reasonable distance. (She has access to private transport). Any recommendations? Cheers. :D
  5. Thanks guys. I think I'd better call the carpet cleaners and be done with it, though. Geez I hate carpet!!!! eta: the Nil-Odor in the tank sounds like a good idea - I'll try it tonight.
  6. Before I get the professional carpet cleaners in, does anyone have any tried and trusted handy hints for deodourising a house. After 4 puppies and seven kittens, the place is rancid, even with the best quality kitty-litter, etc in place. I've used gallons of white vinegar, Urine-Off, carpet deodourising powder, air freshener, fresh air (!), and I have been busy with the carpet shampooer, etc (over a period of several months, not all at once!). But the whole place just smells funky. I want to rip the carpets up and burn them! Does anyone know anything REALLY good to put in the carpet shampooer, to kill smells? I'm desperate!
  7. Thank heavens for your auntie! And wasn't Patch lucky to have found such a wonderful family as yours obviously is. 18 years - a wonderful innings, old girl.
  8. Thanks for that sas. I don't know the science behind that claim, but it's a bit scarey, if true. I note that the article you linked to goes on to say "Sagewashâ„¢ Sanitizer is changing the cleaning concept. Within 2 years of its launch in the USA, Sagewash Sanitizer is now used widely by ABKA members ( American Boarding Kennel Association) and is recognised as the number 1 hand held low pressure sanitizing system". I wonder if Australian kennel owners and/or dog breeders are using this stuff, and if so, I'd love to see a post on here about what they think of it. If the effectiveness is as good as it claims to be, I think this hand-held devise & its associated chemicals could be just the thing for a small quarantine area, which I am looking into setting up at home. Look forward to hearing from other DOLers. YLD
  9. This stuff makes some pretty big claims re parvo virus etc. Is anyone using it, or have they heard any reliable reports about it? Sagewash site (scroll down to table of things it claims to kill). Cheers, YLD p.s. no, I'm not a secret saleswoman for Sagewash!
  10. Many thanks MTD, HollyMilo, lillysmum & TeamSnag. It's wonderful that this Rainbow Bridge forum is available to us when we lose our best friends. I remember you too, lillysmum. xo. Look to see me back on DOL more often now. TeamSnag.... to your little beauties! YLD (Sue) - Canberra xoxoxoxo
  11. Thankyou, lovely DOLers! It is a great comfort to read your messages. Sue J aka Yappy.
  12. MOLLY (click here for pics) Rescued from a Sydney pound three years ago, (with the help of DOLers), Molly spent her final years in pampered princess bliss, with lots of doggie friends, many yummy meals, and a life-time's worth of cuddles. She was loyal, feisty, loving, brave, sweet, (and proper little pain in the neck, sometimes!). She passed away quietly yesterday morning, in my arms. Bless you sweetheart
  13. Hi dublin - check out this link - good description of the symptoms. Luxating patella symptoms
  14. Can I come and live in Never, Never Land too? Seriously, there is a wonderful description of how to perform "the act" very generously posted here some time ago by poodlefan, in response to a question from me. Have a search - it'[s quite ...er...explicit ( :rolleyes: ) !
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